Sasural Simar Ka 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem fills sindur in surbhi’s headline. Simar screams no. Everyone is shocked. Prem says from now you’re my wife surbhi. My wife simar died when she proved herself to be sunnaina. achna is content while everyone else is dazed. Simar gets down on the floor with a thud. Prem holds surbhi’s hand in front of simar and says surbhi is my wife from now and daughter in law of this house.

Mata ji says prem what have you done. Roli gets up simar. Mata ji says you should have contemplated before doing this in resentment. This is wrong. Prem says why and how? People were justifying lying and betraying to us. I didn’t lie to anyone. Whats wrong with that? Surbhi has given her two years to me and my daughter and this family. Doesn’t she deserve me. I dont think i’ve done anything wrong. Mata ji steps back. Mata ji leaves. prem takes surbhi with her.

Sid says prem stop. But he doesn’t stop. Sid comes in his way. Prem says leave sid. Sid says what are you doing? Your wife is here how can you fill sindur in surbhi’s hair. Do you think relationships are joke. Prem says that’s what you do. You helped them and deceived me. You’re not my brother. Prem is dead for you. From now none of you three have anything to do with me. Simar says in heart how can i make you believe that i’m still the same simar you used to trust. Anjali and sanju come there. Sid says you must have listened to simar once before doing this. Who understands simar more than you. Then why didn’t you listen to her. You didn’t think why She stayed away from family for two years.

Prem says to simar why you betrayed to me. You never trusted me. Where there is trust decisions are taken mutually. You have crossed all my limits. You’re neither my wife nor anjali’s mom. Ask her to go to the man she lived with for two years. I’ve died for her two years i’ve only hatred for her. Prem says she’s back here to betray us once again. I will not let her stay here. She has no value for my daughter. Prem says get out. Roli says pleas jeju listen to her. Its not her mistake at all why dont you stop him. Prem says i won’t listen to anyone. Roli says pleas mausi ji stop him. After so long she has come to home. Simar says i wont go anywhere. I never betrayed this family. I always thought about you all. Don’t throw me out of here. She screams mata ji come out pleased.
Mata ji rushes but trips over and stops. Simar says please mata ji come out you said i’m your pride. Let of explain just once. I’ll accept your decision. I can’t go from here. No one can say no to your decision. Mata ji sits on the bed. prem holds simar’s hand and throws her out. Anjali cries surbhi holds her. Prem throws simar out and says you won’t come back here. Simar begs please let me come in. I can’t live without you.

Prem shoves her. Sid says what are you doing prem. Sanju is holding simar’s sari. Prem bolts the door simar is still screaming i didn’t do anything wrong. Sujata says prem what are you doing. Prem says if she comes back here that will be my last day in this house. Decision is yours. If any of you keep any relation with her i’ll never talk to them. Roli is crying.

Everyone leaves one after one. Roli says i can’t let that happen. I know its not her mistake. I can’t live here. She has suffered already. I’m going with her she needs me. Sujata says stop roli if you step out the door of this house will always close for you. Decision is in your hands.

Precap-mata ji asks roli for the keys and hands over them to surbhi. She says this house is yours. This is sasural surbhi ka.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. it is not possible. sasural simar ka only prem i dont like u i whant kill u

  2. it is not possible. sasural simar ka only prem i dont like u i want kill u

  3. it is not possible. sasural simar ka only prem i dont like u i want kill u plz. prem oh u only sad na u r not old prem

  4. This drama is going down

  5. ***** prem and his family……Some bad words are coming from my mouth…when the family is in trouble they need roli and simar… they do not need because they dnt have any problems….wat a family is this….i hate this serial tooooooo much….its waste to see this serial…….idiot prem go to the hell……only mataji is old bt dnt have any sense……this surbhi is off simars leg dust she is a waste character……how come it be sasural surbhi ka??????idiots……dnt have sense……please make that idiots understand that simar is doing all that to save that idiot family….roli should come out of the family and should be helpful to simar

  6. This s not fair. U should not do like this prem. I hate this serial not going to watch anymore

  7. Sasural without Simar..

  8. i hate last 3 episodes. no sasural surbhi ka. always sasural simar ka only. pls prem understand simar
    otherwise u will regret later

  9. i guess that answer was told by suniana’s ghost.. How come simar & roli only can see her but why not vikran who loved her so much. No sense of watching it still . She can attack simar’s body when ever she wants but why cant she visible to vikran .. Please stop sunaina’s ghost character which is menaing less. let simar to be prooved infront of bharadwaj’s family that shes not wrong .. don’t prolong too much try to make it over as soon as possible . really sunaina is thinking selfish about her husbnd & child but shes not feeling bad what happend with simar .Still she thinks abt her family only. try to stop this sunaina’s character

  10. Please try to prove in front of her simar is good & dint do anything wrong … this is what we are expecting . but don’t let Suniana ghost come in between . there is no sense if she attacks simar’s body when ever she wants .. and no one will watch lso if it continues. vikran should tell sunaina at least that let simar be happy with her family kar ke..Suniana is very selfish.. i hate her. simar & roli helped her so much now its her turn to help them out insted of being selfish

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