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Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sandhya seeing everyone talking to Ragini. Ragini goes for her shot. Sooraj tells everyone to see Sandhya. They are shocked seeing Sandhya. She comes to them and says Babasa, Mohit and Vikram, everyone are waiting for you at home. They leave. Sooraj looks at her. She says lots of shayari and rose giving, now lets go home. She brings everyone home. Bhabho looks at their faces. Babasa says I feel like Sholay movie and Bhabho as Gabbar. Bhabho walks to them and scolds Babasa.

She says you all went to see heroine at night. She says great. No one has thought about us. She says Sandhya found you, else we would have not found you, I have done good work by making Sandhya a police officer. Meenakshi says how did they go, how did the heroine meet them. Emily says yes, I don’t understand how they got appointment to meet her. Mohit says we wnet there as VVIP. He says we are Sandhya’s family and got to meet her. Mohit says we got treated well, we spoke to her directly.Vikram says yes, this happened because of Sandhya, its good you became IPS, I pray you become IPs in every birth.

Babasa says we have taken Sandhya’s name and everyone treated us well and took us to meet the heroine. He says I would have got the role in their film. Vikram says its too much. Meenakshi says this is bad, see all men are going out because of you, even Sooraj went, they would have taken photos too. Emily says yes, this is the drawback of you. Bhabho says its not Sandhya’s mistake, I know whose plan was this. Babasa says no, I went to stop the,, they did not listen to me, and they took me with them.

Bhabho asks did they apply powder to you by force. She makes them turn and asks this Chaturi glasses, did they make you wear it. She scolds him infront of everyone and says I will show you dancing now. She takes him inside. Sandhya smiles. She closes the door of her room. Meenakshi says Vikram, you think you are handsome, come I have done arrangements to welcome you, come with me. She takes him. Mohit smiles. Emily looks at him in anger and leaves. Mohit goes after her. Sooraj feels alone and Sandhya looks at him. She says shayari was good.

She acts annoyed and says your meeting was good right. Sooraj says no, I don’t know shayari, you know me. She says you got ready well, you don’t dress up like this for me. He says no, Vikram and Mohit asked me to. She says fine. He says even Babasa insisted. He says I m sorry, I just went to see the heroine, to see does she look as she looks on screen, but you are more beautiful than her, I saw you in her, promise. He holds his ears and says sorry. She smiles. Diya…………………..plays…………. They hear other wives punishing their husband and goes to their room.

Meenakshi asks Vikram to sleep on the floor. Vikram says I m sorry, you are my real heroine. She sleeps with Kanha on the bed and he sleeps on the floor. Mohit comes in the room and asks Emily to give water. Emily hears music and does not attend him. Sandhya thinks everyone should understand this. Sooraj changes his clothes. She thanks her for forgiving him. She thinks if I tell him anything, his mood will spoil, I will talk to him tomorrow, he will surely understand me. Its morning, Sandhya comes to the police station and talks to her staff. She comes to know the staff does not have enough money and they also lost power at home.

She says I understand, I can help you. They are annoyed with her. Sandhya gets Zakir’s call who asks for help. She says I can’t use my powers for wrong. Zakir says its not a crime to use your name. He says till we are using the uniform right, its not a big issue. She says yes, you are right, I will help you. He asks did Sooraj meet the heroine, he may not take your name. He laughs. She says no, he won’t go that.

Mohit apologizes to Emily. She says its fine, its love to be jealous. Mohit thanks her and says if Sandhya calls the consumer cell, our parlour can open. Emily says yes, she will help us, I will talk to her. Mohit says no, she will explain laws to us. Emily says then what to do. Mohit says Sooraj can help us.

Sandhya jumps in the fire to save people.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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