Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 17th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 17th September 2013 Written Episode, Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 17th September 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Gayatri removing the pic stuck up on his chin .. Rahul tries to flirt with Gayatri .. But Gayatri is on a different tangent .. She thinks he was talking of his wife Pammi ….

Gayatri has got the offer of reciting her sher O shayari … At “Gudgudi mushaira “… ROFL what a name ..
Rahul promises to help her out with her practice ..

Rahul offers to do all the ironing for her to let his sweet heart do the practicing for her Shayari .. ..pyaar ke liya majnu kuchh bhi kartaa hai .. Main press karoonga …

Her mother Amrita offers to massage her head .. Press her head .. And Rahul presses the clothes .. So Gayatri is impressed with all the pressing .. ROFL ..

Rahil irons the clothes till late night and and gets so tired that he feels drowsy and falls asleep as he is ironing .. And burns Ranjit’s fav shirt …
Ranjit curses Rahul .. Being Pammi’s nikamma pati .. And had destroyed pammi’s life too …(.sumana agrees to this were they earning yaar I want to know )

Rahul asks God how to patao Gayatri .. Soon the lord gives him a brain wave .. He is thrilled .. And starts dreaming ….

Gayatri is practicing her shayari ..ROFL !l

Larki ne kaha larkey sey kay pyaar karna paap hai
Karjey ne kaha larki sey peechey tera baap hai ..

Faujdar family gets a guest ..Alakh manoranjan baba .. It is Rahul disguised as Baba .. He pretends to make all the bhavishya waani .. The faujdar family gets impressed …

Rahul pretends to be a gyani baba .. ..
He asks Gayatri’s hand .. For seeing her bhavishya …they invite him inside … for knowing the future …..every one in the family is curious to know their own futures .. Wish sumana could know hers too but not from Rahul though … LOls

Rahul disguised as Baba makes some hilarious blunders .. LOls ..
Then predicts Amrita would get the best Damaad in the world .. ..
Hegets a chance to take his revenge from Ranjit ..

Precap … Pammi is scared Kamini Faujdar would forget her rishtaa as she performed her duties as forest guard ..”. Duty per rishtey maatey bhool jati hai ..”.

Update Credit to: sumana13

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