Balika Vadhu 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 24th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ganga swinging the cradle and looking at the baby happily. She recalls Saachi’s cursing her and her baby. Ganga gets disturbed and calls Saachi who is sleeping peacefully. Saachi picks the call. Ganga asks Saachi to wake up before it is too late. She asks her to accept the truth. And says God has saved me. You have managed to deteriotes my health. Saachi asks, do you want to taunt me? Ganga says no. I called you as a friend. She gives her suggestion to let go of her anger. She says, I don’t want you to give answer anyone for your misdeeds. Jagya comes and overhears this. Ganga says, you had a good chance to change yourself, but you cursed me and my baby so that I shall die. Saachi asks Ganga to stop talking.

Jagya takes the call and asks her to shut up. He says, I tolerated enough and always forgave you but not anymore. I kept quiet for long but not anymore. If anyone thinks wrong about my wife and baby then I won’t spare you. Ganga tells Jagya that she is fine. Jagya asks Saachi not to interfere in their life and change for the better. Saachi is tensed. Jagya disconnects the call. And asks Ganga, you didn’t tell me intentionally. Ganga says, I was not in a position to say this. You might have got angry and Anandi had to bear. Jagya says, you are worried for everyone and not about yourself. Ganga says, when she has a good loving husband and family then nothing can happen to her. She says, anger doesn’t suit you. baby smiles….Jagya smiles..Ganga asks, when we will go home. Jagya says today. Ganga is happy.

Nandu shouts happily saying Bhaisaa has come with bhabhisaa. Gehna tells Sumitra that Ganga came. Sumitra is very happy. Jagya, Ganga arrives with the baby. Ganga shows the baby to Mannu. Mannu smiles. Sumitra does the aarti. Nandu asks for a gift. Jagya says, baby is for everyone. Nandu insists and Mannu agrees. Jagya agrees to bring bat and ball for them.

Anandi is teaching Amol and asks him to write what she has taught. Amol writes it. Ganga enters her room and sees it decorated with a lots of balloons. Ganga is very happy. Dadisaa tells her that Sumitra and Gehna decorated her room. Ganga is touched. Sumitra says, you have done so much for us, can’t we do this much for you. Jagya keeps the baby in the cradle and says cradle is very nice with lots of balloons. He plays with his son. Dadisaa is very much happy and says she was waiting for this day to come. Ganga says, I was eagerly waiting for my delivery, so that you will sleep on the bed. Dadisaa says, ok. Ganga says, I told Makhan kaka to keep your bed in your room. She asks, your oath is fulfilled. We are fine naa. Amol is playing jovially with Shiv. Anandi comes and asks them to sleep. Amol says, I am not getting sleep. Shiv asks him to sleep. Anandi says, I will sleep now. Anandi looks at Shiv and Amol who is spending quality time with each other. Amol tinkles Anandi, she wakes up. Shiv and Anandi tickle Amol. They laugh.

Jagya tells Ganga that Mannu has grown up. Ganga says, he have to take care of his little brother. Mannu says yes. Jagya says, he got every thing. His wishes has been fulfilled. He thanks her for coming in his life and giving him happiness. Ganga says, you have changed my life. I should be thankful to you. Dadisaa is doing jaap in her room, she hears dhol noice. She goes out to check. She sees Nandu doing a parade and Mannu playing dhol. Nandu tells Sumitra and dadisaa that he is practising for 26th January. Sumitra says, but it is already 7 am. Nandu leaves.

Mannu is still playing dhol. Dadisaa asks, do you want us to parade. Mannu nods. Dadisaa does the parade and says bharat mata ki jai. Everyone smiles. Ganga tells Dadisaa that the baby didn’t cry even once when she was massaging him. Sumitra brings janam gutti. Dadisaa says it is very neccessary for fever and cold. Gehna comes and asks Dadisaa to eat badam ka halwa. Dadisaa says, I don’t like to have. Ganga asks the baby to tell Dadisaa to take care of herself. Dadisaa eats the halwa. She laughs.

Ganga tells Jagya that she was thinking of Mannu’s admission in school. Jagya says, I will get the information today. Ganga says, for the admission we need to give father’s name also. Jagya tells Dadisaa and Bhairov that he wants to legally adopt Mannu and for that he needs Ratan Singh’s permission. Dadisaa says, you both will not go to him.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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