Balika Vadhu 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with everyone happily seeing Amol riding the cycle. Amol comes to Anandi and says he learnt cycling. Amol thanks Alok for teaching him first. Shiv says Amol was scared and then learn it. Amol says I didn’t break Papa’s record and learn cycling. Alok asks what is it? Shiv says I will tell later. The workers bring dry grass in the godown. Nandu asks them to keep it. They keep it near the electricity circuit box. Nandu wonders why Gehna didn’t come till now and goes out to play. Suddenly sparks appears again.

Anandi comes to temple and prays for her father. She thanks God for uniting Saachi and Vivek and prays for their family union. She calls Shiv and asks where are you? He says he will be there in 5 mins. Anandi says she is waiting. Just then she faints and falls down. Panditji asks the ladies to call doctor. One lady comes and says she is a doctor. She recognizes Anandi to be Shiv’s wife and checks her pulse. She then calls Shiv from Anandi’s mobile. Shiv comes to the temple and picks her phone. The Doctor informs Shiv that Anandi fainted and asks him to come inside. He rushes to Anandi. Anandi opens her eyes and drinks water. Shiv asks how are you? What happened to you. Doctor says it is a talk of happiness and says she is pregnant. Anandi and Shiv look on happily. Doctor asks them to get it confirmed. Panditji congratulates them. Shiv and Anandi have an eye lock. They get happy and leaves.

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Gehna comes to the godown and wonders where did Munim ji and workers go and sits on the chair. Sparks come again and the grass catches fire immediately. Gehna shouts. Nandu comes and hears his mum’s screams. Gehna asks Nandu not to come inside. Nandu shouts for help and says he will bring water. He throws the water bucket on the fire. Just then Niranjan comes there with Munim Ji and workers in jeep. Nandu asks them to save Gehna. Niranjan walks in the fire to save Gehna and take Gehna from floor and tries to walk out. He manages to come out with Gehna in his arms and takes her to the hospital.

Doctor confirms that Anandi is pregnant and congratulates them. Everyone get happy. Doctor asks her to take care and says she will come regularly to check her. Anandi is about to bend down to take Daddu’s blessings, but he stops her. Anandi says happiness is incomplete without their blessings and bends down to touch his feet. They take everyone blessings. Meenu says she is really very happy. Alok says Amol will be very happy. Anoop blesses them and says he is very happy. Subhadra too blesses them. Ira says she can’t believe and blesses them. Daddu says we shall go now so that they can spend some time together. Shiv thanks Anandi. She says she is very happy. Shiv hugs her.

Jagya waits for Niranjan to bring Gehna to the hospital. Niranjan brings her. Nandu asks her to open the eyes. Jagya and Niranjan take Gehna inside. Niranjan faints as well. Jagya asks the staff to take him to ICU. Dadisaa and Kusum come there. Nandu hugs her and cries. Dadisaa and Kusum console him. Dadisaa prays to God for Gehna’s recovery.

Anandi thinks to make something for Amol. Shiv asks her to sit quietly on bed and asks her to drink milk. Anandi says I will take care of myself. Shiv says he will take care of her. She drinks the milk. Amol comes and asks is this true? Anandi says yes. Amol gets happy and says he will take care of his sibling. Shiv says I am proud of you. Jagya comes and informs Dadisaa that Gehna is out of danger, but Niranjan is in bad condition and hopes he gets well. Nandu hears him.

Nandu cries and asks Gehna are you fine. She says she is fine and asks who saved me. Nandu says I didn’t save you. Jagya says Niranjan ji and he is in the ICU. Gehna gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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