Tu Mera Hero 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Titu seeing Govind and telling Surekha to see him. She gets shocked. Panchi tells Arvind to have water and not say anything about kidnap. Kamlesh says you told me on phone clearly that Titu has kidnapped you. Panchi stops Arvind, and says Titu has helped him, else he would have gone to Kanpur. She asks Kamlesh not to start questioning now and asks Arvind to have rest. Arvind says Panchi is saying right, don’t worry, Titu is a good guy and spoke well. Panchi takes him to have food. Titu asks Pinky to take pandit ji. He stops Titu and asks him where is he going. Titu says I will drop pandit ji to room. Govind says so much worry, and taunts him.

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Titu explains in sign and says you asked me to speak silently. Surekha says leave it now, I will serve you food. Govind says tell me everything. Titu says but you won’t like it, and jokes. Mukul says leave it, he won’t say. Govind asks him to say. Mukul says the hungry pandit ji waited for Titu all day. Titu says he was fasting. Mukul says its not good. Titu stops him and says pandit ji was sitting under the tree. Surekha scolds Mukul and asks why did he not go with Titu to get pandit, as Govind asked him to keep an eye on Titu. Mukul says you said me that Titu will get pandit. Surekha taunts him, and puts blame on Mukul. She hugs Titu and says kidnapping blame came on Titu, what if Titu went to jail. Mukul says he did not go jail. Titu says what if I went, were you waiting. Titu says I will apologize to pandit, and there should be no issue in Krishna Abhishek. He leaves with Keshav.

Panchi serves food to Arvind. Arvind says our pandit ji saw some problems in Rachna’s kundli and told some solution, she has to do some fast and puja. Panchi says if you don’t believe this, why to make her fast. Arvind says you are very young and won’t understand this. Panchi’s mum sends her to kitchen. Its morning, Pinky reads the newspaper to Titu. Titu talks casually like always, and says such things that makes Rekha scared. It’s a funny scene. Panchi imagines Titu. They look at each other. Khuda jaane……………..plays……………..Rachna pulls her ears and brings her out of her dream. She says you were day dreaming and asks her to come fast.

Panchi says the puja is in evening and I started dreaming now. Surekha gifts clothes to everyone, and shows a costly kurta to Titu. She gifts a Kurta for Mukul, and no force him if he does not like. Mukul looks on and leaves. Keshav and Rekha go to talk to him. Surekha saks why is Govind not ready till now, and why is he worried. He says don’t make any excuse again. He says I earn all day and you spend it in shopping. Rekha says we always have injustice, its all because of your dad, Titu was born and your dad died. She cries. Surekha says its not about money, the time has changed, its not like wearing any gift, people have choices now, why to have biasing in heart.

Govind says I understand this, but I have made this house by all hardwork, if we let it loose, nothing can be saved, this family is one and we don’t do biasing, you and Titu are always after our money. Rekha says Keshav works a lot in the shop, and all credit goes to Titu. Keshav gets angry and leaves. Mukul says I have a solution. Rekha says all good happened by Titus fate and all bad by us, whats this justice. Govind and Surekha argue on money and how she spent much money.

Mukul tells his plan to Rekha. Surekha is annoyed and says fine, I will get clothes for Titu by selling my jewelry, I have one son. Rekha asks can this happen. Mukul says yes, I will send Titu to Agra’s Chacha. Surekha shows a necklace. Govind says start from selling earrings. She says I m not selling, make me wear this. He smiles and helps her. He says jewelry look good on your neck, don’t sell it. She smiles and asks him to get ready. He laughs and leaves. Mukul comes to Pinky and asks what is she doing. She says I m making butter milk. He says Amma is calling you, I will see this. Pinky leaves. Mukul adds some powder in one glass, and thinks it can get confusion, and fills more in pandit ji’s glass. He says now see Titu, how I ruin your puja plans.

Kamlesh says since I came in Mathura, I m not getting rid of Titu and his family. Panchi gives a purse to a lady. She sees Kamlesh and hides.

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