Devon ke Dev Mahadev 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 23rd April 2013 Written Update

Rishi Dadhichi with Suvarcha comes to Shivji. They offer their pranam to him. Rishi Dadhichi touches his feet. He says your sacrifice will be remembered by all for a very long time, also as a relation between Bhagavan & Bhakta. Vishnuji, Brhmaji, Lakshmiji, Naradji comes there. Vishnuji too appreciates rishi Dadhichi, says he is a great devotee, because of him, Deva loka will get another life. Vritrasur’s end is sure now. Rishi Dadhichi thanks them for choosing him for such an important task. He is happy to meet his Guru. He takes their leave. Tells Suvarcha, his further journey will be continued by him only. He moves towards a cave, sits on an aasana. Joins hands, says Shiv Shambo, closes his eyes. Chanting Shiv Shambhu, a globe of light from his body enters Suvarcha’s womb. His body turns into Ashes.
Indra comes there with Vishwakarma, says entire World is indebted to Rishi Dadhichi. Now make Vajra soon from half of these remains.
Naradji asks Shivji who will kill Vritrasura? No one is that strong. Indra comes there with Vajra in his hand, says Shivji will kill him, even earlier he had defeated V. Vishnuji says Shivji will enter this war when he wishes. Indra says but they don’t have any alternative. Vishnuji says Kartikeya is there.
Vritrasur comes to J’s tent. J tells him he could have finished the war in a day. How half of Deva’s army was defeated by him yesterday. V tells him his father had told him how his mother was killed by Indra, he’ll take revenge for that too.
Vishnuji, Lakshmiji blesses Kartikeya. Vishnuji tells him he’ll have to lead Devas once again & save Indra. K doesn’t like this. Shivi tells him to keep his personal diiference aside today & fight for a greater cause or Rishi Dadhichi’s sacrifice will be wasted. Vishnuji says, Indra will kill V, but only you can go near him. Vishnuji gives his Sudarshan Chakra’s power to Indra’s Vajra.
Indra, in the battle field boasts today he’ll kill V & save the World from him. V says he’ll remind him of all thi misdeeds & take revenge. (in Hindi, chun chun ke badala lunga)
V laughs at Indra’s claims of killing him. V asks Brihaspati, you must told him about Brhmadev’s varadan but Indra doesn’t seem to remember, he forgot while killing Trishira, that he has a bro. Must have forgotten while killing a mother, she has a son too.
V moves towards Indra with confidence. Kartikeya comes in front of Indra. Tells him he is under false idea, no one can kill him, I’ll kill you. If you are brave enough accept my challenge. V accept’s K’s challenge.
J & Shukracharya are standing at a place watching the war. J says many powerful Devas couldn’t face him & this Child is challenging V. V throws his arrows. Kartikeya stops them with the Spear given by Parvati. V traps him in cloud of smoke. Kartikeya breaks it through his Spear. V falls down. Vishnuji, Shivji are watching Kartikeya fight bravely.
J asks Shukracharya, finally someone is powerful enough to accept their challenge & give a good fight among Devas. Who is this Child? Shukracharya says- Senapati Kartikeya. He had killed Tarakasur. He is added in this war to stop V. J says these Devas are living in an illusion. Shukracharya tells him not to underestimate his enemies, it’s stupidity.

Precap: Ganesh & Kartikeya comes to Shivji, he tells them about J. His eyes are Blue like Aquamarine, has great strength, you are unaware of how strong a warrior you are J.
Here J asks Shukracharya, he has been hearing about Mahadev, who is he? Shukracharya says, he is Param-brhma, Maha yogi, Mahan Guru. J says this means if he defeats all Brhma, Vishnu, Mahadev then Asuras will win. Shukracharya seems bit worried.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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