Balika Vadhu 17th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 17th September 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 17th September 2013 Written Update

Alok and Ira are making a guest list. Alok tells Ira that she shouldn’t have given her permission to go out. He says she is going to Jaitsar now and she will need to make adjustments there. Ira says, that is why I let her go. I want her to enjoy her last few days here. And our Sanchi is changed now. She knows her responsibilities and limits. Alok says she was just born in this house and is already leaving. Ira says this is what happens with daughters, but we shouldn’t be sad because of it.. we should be proud that our daughter has become a sensible person now.

Jagya is driving back to Jaitsar. He’s remembering all Sanchi’s words and her acting to impress everyone. He drivers faster and faster. He then suddenly stops the car. He sees there is a temple there and goes there.


is in front of the lord. She asks him to show her some way to solve this. She says, I couldn’t talk to Jagya, and how could I? I was also in shock. I can only talk to Shiv, but he is busy with his work.. how can I tell him about this? She continues, if i didn’t meet Jagya like this, then this problem wouldn’t be there.. or maybe Jagya was right.. it was you who made me meet Jagya today.. so truth can come out. But why today? If this truth had come out before, then situation would be different today. They two not only love each other, but also Ganga is the best fit for Jagya. But now it’s too late. I can’t see any way to solve this.. you will have to show me some way now.. which is right for everyone.. and no one gets hurt because on both side.. it’s my family.

Jagya comes to the temple. He looks at the lord and says, I came to talk to you.. whenever I was on wrong path.. you showed me right path. But today where am I wrong? I changed myself for everyone and still? why do I always get into such situations where no matter which path I choose and do right thing for everyone, everyone would think I am wrong. How can I make or break rishta with Sanchi? For whom I am doing this rishta, I know they won’t get anything, but pain and sadness. I have so many questions in front of me.. but no answers. Tell me what’s right and wrong here. He again recalls recent events.

Shiv returns home. He tells Ira and Meenu, CM sir had to go Delhi and without him, I had no work so I came back fast. Anandi comes there. Ira asks Shiv if he wants to eat anything. Shiv says, I ate already.. just tea would be great. Anandi says she will get it. Shiv goes to get fresh.

Jagya is heading back to Udhaipur.

Bal comes to Ganga’s house. She thinks it’s Kaka and opens the door excitedly. Bal asks you were waiting for me? Ganga says, I thought it’s Kaka. Bal says, he’s not at home? Ganga says, he went out to buy something. Bal has brought Tulsi for Ganga. Ganga says, what was the need for it? He says, I saw you praying a lot. But if you don’t like it then.. Ganga says him to keep it down and thanks him for that. Bal now gives cars toys for Mannu. He says, they are of my son. Ganga says, it’s not good to give one kid’s toys to someone else. Bal gets sad and says his son is there from where no one comes back. Ganga now shows sympathy and tells him he can come any time to play with Mannu. Ganga takes the toys now.

A jeweler is at Badi Haveli. Dadisa gives him jewelries for polishing. The jeweler says this design is very old.. if you want I can use this to make new ones. Sumi says, no.. they are our traditional jewelries.. I got them when I came to this house and now I want to give them to my bahu. They are selecting some jewelries now.

Anandi is thinking to tell everything to Shiv. She says to herself, but I will have to be careful and not talk about Ganga. Shiv is in his room. Anandi comes to him and says, I want to talk to you. Shiv starts getting romantic. Anandi says, I want to talk about something important. Shiv says, it can’t be more important than our romance. So first romance, and then other things. Anandi seems upset. Shiv asks her what’s the matter. Door bell rings. Anandi says she will go and see.

Daddu opens the door and it’s Jagya. Anandi is surprised to see Jagya. Jagya looks at her. Screen freezes on Anandi’s face.

Voiceover: Sometimes it’s better to face a situation instead worrying about the results.

Precap: Same as yesterday..

Update Credit to: Shreya

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