Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th April 2013 Written Update

Episode Starts…

Unknow tapping on Gopi car window wanting for her help.. Gopi open the door or she sit in the car.. Goons are following the girl the saw one Gopi car one of them come n check the car but Gopi n girl both hide behind the car.. goon tell their fellows thats no one is their.. gopi n that girl were go n hide behind tree…

Koki come with Meera n ask abt Gopi to Hetal.. Hetal said that she went Mandir now she will come soon.. Rashi come upstairs Koki ask her to call Gopi.. Rashi try but no one picking the phone.. Koki got worried..

On Road..

Goons search both of them here n there n then driver come n said to them wht happen?? Why they hide?? Then goon see that girl back n shouts.. Driver come to defend them but goons beaten him badly.. Gopi n that girl both running on road.. Or driver got faints on road near car…

In RN..

Urmi get call from canada.. They want to see Urmu house before marriage.. The lady who call from canada said their daughter are used to living in lavish hous AC is their house have AC cause their wont live without.. Urmi replies her that she also have a class or they should come n see her palace.. then lady said first they saw her house then she bring them in canada for visiting their house.. Urmi get super happy on hear that.. Futher she got worried where she from get palace kinda house..

In MM…
Koko try to call driver but he wont pick his phone then Rashi try Gopi’s number but she also wont pick.. Baa praying to Kahanji to save her Gopi bahu.. Hetal said its getting very late to got Gopi out can we dont ask to Ahem abt that.. Koki stop her for telling Ahem..

On Road..

Gopi n that girl both running on road then girl got faints..goons also following them then Gopi stop one tampo n put girl in it n brought her hospital.. She went hospital n request to Dcotor for starting her treatment.. Dcotor said is that cause of bashing first we should inform cops then we starts her treatment..

In MM..

Rashi said when dont Gopi away the house.. Ahem got pissed off Koki said she how could she said this to her sister she even dont know her that she never wont do this.. Ahem gets angry hence Gopi out had got so much time dont any one feel need to inform me.. Baa pacify him that they thought she just went to mandir might she come soon.. Ahem pissing in anger.. Then Ahem tried driver number but no response.. Then he tired Gopi number then after few rings one unknow man picked.. Ahem ask him abt Gopi so he replies that see listen phone ring in empty car so he picked.. Ahem shocked to hear empty car.. then futher he ask both driver so he said he faints on road and no one near him.. Ahem found from the actual location n cut the call.. Ahem tells every one that Gopi is missing and driver faints on road.. Jigar infrom to police but Ahem said that he wont have wait till police come he himself found out her… Koki stop him n said she herself also come with him cause today whtever happen with Gopi just bcoz of her.. If rather any thing happen with her then i never forgive my self..she had tears Ahem huged her n say dont say like this he will go n find her bahu all save.. But insist to come then Jigar said he will go with bhai she stay at home.. Koki agreed n both leave..

In Hospital

Gopi talking with nurse who taken some signature from her then goons come n show fake cops card to nurse Gopi saw then n run towards that girl.. She found why the want to killed her.. Their are has in laws who wonna killed her cause they want more goods from her parents.. Gopi then resure her that nothing wont happen with her.. Then nurse come along goons but till both go vanish from the room n hide behind wall.. Gopi push her on wheelchair n brought her in other room.. She try to call Ahem but his phone got busy constantly..


Goons check that girl nerves n said that she dead now.. Gopi hide under bed.. Goons then said this is dead now where other girl we have to kill her aswell..

Update Credit to: Gina

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