Balika Vadhu 19th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 19th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Alok reminiscing his marriage. Anoop says, Hardik won’t face any problem as we are dropping the room. Saachi asks Hardik to give nek to Saachi. Hardik gives her 500 Rs note. Saachi asks him to give 5000. Hardik takes out 1000 Rs and gives 1500 to Saachi. Shiv tells them a surprise is waiting for them. They open the door and find the room messed up. Daddu says, Subhadra is the culprit. Subhadra accepts to have done it. She asks Hardik to come with her and tries to forcibly takes him with her. Daddu asks her to accept the truth. Subhadra refuses. Daddu angrily asks her to go to her room. Subhadra taunts Gulli and blames her for separately her from her family. Daddu asks her to go.

Anandi tells them that she will rearrange the room in mins. Gulli says its ok. Hardik

also says the same. Shiv says, Hardik doesn’t want to wait even for 5 mins. Daddu asks them to start their new life happily. They goes inside the room. Dadisaa praises the food made by Ganga. Jagya says, she didn’t make sweet today. Ganga says, Basant asked her not to make sweets. Basant comes and says he brought special sweets for her. He feeds Dadisaa, Jagya, Ganga and Gehna. Then he gives the sweets to Nandu. Nandu kisses him.

Gulli tells Hardik that Subhadra is very angry. She won’t accept her. Hardik asks her not to worry and says he knows what to do. He gets the bucket and keeps the flowers in it. Gulli asks him not to do it. Hardik says, he used to do his work in America. Gulli says, in India guys don’t do any work. Hardik asks her to let him do it. He cleans the room. He hugs her and says I can’t even hug you with garland and jewellery on you. He asks her to remove it. He tells her that Shiv and Anandi gave gift to her. Gulli sees the western gift and gets shy.

Dadisaa gets dream about little Basant being taken away by someone. She cries aloud and wakes up from sleep. She gets shocked and thinks why she saw the bad dream. She wipes her tears and prays to Devimaa to protect her son Basant.

Gulli wears the western dress and covers her head with ghunghat. Nirjalnaa plays………She comes to Hardik and asks him not to laugh on her as she never wore this type of clothes. Hardik says, I wants to laugh with you. He looks at her romantically and removes her ghunghat.

Dadisaa knocks on Basant’s door. Basant and Gehna open the door. She says, I came to see you. Are you fine. Basant says yes. She tells Gehna that she wants to sit with Basant for sometime. She goes in their room and gets emotional. Basant asks, what is the matter? Dadisaa says, I thought to see you that’s why came here. Basant says, so late in the night and says you might be hiding something.

Dadisaa tells him that she saw a very bad dream. She saw someone is taking him away infront of her eyes. She tells the dream, a flashback is shown. Basant tells her that no one dares to snatch him from her. He says, I am not a kid. Don’t worry about the dream. He says, I will be always with you. She smiles and caresses his face. She asks them to sleep. Gehna says, I will drop you till your room. Dadisaa says, she will go.

Meenu tells Gulli that you shall not make food as you have already made the halwa and chai. Gulli says, she wants to make food and will be happy. Ira and Meenu leaves from the kitchen. Anandi helps Gulli in the kitchen. Gulli looks at Anandi. Anandi asks, what happened. Gulli says, you are taking care of me like Pia. They promotes Shastri sisters. Anandi says, you are like my sister. They hug each other.

Dadisaa is walking blindly on road. Basant is driving his jeep and sees a truck coming towards Dadisaa. He shouts her to move. She bends down to pick something. He jumps from the jeep to save her and gets killed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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