Qubool Hai 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Seher tells rehaan the entir story, professing as to how when she got to know her true identity, she changed, and isnt a thief anymore, and that tanveer isnt a nice woman, and knows he would find it difficult to believe, as he genuinely cares for her. rehaan remembers tanveer’s fake love for ahil. she continually tries to emphasise about tanveer’s true identity, and how she has blinded ahil with her sacrifices and pretentious love, and tells that she did this all due to property. rehaan is embarassed to hear this, as he knows this all along. He says that she didnt just do it for property, but for him, and seher is shocked, when rehaan reveals that he is the actual son, even if illegitimate of tanveer, and the woman lowlife that she is

talking about is his mother. seher stands stunned, and says that this isnt possible, and that he cant be a son to such a woman. She asks how can she behave like this with her own son. he says that this is because his mother loves money more than she loves him. Seher is shocked. rehaan tells the entire truth about tanveer, and how he knows everything about her and her fake love for ahil. He asks her to understand what he feels when he stands witness that his own mother is showering her love on someone else, and that she doesnt even refer to him as her son, and has made her a servant in front of the world. She is distraught. he tells about tanveer’s indifference to him, and how he just wants a little love and affection and not the greatest riches in the world. He narrates how she always rated money over love for her own son. He says that first he used to believe tanveer, but from what she told and he got to know today, and what she did with her family, and ahil’s father, he doesnt have an respect for her, and the woman, who never loved, never cared, and never understood love’s importance, wont love him too, and now he wont let her ruin love anymore, and shall do anything to get ahil back with sanam. Seher holds his hand, and says that he is complete opposite of his mother, and is a genuine person, and thanks him for believeing her, as it means a lot to her. He places his hand over hers, and cups it in reassurance. Rehaan says that he swears that he would unite the love couple, sanam and ahil, and expose her true face to the entire world, while seher stands by his side. He says that he hates tanveer, while seher stands determined.

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Scene 2:
Location: Farmhouse
haya comes dressed in western attire, taking away faiz’s breath, as he is gardening. She tries to seduce him, saying that he got hot chocolate for him, flirtatiously. He drinks it, and asks what did he mix in it. she says that she just mixed choco powder. He asks whats the extra ingredient. She says that she added love this time. He gets intimate with her, and she says that being the new year, she doesnt want to party inside, and he says that they shant go outside, and she says tht they dont need to go out to maie it special. He asks whats her plan. She comes to his ears sensually, and says that he shall know soon enough. Faiz is captivated. haya eyes him sternly and leaves.

As she stands in her room, tensed, faiz comes from outside, and hugs her, and she is disgusted but doesnt express it on her face. She asks him to get ready, and he says that he will, and sys that he wants to make the last day memorable. he tries to kiss her, and she says that somethings are better awaited and hence asks him to wait. He says that when they both are together, then why wait. She says that she doesnt like this house, and unintentionally too, she gets haunted by her prior memories here, and she wants her coming life to be perfect, and hence she wants to welcome the new year, outside in the lawn, under the sky, in the shine of the stars, with him. She says that if he doesnt like this, then they shall celebrate the way he wants to. She says that nothing matters more than him and his company, and hence she shall comply to his wishes. He holds her and says that his passion begins from her eyes and ends on her lips, and it would be exactly the way she wants it. he hugs her, while she cringes at his touch, but pretends to be happy.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
In his room, ahil is disturbed by the recent happenings, whereas tanveer enjoys her latest victory over sanam, and her eviction from the house, and that all of sanam’s efforts went in vain, and now this entire property shall be hers, and she shall live her 20 years old dream, and hence she is very happy. While ahil wanders in the lobby, disturbed and extremely upset, he goes into tanveer’s room, who has already composed herself, to pretend to be sick, under covers, lying on the bed. He asks razaak to leave, and give him a chance to serve tanveer. Ahil profusely thanks her for her effort in being such a nice mother, even though she is the step mother, and sacrificing everything for him. Sanam sees this from a distance. He remembers how she took the blame of him killing his father, and says that he shall always be indebted for what she did for him. He says that he shall do just what she wants, and that he wont ever see sanam’s face ever again, as she tried to kill the person, who he loves more than his life, his mother. sanam is shocked and distraught. He says that he loved sanam unconditionally, but for tanveer, he would forget that love too. Tanveer smiles evilly. sanam is in tears. He promises to tanveer, who pretends to be disturbed. While he is feeding tanveer, he again says that he feels he committed a crime by not listenting to her. she asks him not to bother himself over what happened in the past. He again says that she is noble, and can forget and move on, but he cant and not even forgive sanam, as the one who he trusted so much, tried to take the life of his mother. He says that they cant keep sanam captive, but she should be punished, but is unable to decide what to do. She says that she too cant understand, but sanam’s name is connected with the family, and can be a danger to the family. She says that they should give sanam to the police. Ahil is surprised but complies, when she insists. She smiles. Rehaan comes in saying that they cant do this, and shouldnt call the police, as sanam is innocent and she hasnt done anything. Ahil and tanveer are surprised. The screen freezes on rehaan’s tensed face.

Precap: Ahil reminds sanam’s past attempts, at murdering tanveer. rehaan says that its just tanveer’s scare. tanveer says that sanam gave her the milk. Rehaan says that sanam didnt get the milk from the market. Rehaan comes and asks tanveer why are they blaming sanam, as she didnt do anything. Ahil asks how can he still advocate for her. tanveer is tensed. Then rehaan says that he has evidence, and shows the milk carton, which tells that the milk had expired, when tanveer took it. Ahil and tanveer are boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  4. Thanks for the update. Nice episode
    Love sehan and sahil. waiting for the upcoming episodes

  5. common writers hurry up with this serial let rahatt find haya and faiz quickly before something bad happens to haya this soap has become tooooooooooo long and drawn out it has become tooooooooo long and drawn especially the ahil sanam and tanveer part bring this soap to a finish please we the viewers are anxious

  6. Looks like tanveer Will be ruined this time and rehaan will confess that she’s his mother

  7. Kindly bing out the chemistry of love in this soap its too dry the love story isnt working it doesnt have stable chemistry its all abit confusing

  8. When ksg left everyone blamed zee tv but ksg himself said zee tv would pay anything to keep him but he did not want to stay. Now with leaving his wife I dislike him. Tan veer track is going on for 2 yrs. It is high time to change story in quobool hai

  9. sehaan is back ,that is enough for me

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