Madhubala 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 17th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sikky is checking out the dishes.. n RK comes! He shouts BIWI .. Sikky shouts WIFE..! Both keep repeating.. and RK says.. Biwi meri Kheer kahan hai.. n Sikky says.. mera… n RK says. Muh ka Tala.. n Sikky repeats.. n then stops..! Radha and Madhu come! RK pulls Madhus hand n asks where is his Kheer? Dips brings it! RK says.. Biwi CHEF and Bhabhi Waiter? Mindblowing combo! Dips serves Kheer to RK..! Sikky asks her to serve him too but she doesnt..! RK says..the Kheer doesnt look like the one Madhu makes! RK tastes and says.. the smell is not the same either! RK says the taste is not the same either..! He asks if Madhu made it? Dips starts to answer.. n RK says..that item that his BIWI adds one spoonful from her heart is missing..! RK shows the burnt part of the Kheer and says this shows that its made by Dipali Bhabhi and tried to burn it deliberately to show Madhu in poor light..! Dips fumes! RK tells Dips not to dare again! RK tells Madhu to tell Dips off next time she tries to get smart.. RK says.. Panga na le..warna Danga ho jaega! Sikky says.. dare u RK…she is my wife n RK says..thats what he needs to remind his wife.. n asks Dips n she is quiet! RK tells that they will eat at the set and pulls Madhu along!

Radha asks Dips if she burnt it deliberately? Dips says..she was only helping Madhu! Regarding what RK said..he only tries to humiliate her everyday..! She says..she cant understand Rishbala..! Dips asks..why is Madhu staying here if she doesnt like? Radha says..when someone is binded from heart.. its difficult ! Radha says.. her family will worry if they knew what was happening here! Dips is shocked.. n Sikky says.. she doesnt know but he does that Madhu is staying here under fake pretext!

I do Ishq Only Tumse .. = Idiot ..Sikky asks Dips to feed her the burnt Kheer! Dips says.. interesting Maa doesnt know. .but she does..! Dips snaps her fingers..!

RK is driving with Madhu towards the set! RK says.. that climate is great.. hot weather.. hot sun and asks if he should cancel shoot and go for a date? RK asks Madhu to answer but she says..dont need to..! RK takes a random name..and Madhu stares..! Suiddenly the radio starts and Madhu asks RK to shut up and notices..its RK on it..who says that he likes a roothi hui Biwi coz she is cute…! He requests.. the jockey to play his Biwis fave song from her fave movie Mr. India – Hawa Hawai..! Madhu shuts the radio off! RK plays and Madhu shuts it off again..! RK starts it again n Madhu tries to put it off when RK holds her hand.. n then pinches her cheek n pulls at her arm.. lip synchs with the song .. n pulls her close.. n Madhu asks him to stop it n RK stops the car..!

RK gets down from the car in the middle of the street and pulls Madhu out..and moves her around ..dances around her.. people gather and start taking pics..! RK stands near the driver side of the car.. takes a rose from the onlooker and gives to Madhu by kneeling on one knee! Madhu fumes n goes inside the car.. RK takes a bow from all …n gets in the car n drives off! All clap..n wave to them! RK says..the song is long..! RK asks Madhu if the cheeries on Seema jis hat was real? Madhu fumes..! RK says..he was trying to cheer her up.. n MAdhu says..he likes her most when she fumes n RK says. .no ..he likes her most when she fights with him …lik jungli billi. n not when she pouts like Kaddu Kumari..! RK asks Madhu why she is upset? Coz of handcuffs? He promises.. he wont put it on her ever again. .n then caresses her face.. Madhu looks at him.. n then removes his hand from her face..!

Part 2

RK says Madhu is most angry coz Dips made the Kheer n burnt it? RK says she knows him well that he has no connection with Dips..! RK asks Madhu to say once.. n then Sikky-Dips will be out of the house but they are good jokers in the circus..! Madhu says..its so easy for throw people out.. first his mom ..whom he threw out without knowing her grief.. n then Madhu …kicking her out..after taking revenge n now Sikky-Dips.. PERFECT! RK says..if Madhu wants.. he will forgive Dips.. but he does not have her heart..! Madhu asks RK not to do things that he is not.. coz he has only 100 words… Ego Revenge and rest 98 are RK RK RK … n only RK ..! RK says..she has.. three words.. to forgive.. to forget .. n to move on.. does she know the meaning? RK says.. Madhu has taught him to forget past ..n move on ..! RK says.. that Madhu taught him that no one was at fault for his dads death.. n he moved on. . n then his mom.. whom he made peace with… he moved on .. n now that he wants..that Madhu forget everything n move on? Why things canno be like past?? Why cant she forgive him? Madhu stares at RK..!

Part 3

Part 3

RK asks MAdhu to forget all things.. so they can start their life afresh..! He says they can wipe off that night from their life.! RK – Madhu eyelock! BG- Tera ishq hi ..! Suddenly Madhu notices.. Sultan standing in the middle of the road n screams RK ..! RK applies the brakes.. n car comes to halt..! Rishbala are stunned to see Sultan..!

Precap —- RK pulls Madhu to the car n says.. Chalo Biwi ..! Sultan points the gun at RK n says.. Hath chodo…uska RK! RK smirks.. n Madhu is surprised n says.. SULTAN? ..

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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