Balika Vadhu 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 23rd April 2013 Written Update

At KB,

Saanchi is eagerly waiting for dinner time, so that she could see Anandi in embarrased state. At the same time Anandi is trying to mend the burnt cake with use of chocolate cream and some fruits.

Saanchi increases everyone’s excitement at dinner table by saying that Anandi has prepared a surprise dessert ( while she cherishing at the thoughts of A’s probable failure). All Shekhars eagerly wait. Curiosity increases. Anandi comes with the cake (covered) in slow motion with a nervous look. She announces before hand that her dessert is not per expectation and also apologises for the same.

She finally removes the cover and all are so pleased to see a well decorated cake. Saanchi’s face soon turns into burnt cake when she sees the cake. Every praises

Anandi for a very tasty cake.They said they have never tasted any cake as nice as this. Daddu in fact tells Saanchi to eat this cake, which is way better than what she eats in coffee houses. Poor Saanchi .

Saanchi wonders how Anandi managed to mend a burnt cake. Shiv also enjoys A’s cake and shows it through his eyes to A.

Shiv suddenly had to leave for a rescue mission. A bridge in Udaipur got damaged and many died. Shiv left immediately. Anandi feels a bit sad on seeing him leave. Daddu tells Anandi that Udaipur is a bigger city and hence Shiv will have lot of responsibilities to handle, for which they all should support him. Alok also joins Daddu. Anandi explains that she is very proud of Shiv, but is sad at the loss the victims would have faced.

Shekhar men share some incidents of their army days with Anandi and tell her that after every mission they were welcomed in a grand fashion back home. Even she should always welcome Shiv in a grand way whenever he returns from a mission.

In Car:

Collector Shiv is ordering someone to organise for medical set up for the victims.

In AnSh room:

It’s 1:30 am at night. A is worried for Shiv, tries to call him, but receives no reply. She then looks at their wedding pic and prays to God for Shiv and the victims.

At the tragedy spot:

Shiv arrives and is talking to doctors who are trying to organise blood, which is not available in blood bank. A lady asks doctors to immediately attend to her dying husband. Shiv tries to console saying that doctors are doing their best. The lady snaps him off saying she does not want consolation and who is he after all? When he says he is the collector, she snaps him even more saying all officers are corrupt. They didn’t do the right job in first place by using cheap material to build the bridge and hence the bridge collapsed. Shiv is embarrassed. But then he shuts her up by offering to donate his blood, which is apparently ‘O’ negative. In fact he chooses to donate 2 bottles instead of one as per the rules. The lady is very pleased and seeks forgiveness from Shiv.

At haveli:

At night, J was sleeping but gets up to take water from the kitchen, when he sees Ganga studying. Ganga says she was preparing for Year 10 exams and she only gets time after Mannu sleeps. J suggests that she should take care of her health too and sleep well. G says, her eyes are so full of dreams that there is no place for sleep.

J suggests that in that case she should start attending hospital for practical learning. By seeing other nurses, she will learn faster. Ganga mentions her concerns about Mannu. J says, that she could take Mannu along and keep him in staff room. G is happy at the solution and agrees to join hospital from the next day.

Voice over:
In order to forget an unpleasant past, a person needs to accept the challenges of their present life and work through them willingly.

Pre-cap: Anandi wakes up to see Shiv sleeping next to her. She gently caresses him, adjusts his pillow and blanket so that he can sleep comfortably.
Daddu asks A, if she has planned well enough to welcome him. In the next scene A is kissing a rose flower with a smile.

Update Credit to: Missesha

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