Qubool Hai 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:

Location: Ahil’s and munisa’a haveli
Latif comes in rushing saying that nazia is very sick. they rush to find shazia by her side, distraught. Ahil comes in and asks for azhar, and is told that he has gone to the clinic. he gets frustrated, and attends to nazia getting her water. As sanam goes to get water, she finds that there are undissolved tablets in the glass, and understands that nazia has taken an overdose, and tells this to ahil, who is shocked too. sanam says that she would have to be made to vomit, and begins to get salted water, but ahil stops her. Sanam leaves, but ahil says that he cant risk the life of his younger sister, for her illiterate mixups. all are tensed. while ahil is busy with the doctor on the phone, sanam did what she knows best, and begins to make her vomit, by giving her salt water. Once she comes back to her senses, ahil gets back to her and finds that nazia has been given something. He gets angry at sanam, but before that the doctor comes, and gets to checxk on nazia. After having attended it, the doctor says that sanam did a good job. the doctor says that had this medicine been in her stomach for five more minutes, they could have lost her, but now she is fine. the doctor leaves. rehaan comments that they should thank the lord that sanam knew what to do. Ahil tells sanam that she shouldnt come near his sister at all, and give her age old remedies. rehaan tries to protest, but ahil doesnt listen to anything, branding it off as stupid remedies. Ahil asks how did the overdose happen. rehaan says that he has no idea, as nazia is very careful with her meds. Ahil asks shazia if she knows. Sanam turns around with the anklet, and finds one of shazia’s anklets missing, and asks her if this is hers. shaia is tensed and nervous, what to reply. Ahil approaches her and says that he knows that she is hiding something and asks her to speak. She gets nervous and says that she made a mistake, as she just wanted her to sleep, but didnt want her to sleep. ahil reprimands her for this, while she says that she didnt do it intentionally. Ahil slams his hand against the wall, which shocks everyone, while shazia walks out in frustration. sanam is tensed.

Meanwhile, Dilshad assures sanam over the phone, that she is very happy and she shouldnt bother about her. sanam says that she hasnt recovered after the operation, but must have taken to household chored. dilshad says that she is absolutely fine and munisa takes care of her. she asks her to concentrate on her work, and says that one thing is weird, and thats they are living in the same town but in separate places. Sanam says that she too misses her, and is concerned for her health, and says that she would try and visit her in the night. She cancels the call.

later, ahil puts nazia to sleep, and remembers the doctor saying that sanam did a brilliant job in saving nazia. He thinks that he should thank sanam for having saved his sister’s life. He walks out. But then he eyes the bottles, and remembers his bet with sanam. sanam comes to him and says that she wants to go to dilshad as her work is over. ahil says that she wont decide when her work is over or not. Sanam asks why, and that she would come back in some time. ahil refuses blatantly. Ahil gives sanam the first task. she resignedly asks him what does she have to do. He asks her if she knows swimming. When she says that she doesnt, he says that its perfect, and then taking off his wrist watch, shocks her by throwing it in the water, and asks her to retrieve it, in two minutes, and starts the stopwatch. he begins to taunt her saying that she is big talks but less work, and that she doesnt have the guts to do this. Seeing her hesitate, Ahil taunts her that she would be defeated in her first attempt, and that he would have to break one bottle. sanam finds him picking up one bottle. To his shock, sanam jumps in to save the watch. He assumes that she must definitely know swimming otherwise she wouldnt havbe jumped. He finds that she is beginning to drown and grasping for breath, and as he starts calculating time on his stopwatch, he gets increasingly tensed, as there’s no trace of sanam anywhere. As he finds sanam’s body afloat, upside down, ahil jumps in trying to save her. he gets her outside, while she clutches at him, having finally grasped her breath, while he tries to compose her. She clutches tight at him, as he is stumped by this, and their eyes meet in an awkward glance, their bodies dripping with water. While her eyes are lowered in shyness and embarassment, he picks her up and gets her out of the water. She sits by the poolside, and he too comes out of the water. ahil asks if she’s okay, and she starts coughing and sneezing, and asks her to accept defeat as she has lost and shouldnt try in vain. Sanam says that she doesnt lose ever. she opens her palm to reveal his watch, and ahil is shocked, as he takes it from her. She eyes him curtly. Ahil says that this isnt the watch that he threw inside, as it wasnt broken, and this one is, hence it isnt his. sanam is tensed. he throws the watch on the ground.

In their room, azhar’s parents are frustrated that they couldnt have dinner nicely due to nazia. they start gorging on saved food.Zulfi comes in and is frustrated to find them hogging like this. he finds pudina chutney, and is very happy to eat it. latif comes in claiming that she made it. Zulfi threatens her that if he doesnt find chutney like this again every day, he would irritate her. latif is tensed.

Outside, Ahil tells sanam that she has lost her first task. Ahil breaks a bottle and says that she lost, and says these arent pieces of glass but hers elf respect, and that in the coming 3 days, he would break her ego 3 more times, til its completely shattered to pieces. Sanam watches him tensed, as he leaves. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Shazia finds sanam, grappling with confusion in the kitchen, while she is confused whether they should use steelware or plastic containers. Sahzia intentionbally tells her to use plstic containers. sanam complies. Meanwhile, Tanveer, in her cell wonders who this girl, sanam is. She thinks that she would have to find out the entire history about this girl. Ahil tells sanam frantically as to why and how can she be so careless, as she would have burnt this place down completely, by her brash behaviour. He places ointment on her scalded hands, while she watches him as he does so.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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