Balika Vadhu 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 17th April 2013 Written Update

Anandi is sitting in Meenu’s room and taking care of her. Anandi falls asleep and Meenu is feeling cold. Something drops and Anandi wakes up. She sees that Meenu has a strong fever. As everyone is sleeping, she decides to do something on her own. She puts wet cloth on Meenu’s head.

It’s morning now and Anandi is still in Meenu’s room. Shiv’s mother comes and wakes her up. Anandi says, don’t know when i fell asleep. Shiv’s mother says that means you’re very tired.. go and rest. Anandi looks at Meenu and says, I am not that tired.. I will sit here. Shiv’s mother says, you think I won’t be able to take care of her, right? Anandi says, dont say like that. and then says I am responsible for this condition of Meenu.. until she doesn’t get fine.. I won’t be relaxed. Shiv’s mother says, because of you she celebrated Holi with us.. we were trying to do that since so many years.. and if there’s anyone’s fault, then it’s person’s who made colors. She asks her to smile now else she will scold her as mother-in-law. Anandi smiles and says, it’s not good to see elders working while we are available. Shiv’s mother says, I can’t say no when you talk like this.. if you need anything, then call me.

Sanchi is still having pain and decides to call Jagya. She tells him about her leg pain and says normally it doesn’t happen. Jagya tells her no need to worry.. it will take few days. He then asks how is everyone at her house. Sanchi wonders if he is talking about Anandi. She then gives news about Meenu and asks if he wants to do her treatment. Jagya says your family doctor is taking good care of her. Sanchi now says all this happened because of Anandi and she told Anandi that it was her fault. Jagya laughs and praises Anandi. he says if Anandi made Meenu play with colors, then she will take care of her until she gets fine. Sanchi asks Jagya if he can help her in exercise. Jagya says just dont stop walking. He has to go somewhere so hangs. After the call, Sanchi says to herself, this khaudus is not that khadus either. He is actually very sweet and I am sure he would never be able to see Anandi’s real intentions.

Group of people ask Mr. Singhania to send some application to collector as soon as possible and they ask for acknowledgement. Singhania says, I cant give you acknowledgement. Guys request them saying they would need something. Singhania shouts, but I don’t think it is required. Shiv listens that and tells Singhania this is required. Him and Shiv argue now. Shiv reminds him of his responsibilities. Singhania asks who are you to tell me all this, are you collector of this place or what? Shiv says, yes I am new collector of this place. Singhania now apologizes to shiv. Shiv goes to get work done for those people. Group of people thank Shiv.. shiv says, there’s no need to thank.. this is my work. Other workers introduce themselves to Shiv. Singhania comes and apologizes. Shiv says, I hope this mistake won’t repeat and shake hands with him.

After they leave, Shiv looks at Anandi’s photo and smiles.

Dadisa is searching a girl for Jagya. A lady shows her 13 years old girl, but Dadisa is not impressed. She says we don’t want to adapt.. there shouldnt be huge difference in age gap. Lady says, you’re saying that? who made basant marry with so younger girl than him. Dadisa says, everyone does mistake.. and now I realize my mistake. She then praises Anandi for making her realize this and asks lady to come back with new photos of girls who are of Jagya’s age.

Daddu and Sanchi are waiting for the dinner. Shiv comes and is looking for something. Sanchi tells him Anandi is in Meenu’s room. Daddu tells him to go and get her here.. she has forgotten to eat and take care of herself behind Meenu’s health.

Shiv comes to Meenu’s room. Meenu is sleeping so Shiv and Anandi talk silently. Shiv signals him to take dinner. Anandi signals, later. Shiv sees Anandi holding Meenu’s hand. Shiv puts his hand on Anandi’s shoulder. Both look at each other and screen freezes.

Voiceover: Missed.. will be added later

Precap: Jagya’s family like one girl. Lady says, but she is divorcee. Now Jagya’s family is thinking. Jagya comes and says, girl is nice but as she is divorcee.. you view changed. He reminds that he is also a divorcee.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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