Balika Vadhu 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Alok calling Ira asking her to boil tea. Daddu says, he will do it and will add kali mirchi . Daddu keeps the pan on the gas stove and puts tea in it. He is about to light the stove, just then Ira comes and shouts Papaji. Daddu gets shocked too. Meenu, Subhadra and Alok comes there. Ira tells them that gas stove was on. Daddu says, his nose was closed. Subhadra hugs him and says I would have died if anything happens to you. Anoop asks who kept the burner on. Ira says, Anandi did it mistakenly. Subhadra says we have to talk to her. Anyone would have died. Anoop says, bua ji is right.

Lal Singh operates on Chetan. He starts sinking and his heart stop beating. They try to revive him. His heart starts beating again but then Chetan dies. They try to revive him but fail. Lal Singh and Ganga get shocked.

Subhadra comes to Anandi’s room and sees her sleeping. Daddu says, we shall talk to her later. Subhadra wakes her up. Subhadra yells at her for putting Daddu’s life in danger. Ira tells her that milk was on the stove and burner was on. Daddu was saved. Anandi is shocked and wonders she kept the gas stove on. Subhadra says, we are not joking. Anandi says, I didn’t mean it. I mean how can I do a big mistake. Anandi says, I will keep in mind not to do any mistake. Subhadra says, we don’t want to scold you and asks her to take care of house responsibilities safely. Anandi gets up from bed and goes out of room. Subhadra thinks this basam is showing its effects. Anandi will be thrown out of the house soon. She thinks to keep an eye on Anandi.

Lal Singh and Ganga come out of the operation theatre. Chetan’s father says, you are that doctor who operated my son without my consent. Lal Singh says, your son’s condition was critical. Chetan’s father says, I wants to see my son. Lal singh says, we couldn’t save Chetan. Mahendra Singh gets shocked. He threatens to burn the hospital.

Lal Singh asks them to understand. Mahendra Singh and his men start attacking the hospital. Ganga calls the Police and informs them. Mahendra Singh beats Lal Singh. Ganga tries to reason with them saying Chetan was brought critical by his friends. They don’t have any other option than to operate on him. Mahendra Singh pushes her and she falls on Jagya. Jagya gets angry and stops Mahendra Singh from beating Lal Singh further. He tells him that this hospital is his and he is sad about his state of mind. He says, you don’t have right to take out your anger on the staff. They tried to save him. He requests him to calm down.

Mahendra Singh says, he lost a son and threatens to harm Lal singh and Ganga. Police comes and ask them to stop shouting. Mahendra singh asks him to arrest Jagya, Lal Singh and Ganga. Inspector says, we will do our duty and you have to co operate with us. Mahendra Singh threatens Jagya.

Ganga comes home. Gehna says you came early. Anoop asks Meenu to keep old album safely.They talk about their emotional attachment to the album. Dadisaa is shocked to know about Chetan’s death and Mahendra’s Singh reacting to his death. Ganga says, she is feeling bad as they tried to save him but failed. Dadisaa says it is God’s wish. You tried your level best. Gehna says you people have saved many. Nandu brings water for her. Ganga tells them that Jagya and Lal Singh are in the hospital.

Anandi brings Bhel for Meenu and Anoop. She looks at the album. Meenu says, it is very old and asks Anandi to take her to room. Anoop asks her to see it there itself. Meenu says, Anandi is not careless. Anoop gives the album with much hesitation. Anandi says she will return it safely. She comes to her room and sees the photo album. She feels hot and increase the fan volume. She gets Shiv’s call asking her to get his file kept in the study. She goes out of the room. All the photos get blowed by the fan. Anoop sees one of the photo on the floor and gets shocked.

Anoop blames Anandi and says it is precious for him. He asks Papaji, how can she be so careless. He asks, where did you go after keeping the album on bed. Anandi is speechless.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Whats happening to Anandi…… 🙁

    1. stupid ugly cow is giving her laddoos wid sum nxt drug dat makes her hyper nd also ill.she basically whants her out of da howse.think her name is subhadra

    2. Aww…… Is there really any medicine as such? Maybe imaginary medicine of writers 😛

    3. lool.soo true das wat me nd mum says wen we watch dnt evan exists.jus too make stry it luv da way anandi acts afta she eas da laddoo lol

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