Madhubala 17th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 17th September 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 17th September 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Security tells Madhu about Sharda…but not her name..! Says she claims to be RKs mom . n Madhu says to tell her RK not at home ..come next day!

Madhu asks to say RK not at home..come later.. Security says.. she is aged. ! Madhu comes in person..! Sharda says.. RKs big fan. .Madhu greets her.. n says RK will be happy to meet u..but he is not at home..please come tomorrow so he can meet u! Sharda says wont leave without meeting him!

Madhu notices Shardas feet scarred n she says went to Siddhi Vinayak… thats the scars..! Madhu stunned..! She calls Sharda upstairs.. ! Security stunned..! Madhu says its raining..cant let an old woman go out..! Come with me..!

Madhu makes Sharda sit and goes to get bandage for her. .n Sharda asks why allow a stranger in her

home ? Madhu says.. mom taught. .give chance to good.. in people.. then decide..! Sharda smiles..!

Sharda looks at a pic of RK and caresses it..! She looks at RKs trophys.. and recollects RKs words.. will become big and be a big actor Pabo..! She is emotional. .!

Madhu says.. all these awards are coz of all fans like u .. it gives him strength to work harder and respect them..! Madhu cleans Shardas feet… ! Offers her water to drink ..! Madhu asks since when Sharda is RKs fan? Sharda says.. put ke paun .palne me hi dikh jate hain…saw .. his talent ..early on!

Sharda says…Madhu is blessed.. n is she RKs fan since teenage? Madhu says.. my sis is RKs fan.. n used to make me watch his movies. but now i love RK .. n i cant.. be .. n Sharda stares!

Sharda asks only water? Madhu offers biscuits.. n she says.. my ideals are different.. she asks what else? Madhu says.. lets see what she serves ..! Madhu gives Sukhi Methi ka Halwa.. saying its healthy .. !

Sharda reads Mags with RKs articles.. when Sikky tries to sneak in n spots Pabo …He hides behind a statute n sneaks inside..! Madhu informs RK that an old aged woman is waiting for him… ! She says feel good seeing her! RK asks to check if someone did magic on him? All girls eating his head.. including his home grown heroine!

RK asks Madhu to go find his fans so he can bless them! RK cuts the call ..! Madhu offers dinner to her … n she says.. is Rishabh this arrogant? Madhu says no.. its touf to understand him … he says as is in his heart.. !

Part 2

Madhu puts ointment on Shardas feet.. n she is left amazed..! Madhu asks Sharda what she asked from Bappa? Sharda says.. cant come between God and Devotee.. asks if she prayed to Bappa n flashback of last year.. shown.. praying for RK s life..! She says n he blessed her.. n them!

Next day morning.. Sharda gets up .. while Madhu is sleeping by her feet side n blesses her..

Part 3

RK comes n finds Madhu sleeping by sofa n asks why sleep here? Madhu asks about the old lady …RK confused.. n says .. weird pair .. one big kameena n another full of love.. how did i get u .. Madhu says opposites attract..!

RK asks so r u Rishabhs fan ? Love me ? Madhu says a lot. .RK says ur my need. .my strength. .my weakness..! RK says want u with me in every moment… n she says with u.. ! RK asks Madhu to come with him from next day..

RK says touf times in life.. cant handle all without u n Madhu agrees..!

Madhu says.. she asked.. if RK is arrogant n RK says said yes? Madhu says ..not with me.. he is perfect for her..! Madhu asks to meet his fan .. RK turns …n is stunned to see Pabo ..!! RK rushes to her n hugs her..!

Precap —- RK says need to take blessings n Pabho says. no need.. he is like a tall building. .stand tall .. never bend.. thats my blessing! Madhu smiles..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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