Crazy Stupid Ishq 12th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 12th June 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 12th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

The episode starts with Pampi apologising for her mistake, but Tullu shouts back on her saying he doesn’t need her help. Miral is very happy seeing the both fighting. She calls Tullu’s mom to give her good news.

Tullu is tensed because his boss’s deadline. Pampi comes to apologise again and again Tullu shouts on her to leave the room. Pampi asks for one more chance and tells him to please give her one more chance to act maturely like adults.

Seeing her puppy face Tullu forgives her, and tells her to not do anything , its ok but Pampi tells him that she will have to proper things she spoilt.

There Shardaab Aalam is pissed off because of Pampi as his important phrases got drained in the sea because of her. He throws things here and there. & there come Tullu and Pampi , he opens the door and shuts it back on their face. They again ring the bell and this time Shardaab scares them nd shoo’s them off.

Tullu and Pampi decide to stay back and remove a morcha! They tell him that they won’t leave the place without talking to him. He leaves from there and while returning back he watches a group a students along with Tullu and Pampi chanting the same song sung by Shardaab. He is shocked about it but again gets back into the house.

Its almost night and the students along with Tullu and Pampi keep singing his song, this melts Shardaab and he forgives both of them.

He talks to them and Tullu is shcoked to know that Shardaab has planned to quit singing forever. Tullu tells him to not do so as he is still in demand. Shardaab tells that he has lost interest in singing, he cannot create the same magic again ever. Pampi understands his feelings and asks him who the girl was, who ditched him.

Shardaab gets shocked to know this and tells how did she know about it. She chants one on his old quote and asks him about it. He tells her that he has forgotten both of them but they shouldn’t accept anything else from him, he won’t sing for Tullu’s company.

Tullu and Pampi decide to solve Shardaab’s breakup with popular actress Shahgufta Khan. At first Tullu protests but then later on Pampi’s wish they both try to do the most difficult job of their life. Shahgufta Khan is famous for her anger in the whole film industry and Tullu-Pampi are ready to face the consequences.

Part 2:

Tullu’s mom gets a 12th call from Miral to confirm about Tullu-Pampi’s arrival. She tells her to concentrate on their engagement rather than anyone else.
Both of them arrive, and Tullu’s mom decides to take care of both of them by herself. She tells Pampi to help her in planning Tullu’s engagement, poor Pampi is not aware of what she is doing and readily accepts it. Tullu’s mom tells her to not inform Tullu about it. She thinks this way Pampi won’t get time for Tullu and they will get separated.

Pampi is all set to go out with Tullu, but is stopped by his mother just for the name of shopping for engagement. Tullu tells her to lets leave as they have to meet the actress for Shardaab sir, but she makes an excuse saying she has got a new job and she will tell him about it later.
Tullu leaves alone.

Part 3:

Tullu arrives at the shooting area but is not allowed to get in since the shooting is still going on.
There Pampi is selecting flowers for him, but is not understanding which ones to.
They both call each other and meet up, Tullu tells her that he can’t do anything without her whereas Pampi tells him the same.
With Pampi’s idea they both directly go to meet Shahgufta at her place, the watchman doesn’t allow them to enter in, but soon Shahgufta’s assistant assumes Pampi to be a magazine reporter and tells them that they have 20 mins for the interview with the actress. Tullu is extremely nervous getting into the actress’s house without permission, where Pampi is just adoring her house..

Pampi asks the actress about her love for Sufi music shocking Tullu, the actress tells that she likes it, and Pampi replies by saying that she is lying, she loves sufi music and sufi singer Shardaab Aalam till now.

Update Credit to: Jyoti

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