Jodha Akbar 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
phuphi is with hamida and ruks, she says jalal is very tensed, he is not even talking with anyone and not showing interest in politics, this is not good, hamida says its all happening because of maham, she has filled hrs heart with hatred against jalal, I know she lost her son but her son was criminal and he cant be forgiven, dasi comes to hamida and says that todar, maan and ministers have come to meet you, hamida ask salima to go to jodha and ask her to talk to jalal.
hamida comes in court, she says to ministers that you all work for jalal so I have called you all for discussion, she ask todar is everything alright in country, todar says no, people are gossiping about incidents that happened, hamida says till jalal gets fine, I will look after the matters of country, I don’t want that because of jalal’s weak state, saltant becomes weak, all work should be done like it used to be before, if anyone tries to spread rumor then stop hi, there shouldn’t be any problem for saltanat, hamida says that maan and todar, you both are jalal’s loyal and know how to run state, atgah was jalal’s most loyal person but he is gone, jalal’s bad state should not affect the state, todar says don’t worry, I will see the things.
hamida calls jodha and ask about her health, jodha says yes I am fine, hamida gives jodha a sacred thread for her safety. hamida blesses jodha.
bakshi’s dasi does some trick and predicts that bakshi will have baby girl, shairf comes there and slaps dasi, dasi leaves, bakshi says why you did this, she was just saying that it will be baby girl, sharif says I want power, states and it will happen when I will have baby boy, bakshi says lust for power is not good, didn’t you see adham’s end, shairf slaps bakshi and says I don’t want baby girl, girls bring shame to house, remember I want baby boy only, jodha sees all this and ask bakshi can I come in, bakshi wipes her tears and ask her to come in, jodha comes in room and is about to fall but shairf holds her bakshi sees this, jodha jerks him away, sharif be careful, what if fell down, jodha comes to bakshi and says hamida brought sacred thread for child safety, she gives it to bakshi, bakshi says thanks and don’t come here again, I mean I don’t want any problem on you and I don’t want what happened here, jodha says oh I will be careful from now on,bakshi thinks shairf has stooped so low. sharif says to jodha that I will drop you to your room as if you slip again then.. jodha says sternly says that I will leaves myself, she leaves.
todar comes to jalal and says I don’t want to disturb you but there is corruptions in many states, jalal says whatever you have to say, go to atgah and talk to him, jalal ask did you send things for burying atgah? todar says yes, jalal leaves.
jodha says to salima that I tried everything to up lift jalal’s mood but he is not good, he is very sad, I cant see him like this and on top of that maham said evil words, salima says I know jalal is tensed but only you can take him out that depression, you can bring him out from this situation.

Scene 2
jodha comes to jalal, jalal ask do you need anything, jodha says yes, he ask what, jodha holds jalal’s hand and ask him to come with her, a king cant be in depression, jalal says I don’t wanna go, jodha says cant you that for me, jalal goes with jodha. jodha brings jalal to room and shows him paintings of jalal’s ancestors, jodha ask do you know these peole, jalal says what? she says tell me, jalal shows him picture of his grandfather, his father, jodha says did they every run away from their duties, did they ever mourn, did people ever lost trust in them, never, they were great kings like you, jalal says to be true, I have decided to leaves kingship, jodha says you cant decide that, you did not chose to be king, you became king by destiny so cant leave kingship like this, you don’t have any right to do so. jalal says i was doing all the things with support of atgah and by your love, I did not do this alone, jodha says no, you can do this alone, only the person with strength can handle all this, think why khan baba decided that you will be the king when you were child, atgah and khan baba chose you, you want to run away from your duties, where is that jalal Uddin who wanted to win whole india, I am feeling pain to see this kind of jalal, tit isn’t that you don’t want throne but thing is that throne wants you, please rethink about your decision, jalal silently leaves from there.

Scene 3
jodha comes to ladies, ladies tells jodha that magic happened, after talking to you, jalal’s mood got better, he was smiling and was happy like before, one wife says to jodha that jalal listens to you and take care of you a lot so when kids will come in life then how much he will love you, other wife says to jodha that after becoming marium zamani don’t forget us, ruks listens all this and gets jealous of jodha.
ruks comes in her room and shouts no, she gets angry, ruks says why cant there be two marium zamani in saltant,

PRECAP- jodha says if I give birth to baby girls then will you become sad? jalal says how can you even ask question like this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  13. Nice epi jodha being hope riser to jalal nice 2 watch they were thw best couple ever .ruks u wonna be MUZ but how? A million dollar question . Jalal pls say dat u r even ok with baby girls i hope he will bcoz he jus wonna become a father he doesn’t care whether its baby boy or baby girl.

  14. Good Episode… things are getting a bit better now it seems

  15. jodha took the name jallaluddin md during conversation ?

    1. yes she did πŸ˜€

  16. Jalal will never get hurt….by theway why wu is short…anyway ep was verrry god…love u jalal…

  17. now saifuddin is the dengerous villain left..

  18. i don’t know wheather ruqaiya will become marium zamani or not but in the history it is said that jalal once promised ruqaiya that he will give her a chance to to bring up one of his child or grandchild and to fulfill his promise given to ruqaiya he gave her the responsibility of upbringing one of salim’s child and ruqaiya looked after that chils for 7 or 11 years as a mother and then gave him back to his actual mother.

  19. Hey guys a I seriously lived the episode
    And I know akbr that he will say what tippical Q u r asking offcoars I love girls and rooooooommmmmmaaaannnce πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚
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    But jalal don’t wanted to give rukaya told her to give as she was promised by jalal that once in life whatever she will ask she will get and she willlll ask for the child vvvvvvv damn bad
    Hummmmmmm πŸ™
    By the way gooood episose

  22. How r u guyes feelling unusual akward ohhhh πŸ™ Luke distured want to cry uh πŸ™

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  25. the story is going good hope it stays on the good way πŸ™‚

  26. Good Morning guys there is a new spoiler : ruqaiya will ask to jalal and keep one of the twins with her !!! Ruqaiya is so wicked yaar ! Cheap women ! Don ‘t know whether its true or not ! Ok guys bye !

  27. That Ruks is really desperate!

  28. Ah i m alone yaar please any1 come !!

  29. By the way i m waiting eagerly for todays episode !!

  30. Hope that in todays epi the creatives will not show ruks ! She always spoil our mood !

  31. But i never understood ruqaiya ! Sometimes she become friend of jodha sometimes she helps jodha or cares for and for her babies and the rest of the time she feels jealous of jodha ! Ruqaiya is so unpredictable !

  32. Ok bye guys !! I m chatting to myself all alone *lol* i think i have gone mad so bye guys !

  33. But in real life as per historic proofs I have read in variuos sites… Ruqaiyya Sultan was Akbar’s all time favorite and special wife, this is the reason Akbar handed over Shah Jahan to Ruqaiyya as she was childless throughout her life…. strange I also read that Akbar never get along well with the amber pricess harka bai since their marriage was just a political compromise and prior it was Raja Bharmal’s one of the conditions that the son born in Harka Bai will be the heir…… Akbar has other children as well……. Even Jahangir’s marriage to a rajput princess (Maan Singh’s daughter) had some conditions like nomination of heir…. that’s how shah jahan came in power, despite of jahangir having other wifes and children in them….

    Dont know if these are true or not….. but there are lot of different opinions regarding Jala and jodha in real life……

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