Dil Dosti Dance 12th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 12th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 12th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Taani in the cabin asking about the disqualification of St.Louis team.The person says that he cannot.Taani asks are the results rigged.He tells who is she to question her.She says the representative of a hardworking team.the person says that so you are college representative.He says you cant do anything.Taani says that there is lot of technology.The person asks is he blackmailing them.Taani says she is just telling them.Taani says there are technology.She has media,press.The person asks will anyone allow her to stand in front of them.Taani says Yes,as he allowed her with the recommendation of Mr.Rishi Shekhawat.

The team is in the rehearsal hall thinking about what happened.They have an imaginary dance performance.Swayam is tensed a lot when his father calls him up.Sharon sees and notices he will get tensed and cuts her call.The phone again beeps and Sharon is about to chuk it when Swayam asks her what is she doing.He sees his dad calling and picks up.His dad starts with his usual rant of scolding asking why does his take so long to pick up and blames him.He says cause of him Taani is suffering.She has to face failure and so on.Sharon hears this and says you just can’t always blame Swayam for everything.Swayam tries getting the phone from her but shows her hand and stops.His dad tells her to give phone to Swayam but she says she needs to speak. He says does she not have manners.Sharon replies him back that he never listens to something thats with manners.Swayam does not tell him anything cause he is elder and Taani stays silent too.Rishi says Taani does not hestitate to ask anything.Infact she has gone alone to speak with NDC officials.Swayam asks Rey to help but nothing stops Sharon.Sharon tells its the duty of Tani and equally her failure and mistake to as that of the team and cuts of the phone.

She gives the phone blankly to Swayam.Swayam asks why did she do such a drama and Sharon asks drama.The two have an eye to eye speech.Simmi says will they fill up with speeach they can go to canteen and have something.The team moves.While getting up Rey holds Swayam and takes him to an end of the atriumSwayam asks what is it Rey.Rey says have you gone mad.Swayam asks Rey to speak directly as he is not able to understand.Rey says Sharon is fighting with your dad,Swayam asks so what can I do.Rey says she is supporting you in front of all Swayam says so what can I do and this continues with few more queries.Rey says cant you see what is she doing for you.Rey says She is doing so much without saying and you are behaving like a stranger.You are the one who taught me how to stay positive then why are you so negative.Why are getting like a male from becoming “Khuddar se leke Khud gard”.Stop being so emotional and shows her to Swayam.

Sharon is walking in the corridor when Simmi stops her and asks her whats happening.Sharon replies I was walking and why you stopped me.Simmin asks her why is she openly supporting swayam.Sharon tells so what with it.Simmi asks to the Sharon Rai Prakash it does not mean anything that she is openly telling her feelings to all.Sharon says what feeling.Sharon says she would have done this to any of the team members.Simmi says that she is majorly interesed in Swayam.Sharon tells she does not like Swayam going into his shell and blaming himself.

Both Simmi and Sharon continue to speak with each other when Sharon decides to bring back Jashn.Simmi asks how will that happen.Sharon says she will speak with them.

Precap:Sharon is Swayam’s house.She shows Swayam the reports but Swayam does not agree to Dance.Rishi comes and mocks.Sharon asks him about it and Rishi asks back what are you to Swayam.Whats the relation

Update Credit to: asmaju

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