Ek Hasina Thi 19th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 19th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Durga shouting Dev seeing him lying on the ground wounded and bleeding. Dayal too is shocked seeing him. Durga touches his blood. Dayal says multiple wounds, we have to take him to hospital. Shaurya says someone might be joking, its just prank calls. Rajnath says its done by internet, not any PCO. He says how can you believe this, who will call Dev and ask him to save me, you know all I was chilling at Karan’s farmhouse, if I have come, Dev will also come, someone is joking. Suchitra says why is Dev not answering my calls. Shaurya says his phone might be on silent or maybe he is driving. Rajnath says maybe we are worrying a lot, everything will be fine.

Shaurya thinks everything is fine now. Dayal and Durga are on the way taking Dev to the hospital and Dayal calls

Dr. Bose about the emergency. Shaurya tells Sakshi and Suchitra that he will always keep phone on, and we will go for dinner and ask Dev to come there. Durga cries seeing Dev’s blood and calls Suchitra. Durga tells her everything and Suchitra is shocked. She falls. Rajnath and Sakshi hold her and asks what did Durga say. Suchitra says Durga said someone has shot Dev. Rajnath says how can this happen. Suchitra says he was lying in poll of blood. She cries Shaurya thinks how can Durga reach him, how did she know about him.

Suchitra says take me to Dev. Shaurya thinks if Dev survives, then I m dead. Dayal and Durga admit Dev in the hospital. Dr. Bose takes him in the operation theatre. Suchitra, Sakshi and Rajnath come there with Shaurya. Suchitra asks how is Dev. Durga says he is being treated, I m going to do the formalities. Akash comes. Rajnath asks Akash to take care of the formalities and tell them that Dev is my son. Dayal also goes in the OT and sees Dev’s wounds and also helps in treating him.

Shaurya asks Durga how does she know where is Dev. She says Dev got a call to save you at Karan’s farmhouse. She says Dev left in hurry and when I called him, he did not take my call, and then I went to find him and we got him on the highway, he was shot and lying on the ground. Shaurya thanks her and says even I got such call and I felt someone is joking. Dayal says patient’s pulse is not there. The nurse comes out and Shaurya and Suchitra asks about Dev and his pulse. The nurse says its zero. Shaurya says it means he won’t survive. The nurse asks Dev’s blood group and Durga says AB+. Sakshi asks how does she know.

She thinks about Dev and Nitya. Durga says while bringing Dev here, I saw his id in wallet. Sakshi says but Dayal was also there, you might have told him, why did he not tell the nurse. Durga says maybe nurse did not ask her. The nurse says I did not ask him. Shaurya thinks now Dev will be given blood, then pulse will come, then breaking news on tv. Everyone see the news on tv that Dev Goenka is shot. Rajnath sees this and hears Goenka’s was getting extortion calls.

Sakshi thinks Dev was not shot as we did not pay money, the man wanted something else, not money. Durga thinks why will anyone not wait for money, Dev is trapped for some other motive, but who The bullets are removed. The commissioner comes and Rajnath asks whats going on, you did not do anything, my son is fighting with death. The commissioner says sorry. Rajnath says then how did this happen. The commissioner says its an insider’s job, revenge from someone you already know, give me 12 hours. Rajnath says I have to call CBI. Shaurya hears this and thinks dad really made Dev his son.

Rajnath says this is ridiculous. Sakshi thinks you can’t see this, but I understand,someone we know did this, maybe over business rival, like Chaudhary, or Mathur or else …… She looks at Shaurya and thinks of his words. Durga too looks at Shaurya. Sakshi thinks she saved him from rape by difficulty and she won’t be able to save him from murder case. Shaurya thinks why is mum seeing me like this, looks like she is doubting me and dad will also know it from CBI. Shaurya does acting and says I will help CBI in the investigation. Shaurya thinks to buy CBI officers. Sakshi thinks this means maybe he is not involved in this.

Durga thinks I don’t’ trust him, but can’t doubt, he was having life risk and Dev came in between. She thinks what am I missing. Dayal comes out and Suchitra asks him how is Dev. Dayal says the wounds are deep, till he gets conscious, we can’t say anything. Suchitra cries and goes to pray to the Lord. She says I always helped poor and needy people, then why is my son facing this, if anything happens to my son, then I will not see your face again. My trust on you will break. Shaurya comes and also prays to Durga Maa, to show her power today. Sakshi and Durga see this.

Shaurya thinks I will do double puja and cry, help poor and needy, just kill Dev, call him to you. Raima comes and sees Rajnath. She says its such a big thing and I came to know from news, why did you not call me. He shows her Sakshi and she changes her tone. Rajnath says everyone is tensed, Dev is quiet serious. Sakshi thinks I did not see Shaurya praying to Lord till now, whats going on. Shaurya tells Suchitra its happening because of him, as he should have taken her call and Dev would have saved, the bullet had my name and asks Durga Maa to save Dev and kill me.

Suchitra says no, don’t say this. She says you both are equal to me, both are my sons. He cries and hugs her. Raima says whats going on here. Look at Shaurya, whats wrong with him, he used to hate Dev. Durga hears this. Raima says Dev wanted to know the rape case truth by taking RTI files and Shaurya used to be angry on him, whats happening now. Durga is shocked.

The CBI questions Shaurya and Durga looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. dev u have to live to punish shaurya fr his deed, n durga, find out the truth… 🙂 I think shaurya will be in danger nw fr lieing 😐

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  7. good epi precap is interesting i hate sakshi she is still thinking to save shaurya durga plz find out d truth and expose dis shaurya

  8. @Lucky I accept ur friendship n I also like to make like u I am a boy but I can understand ur feelings 🙂 so what is ur comment about tdays epi?? 🙂

  9. @Lucky I accept ur friendship n I also like to make friends like u I am a boy but I can understand ur feelings 🙂 so what is ur comment about tdays epi?? 🙂

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