Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chavi saying its power of attorney that you gave this house on Mohit and Vikram’s name, it has your thumb impression too and shows Babasa. He asks Bhabho when did she do this. Bhabho says I don’t know, why will I sell my house. Babasa recalls he has seen her thumb blue in hospital and Meenakshi lied to them. He asks Vikram and Mohit did they do this in hospital and scolds them. Chavi also scolds them. Babasa claps saying what kind of sons they are. They all say they did not do this for greed. Chavi says they can’t trust anyone and scolds Meenakshi. Sooraj and Bhabho are in shock. Chavi says I know it was Meenakshi’s idea and taunts her on her mum.

Bhabho says even if it was her bahu’s idea, but her sons has implemented this by supporting their wives, they cheated parents and brother, will they kick them out and make them stay on road, answer me. Babasa says answer me. Meenakshi says you are mistaken. She says this was not in my heart, we went to Mohit’s boss to seek help, but then we saw Ankur is his boss. She says Ankur has trapped us saying sell the house, he will give two flats and 60lakhs, we are innocent and we thought to get your treatment done, we did not had money, Ankur is taking revenge for Sandhya, he is breaking our family.

Babasa says stop it, you all are not kids that anyone can make you do anything, Ankur did not cheat us, you all cheated us, Ankur has showed us the true face of you all, else we would have not know your hearts have greed. Chavi says parents are like Lord, they have done so much, were you not ashamed to cheat them. She says they did not differentiate between me and bahus. Meenakshi says great words Chavi, as if you are a good daughter and bahu. She asks shall I tell them what you did. She says you have insulted your mum in law in society. Babasa asks what nonsense.

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Meenakshi says Chavi blames Pushpa that she is asking dowry, and humiliated her. Dilip is shocked as Meenakshi tells everything. Chavi gets tensed. Meenakshi says Dilip’s parents have kicked them out of home, and they are here. She asks Chavi is she saying right. Chavi says no. Dilip says what are you saying, its not Chavi’s mistake, she did not do any drama. Chavi says don’t come in her words, when someone blames her, she puts in others. Meenakshi says I know I sometimes lie, but this time I have all proof. She says I will just come, and goes.

Meenakshi brings the chit and shows Chavi, reminding is this her writing. Chavi is socked and thinks she wrote it to burn her sins and gave it to Baba. Meenakshi asks Babasa to read it. Babasa reads it. Meenakshi says I was that Baba and you have written this Chavi. Chavi is shocked. Babasa drops the chit and is shocked. Mohit takes it and reads. He gives it to Dilip. Dilip is shocked too reading it. Bhabho asks Babasa is Meenakshi right, whats written in chit. Babasa says yes, she is right. Bhabho cries. Dilip gets angry and leaves.

Meenakshi says there is no project going on, she stayed here as her new home is getting made. Chavi cries and says Pushpa used to treat her like maid or a doll, she stopped me for everything, so I wanted to have a new home, stay apart, I wanted to live, is this wrong. Mohit says you did such a big thing, and scolded us, what sin did we do. He asks Bhabho and Babasa to believe them that they wanted different homes like Chavi, and so they were selling home. Vikram says the deal was not bad, we would have got best treatment for Bhabho. Bhabho says you all don’t worry for family, but worried for getting rid of parents.

Bhabho scolds Chavi and says Pushpa took you home as Laxmi and gave her only son Dilip. She says this is today’s generation mentality, everyone run away from family and responsibility. She gets unwell and asks them not to hold them. Sooraj holds her. She asks Chavi to think she has taken away Pushpa’s only son. She says I regret that my two sons and one daughter is bad, but my shravan son is with me, think about Pushpa. Dilip comes and says its like many death for a mother, and packs his bag saying he is going home.

Dilip says she wanted freedom and he will give her divorce to free her, he will apologize to mum. Se says I will come along and apologize. She says maybe mummy will forgive you, not me. He ends the relation with her and says you will get divorce papers in few days. Everyone is shocked.

Babasa asks Soroaj whats in his heart, and gives him money to get ticket and meet Sandhya wherever she is.

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  1. Thank god. sabka lalchi chehra sabke saamne aa gya

  2. jab baath khud ki beti ki hothi toh babasa ka dimaag ki bathi jalne lagtha hein…
    he ill treated sandy n nw wants suraj 2 get her back1

  3. Great episode about “Selfish Rathi Family”

  4. Sandhya come out!!

  5. After a long time we r all very happy to watch this episode

  6. Is sandhya really went to Scotland? at least Once a day she has to appear at least for few secs. Show s nt good vth ot her… Almost a week has gone vth these selfish ppl

  7. Nice episode…babasa realize his mistake suraj and sandhya reunite soon but must punish Meenakshi, Vikram, Mohit

  8. Can someone tell me what Chavi did to her inlaws?

    1. lucky…..Chavi has made fun of her mother-in-law in front of her friends saying that she is asking for dowry and told Dilip also that Pushpa is asking dowry…She tried to separate dilip from his parents in so many is a surprise ….how did bhabhoo give birth to such a fraud daughter???????????????

      1. Thanks for ur reply Geetha

  9. chavi is right.she has wright to live with her point.otherwise she is thrownout like sandhya.Mohit and Vikram is right ,they always support their wife.They donot thrwon out their wife like sooraj.

  10. ankur is always right.if he turns to villain but as a brother in this case he has fully sooraj realize ankur ‘s pain.but he doesn’t take any action against dilip. he has no power to manage another person .his power is shown only sandhya’s case.

  11. Bhabo always take wrong decesion at first time .for this her all child becomes greedy,selfish .sandhya teach bhabo and make better person.but their sons and daughter donot change himselves.bhabo will be punished with her childs.

  12. I miss Sandhya ji lately in all episodes.. I hope that she has gone to Scotland for her training without giving up her kidney for Bhaboo.

    As per Ankur, he owns the Bhaboo’s house. I do not know how. I thought that he showed only power of attorney paper that was given by Bhaboo to two idiot sons. I hope that the house is not being sold to Ankur. Ankur proved that both brothers are jerk, liar and no concept of honest.

    Vikram said once, he will not lie to his mom while holding his hand on Bhagavath Geetha. Meenakshi sent Bhaboo jail once.

  13. Can any say where is “Choto”.. he is not appeared in these episodes after going to Sandhy’s home…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. bhabhu u r look so nice in all costumes…and all episodes..u r the strongest person….

    i think sandhya did’ntgo to scotlond..she had given kidney to bhabhu..ankur changes sandhyas sim card..then how sooraj can talk to sandhya……

    sandhya knows everything through chotu or ankitha…sandaya will be back soon for her perfect bhabhu…………

  15. Its true sandhya is given kidney to bhabu

  16. rathi family now realises sandhya’s value…she is a gem ….. we are looking to see sandhya…very much miss u sandhya my dear.. I have a feeling that there are no cameras in front of the characters of DABH….so realistic !!!!!!!!!!!! I love this serial veru much……………

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