Balika Vadhu 12th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 12th June 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 12th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar Haveli
anandi is shocked to see such behaviour of sanchi. She tries to make sanchi calm down, but sanchi is unnerved. Ganga asks to apologize. She goes to further insult her, that she’s trying to become a nurse and stand with jagiya, in his work, and doesnt even know the basic manners. sanchi says that she might be changing clothes, or needs privacy, which she so shamelessly ignored. Anandi asks her to stop talking, while ganga runs away from there. Sanchi says that she as it is shouldnt expect this. anandi asks why she had to be so rude. sanchi says that she just protected her privacy, and she wont tolerate if anyone interfered in that. She goes to sleep.

Anandi goes to ganga’s room and finding her crying, wipes her tears. anandi says that she understands what she must have felt and apologizes on sanchi’s behalf. Ganga asks her not to, as it was her fault. Anandi says that she’s very mature, and shouldnt doubt herself, for sanchi who’s known to be immature, as she’s the pampered girl in the family, and doesnt realise what all she is saying, when angry. ganga says that she wont give another chance for sanchi to be mad at. Asking her to sleep, anandi begins to go, but ganga holds her back, and says that how two families should be kept together, anandi knows it very well. to take care of everyone’s happiness, and it isnt at all difficult for her. Ganga says that she learns many things from her, everytime she meest her, as anandi’s the best teacher. ananadi smiles, and asks her to go sleep. Anandi leaves from there.

Anandi says that they have made breakfast

anandi says that she would go to the sarpanch also, to find out how far the colleger has progressed

dadisa asks ganga

Sanchi says that she just needs to go to the hospital

Sanchi says that she cant wait

Ganga says that she too is ready.

dadisa asks them to go together, as ganga wont be able to sit in peace, as she’s her student, and once she becomes a nurse then she would have to work under him only. Dadisa asks makhan to go and leave the girls to the hospital. sanchi takes the tiffin and leaves in haste. anandi asks ganga to go and she would handle the kitchen. dadisa too asks her to go. Dadisa asks anandi to call sumitra, so that she can come by the same car, on the return trip.

Scene 2:
location: Udaipur haveli
Shiv is very hassled not being able to find his clothes, properly, as it was all handled by anandi only. He looks into anandi’s cupboard also, but doesnt find it there.

Shiv calls up anandi and explains his dilemma, at which she starts laughing. Gehna too is amused hearing this. Shiv says that he isnt dumb, but this is due to her, as he’s so habituated to her, that his mind stops working when she’s not around. anandi looks at

Its good that he remebered her. shiv reminds her that he remembers her endlessly. Anandi hesitatingly says that shew ould talk later, as gehna too is there. shiv asks if she cant talk when gehna’s around. Anandi asks shiv to hurry for the office. Finally shiv agrees to go, but before that he asks her to say, I LOVE YOU. But anandi is hesitant, while shiv keeps teasing her. Ananadi says that she’s keeping the phone.

Gehna says that she has closed her ears, and she can say what anandi wants to. Shiv asks her to say it now. Anandi says, and gehna is amused and asks her if she can take off her hand

gehna says that she may have covered her ears, but she heard what she told her. Anandi is flustered.

Scene 3:
Location: Jaitsar Hospital
The nurse tells them that jagiya had to be given a drip again, for weakness. sanchi and ganga hear this. Ganga is surfing through the medicines. In the hospital, while sanchi holds jagiya’s hands, ganga is unsettled but doesnt say anything. She notices that the glucose has stopped flowing in the IV vein. sanchi too is tensed. As ganga begins to attend, sanchi asks her to go and call the doctor. Ganga says that she would be able to manage, and nobody needs to be called. sanchi says that she shouldnt even think about doing anything, and she herself would call the doctor, if she doesnt go. sanchi asks her not to touch anything. When sanchi leaves,

lal singh comes to se that everything is fine. saanchi asks who corrected this

lal says that she may not be a nurse but is under training. And she did it like a thorough professsional, and has learnt much in a short duration of time, and soon would get a chance to serve this hospital as an efficient nurse.

Scene 4:
Location: Udaipur haveli
Choti maa tries the same trick with shiv as she learnt last night, by mixing up the vegetable names, but shiv doesnt fall for it this time. When dadaji asks what was that about, she tells him the whole trick. Dadaji says that he’s at peace as he must have talked to anandi now. Alok asks if sanchi is alright. shiv says that she’s fine and went to the hospital. Choti maa asks alok if he talked to ira about what happened with sanchi at the social. Alok says that he kees talking to ira, but hasnt yet been able to bring that topic up, and doesnt know how to bring it up. Shiv too says that he would have to say, as this cant be hidden forever. Dadaji agrees and says that they shouldnt hide this for to long from Ira, as she’s her mother after all. Choti maa says that they should call sanchi and anandi before she comes, as she would feel bad when she hears and would want to see sanchi when she comes, and would feel bad if she isnt able to. shiv says that there’s still some time in ira to come, and he would get sanchi and anandi in the next couple of days. Alok decides to tell her, the next time he calls her. He is shocked, when he finds ira back from her trip, and asking him what is it that he needs to tell her. they are all surprised to see Ira. The screen freezes on Ira’s face.

Underlying message: Sometimes, when things are hidden for long, and then disclosed, they tend to create a feeling of distrust, leading to further confusions and misunderstandings.

Precap: Ira opens the door to find a couple, who identifies themselves as Sunny’s parents. They tell what happend, begging for forgiveness on her part, for sunny and his friends and to withdraw the case against their child and ira is very hurt, and shocked too, when she hears the attempt to rape case

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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