Balika Vadhu 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dadisaa recalling Ajay’s murder in sleep. She sees her hands and tries to wipe it off. Ganga comes and asks what happened? Dadisaa washes her hands. Ganga tells Dadisaa that there is nothing on your hands. She asks her to sleep. Dadisaa asks her to go. Dadisaa prays to devimaa so that she can get out of the trauma. Shiv’s employee Suresh get dressed up for Rasika. Everyone is happy and waiting for Rasika. Rasika comes and tells them good morning. She tells them to get back to work. She asks the peon to get lemon tea for her.

Saachi is preparing food in the kitchen. Vivek sends flying kisses for her. Saachi gets shy. She looks at him and brings the food. Vivek stares at her and holds her hand. Saachi asks him to leave her hand. Vivek asks for a good morning kiss from her. Saachi is about to kiss him, just then door bell rings. She goes to open the door. She sees Roshan Kabra and his wife along with Rakhi. She gets shocked. Vivek is stunned too.

Saachi touches their feet. They fakely bless her. Vivek takes his parents’ blessings. Saachi requests them to come inside. Vivek asks, how come you are here? His mom apologizes to Saachi. Saachi says, please don’t say that. Roshan Kabra apologizes to Vivek and Saachi for hurting them. His mom says, we want to correct our mistakes and asks them to return to their house. Vivek says, he needs some time to think about it. It is difficult to take a decision suddenly. His mom says ok and tells him that they will wait for them. Rakhi asks them to come. They leaves.

Shiv dictates the letter to Rasika. She writes it and intentionally throws her pen down. She then acts to get sprain in her back. She asks Shiv to apply the balm. Shiv applies balm on her back. She enjoys it. Shiv feels strange.

Saachi tells Daddu, Ira and Meenu about Vivek’s parents calling them home. She says, Vivek ji don’t want me to get hurt. Meenu asks, what do you want? Saachi says, I want to live with his family from the starting. It seems they realize their mistakes and wants to rectify it. She says, I hope anandi bhabhi would have been here. Subhadra taunts Anandi and says she always stays in Jaitsar.

Saachi says, you are wrong. That house is Anandi’s bhabhi maayka now. She is daughter of that house now. She takes Anandi’s side. Subhadra says, I have decided not to say anything about Anandi, it is about insulting myself. Subhadra tells Daddu to send Saachi to her inlaws home. She asks Saachi to keep her inlaws happy. Daddu, Ira and Meenu are not convinced. Subhadra says, send her to in laws home for her betterment happily. Ira and Daddu nods Saachi. Saachi smiles.

Rasika talks to Shiv. She stops Shiv and touches his suit. Shiv asks, what are you doing? She says, I wiped the dirt. Shiv thanks her. Everyone look on. Rasika eyes him.

Saachi and Vivek come to Kabra’s house. Rakhi opens the door and is very happy to see them. Vivek says, we got our stuff too. She hugs them. Vivek’s mom sees them and smiles. She says, I know that my son won’t turned me down. Vivek hugs her. Saachi hugs her. Mr. Kabra welcomes them. Rakhi smiles. Vivek’s mom asks them to sit and she will prepare tea. Saachi says, let me prepare tea. She goes to the kitchen with Rakhi. Vivek’s mom and dad eyes Saachi with hatred.

Vivek’s mom tells Saachi that she is going out and will be back after some hours. Saachi prepares the food. Vivek’s mom dislikes the food and refuses to eat. Rakhi says, it is not that bad. Vivek and Saachi looks on sad.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

  1. technically…they shud end this serial..
    the balika vadhu and the balika vadhu’ s ex- husband…everyone’s life is settled…the main puporse of startin this serial was to show the orthodox village society…and the harmful effects of child marriage….to help people erradicate this child marriage filth…but now the serial seems to have lost its pupose and is on a different track….so they must end this worthless show…and stop wasting people’s time and energy!!

  2. madhubala… u are mad or wat?? u should not type such big comments…. just say…
    “yo fuckers…stop watching this fucking serial”!! dats all!! hahahahahahahahahahhahaha

  3. yo boys and gals…uncles and aunties…gradpas nd grandmummys……when are u all planning to give up watching serials…. do something more useful re…..Narendra modi didn’t get successfull by watching yo weirdo serials!! if u agree with me….spread the word………DO SOMETHING FOR THE SOCIETY INSTEAD OF WATCHING SERIALS AT HOME!!!!!!!

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