Hum Hain Na 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika asking Swara to mimic cat’s sound. Swara mimics. Sagarika says she is mimicking goat instead and asks to be louder. Swara mimics cat. Bunty comes there and says he can help them and mimic like a dog. Sagarika says it is ladies talk and he is not invited. Bunty says they were fighting in the morning and now they are talking like nothing has happened, says it is very difficult to understand women’s mind.

Pappu opens door hearing door bell and gets tensed seeing his creditor Gama pahalwan. Gama says he knows he did not win lottery and is jobless, so he came home directly to collect his money. Pappu says he does not have money. Gama holds his neck and lifts him. Pappu starts suffocating. Whole family hears his grumbling sound and come out. Gama asks Pappu to give his money right now. Pappu says he will build a gym for him in his locality and enroll 100-200 students. Gama gets happy hearing his idea and asks him to go ahead. Dad tries to slap Pappu angrily, but Amma rescues him and says he has grown up and will solve his problem himself.

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During dinner, Dad hears Pappu’s story and says all this problem is because of fake baba. Pappu says baba is not fake and do magical tricks. Daadi says even a monkey tamer in their area does same tricks. Whole family laughs hearing that.

Sagarika gets into Pappu/Rani’s room to keep necklace back and asks Swara to spy outside and mimic cat’s sound when someone comes. Pappu and Rani walk towards their room. Before Swara could mimic, Bunty comes there and takes her from there. Sagarika sees Pappu coming in and locking door from inside and thinks why did not Swara mimic. She hides inside cupboard.

Pappu gets tensed thinking how to clear Gama’s debt. Rani says their life is full of difficulties, they did not win lottery and even necklace is stolen, their fate is not in their favor. She starts crying. Pappu tries to console her. Swara outside room prays god that Sagarika should not be caught. Ratna comes there and asks what is she doing outside instead of sleeping. She says she is not getting sleep and will come back after drinking milk. Pappu starts getting romantic with Rani and hugs her. He sees cupboard open and asks Rani to close it, else he will close it. Rani asks him to close it then. Bunty comes to his room searching for Sagarika. He thinks of calling her. Pappu walks towards cupboard to close it. Sagarika’s phone rings and Bunty sees it in room itself.

Swara nervously waits outside Pappu’s room and just before Pappu could check cupboard, she knocks door. Pappu asks Rani to check. Rani opens door and asks Swara what happened. Swara says she is searching her book and did not find it in whole house, so she came to check here. Pappu jokes if her book got wings that it will fly. Swara asks when Rani can search her necklace in whole house, why can’t she search her books. Rani says even younger ones are taunting her now. Swara says she was joking and starts searching Sagarika in lieu of book. Sagarika mimic cat sound. Rani gets afraid and jumps on bed. She asks Pappu to come out and lock door from outside. Swara asks them to gout out while she searches cat. Pappu says he will search cat. Rani says she will not let him go and takes him out. Swara also follows him. Rani says they will lock door from outside so that cat can get out from window.

Precap: Rani alleges Sagarika that she stole her necklace. Dad and mom ask Sagarika how did she get that necklace.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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