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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidya calling her mum Gopi and asks her to bring breakfast. Gopi serves her breakfast. Kokila asks Gopi where is Rashi and asks her will you cover up Rashi again. Tolu and Molu comes to Gopi and asks her to tie their tie. Kokila asks them about Rashi. Kids say she is sleeping. Tolu asks her to put more chutni in his tiffin. Gopi says sorry and says I didn’t get the tiffin ready for you. Kids look at her with amazement. Kokila shouts for Rashi. Rashi wakes up from her sleep and goes downstairs. Kokila asks her, what happened? Tolu told me.

Rashi says, I didn’t do it intentionally. Kokila says, you don’t want to work. Tolu tells her that Gopi didn’t make tiffin for them. Rashi asks Gopi. Gopi says, she has so much work so just make Vidya’s

tiffin. Rashi asks, you would have make 2 parathas. Gopi asks her to make the parathas. Rashi says no and goes to her room. She gives money to the kids and asks them to eat whatever they wants. Gopi asks, what are you doing? Outside food is not good for them. Rashi asks her not to lecture her.

Gopi packs some extra parathas in Vidya’s tiffin and asks her to give it to Tolu and Molu. Pooja comes to Kinjal’s house. Kinjal says, Dhawal went to drop Pappu to his school. Pooja asks her to come for coffee. Kinjal says sure. Pooja leaves. Madhuben looks at her and tells that she wants to speak to her. She warns her not to trust Pooja blindly. Kinjal is annoyed with her and taunts her taking Radha’s name. Madhuben gets hurt.

Teacher corrects Meera’s answer paper and says you got 20 out of 20. Gopi comes with snacks. Teacher says, Meera is learning fast and is very bright student. He says, she is like you and asks Meera to thank God as you are like your mum. Gopi reminds him that after 2 days will be her test. Teacher says, he has full faith on Meera that she will do it. Gopi asks them to have breakfast and leaves. Teacher stares Gopi.

Rashi complains to Urmila about Gopi. Urmila reminds her about handling the keys to Gopi and tells her that she will get something to eat for Tolu and Molu. Rashi gets a call from the kids school informing her about Sahil’s toothache problem. Rashi says, she will reach soon. She tells Gopi that she will give file to Jigar as he forgot it at home and leaves. Kokila tells Gopi that Rashi lied to them.

Teacher bribes Meera’s school employee Mahesh and gets question paper from him. He thinks he has promised Gopi and don’t want to hurt her. Rashi picks Tolu and Molu from school. Urmila comes in her auto. They take the kids. Vidya wonders where is her brothers and enquires with her friends. Rashi takes Tolu to the dentist. Doctor tells her that he got so many cavities in his teeth and asks her to take him for 2-3 sittings. Rashi gets shocked.

Doctor tells her that the charge will be 10000 Rs. Rashi and Urmila get shocked. She wonders from where to get the money? She asks Urmila to give money. Urmila says, she doesn’t have. They sit in the auto and are on the way to school. They ask the kids not to tell anyone at home. Vidya asks her classmates about Tolu and Molu and gets tensed. She sits in the school bus and looks outside. Urmila, Rashi and Kids reach there late. School bus leaves. They get shocked.

kids start running after the bus. Rashi asks Urmila what to do now. Urmila asks them to sit in an auto and asks the driver to follow the school bus. School bus stops but by the time the kids get down the auto, school bus leaves. Kids again sit in the auto. Tolu and Molu sit in the bus finally when it stops to drop some kid. Rashi thanks God. Urmila asks her to get the money from the locker. Rashi says, she can’t do it and thinks she has to do something.

Kokila asks the Principal, if Vidya beats her brother Sahil yesterday. Principal says no and tells that he has toothache yesterday so Rashi picked him from school. Kokila gets shocked.

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  1. Hi guys….!!!!Today I felt very bad with Gopi’s behaviour towards tolu n molu… is not a right way to correct Rashi by hurting children…….they must make Rashi understand in a good way not by non cooperation…….these days this kinjal’s episode is getting bore everyday that pooja comes n madhu asks kinjal to mend her ways n she taunts her nothing new……..

  2. Totally agree with you vyshnavi…..and you are new here….yes today I too felt very bad with gopi’s behaviour towards tolu n molu….if she wants to make Rashi work she can say her in a nice way but this is very bad to hurt the children’s feelings……waise bhi if anything happens in modiparivaar they will keep children away from that issues but don’t why now they are involving children’s in their fightings…….this kinjal’s behaviour towards madhuben is disgusting………

  3. This serial is just going back to the same old story. It’s very predictable now.

  4. Hey I am new here n i don’t no any friends here would anyone like to be my friends……..I love Rashi n I like her expressions very much..

    1. Hey lucky I love to be ur friend….I like Rashi very much…

  5. I am too new here i luv raashi a lot n lokeshwari i luv ur cmts vry much

    1. Thank you Rajini….can we become friends….. Rajini in this site there r many mischievous ppl who posts comments using our names be careful…..n welcome to this site….

  6. Yes i hurt also they r gopi do this with them .i don’t like her behaviour she is soooo stupid like jetani devrani story .she have to think they r kids as her own daughter. If rashi do this to her daughter how she feel

  7. Rajini do you really like my comments???I m truely very beautiful and nice cute

  8. Riki I love u too

  9. I want friends

    1. I would like to be ur friend vian….whr r u from…

  10. Its koki the one who tellin gopi to do all this i starting to hate koki charector borin

  11. Yeah i luv ur cmts lokeshwari n we can be frnds

    1. Thank you for being my friend Rajini……..nice to meet u…….

  12. i dont think gopi did wrong today, Rashi always brings things hiding and give her kids, if she wants equal treatment then she also have to be like that. Some times harsh behavior is required. Rashi is always lying in front of the kids. It is not that Gopi did not give food to the kids, only thing is she packed in vidyas box and asked her to give the boys. Kinjal episode is very boring. bring that to an end , teach kinjal a lesson so that she respects her husband. Rashi and her mother should get a very harsh lesson in life only then may be they will change. Rashi’s character has a spunk but she could turn positive even with that spunk. There is no harm in enjoyment only thing is the person has to be responsible at least to her own children

  13. Ranjini not rajini lokeshwari how old r u

    1. I am a science student….wat abt u Ranjani sorry for the spelling mistake……

    2. Ranjani ………I just completed my +2 n what about u WHR r u from….

  14. Rashi is leaving the show by july end.

    1. They r going to kill Rashi…
      .so sad…..

  15. will they remove the Rashi character or bring someone else in her place?

  16. What is goin on misses alot of program

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