Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 13th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Bakula’s Fair ‘Will’ distribution surprises Family

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 13th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaam Saab tells that his daughter wants justice else he will not leave anybody. Rekha says that someone died in their family and they are mourning. Bindu asks what about her desires. Jaam Saab tells that Mohit got married to someone, Bakula Behen died else I would have given a good answer for his actions. Mohit tells Rekha that he has no option, and says Jaam Saab’s arrogant daughter is asking rights. He shows the video in which Jaam Saab shares his plan with Rekha to trap Mohit. Jaam Saab tells that Rekha asked him to do and he agreed. Madhuri asks what did you do? Mohit says I was silent as we were bidding bye to Bua’s body. He tells Bindu that which girl makes such video viral. He tells Panch that his mum is also involved with Jaam Saab to get him married to Bindu and is the mastermind.

Panch scolds Jaam Saab and Rekha and tells that he hopes Mohit stay happy life with Dabbu. He legalize their marriage and asks Rekha family to settle down their money. Jaam saab asks Rekha to return his jewellery and 20 lakhs rs. Vinay gives jewellery and tells that the money is spent. Jaam Saab says how? He says he needs his money. Panch gives them sometime to return the money. Rekha asks Jaam Saab to tell some way rather than asking money. Jaam Saab says he needs money. Vinay says he will give the interest. Jaam Saab says he needs just his money and goes. Rekha asks from where did we get money. Vinay says he will handle.

Narad says what will happen now. Shiv ji asks him not to worry about Rekha and Vinay and asks about Bakula. Narad and Yamraj asks Kanha ji to meet Bakula once and give her answers. Kanha ji tells that she is angry and will not understand me. Narad says if you analyze her anger and give her chance to go back on earth. Yamraj says his BP is getting increased. Kanha ji says Bakula will become Bhoot surely.

Vinay calls someone and tells that there will be no Vidhis for Bakula. Mohit asks what you are saying. Rekha asks him not to get angry. Chandu says if anything happens to you then arthi is ready. Madhuri asks him to go and return the arthi, and get the refund. Vinay says nobody will get heart attack as Bakula went and now I can live peacefully with Rekha. He stops Rupal from hanging Bakula’s pic on the wall. Mohit asks why you have so much hatred for Bua? What wrong did she do? Vinay tells that Bakula leased the diary to Nana Bhai for royalty. Mohit says she did right, if it was in your hand, it would have gone by now. Vinay tells that she had spent lots of money on her and kept in jewellery. Madhuri also tells that she was a miser.

Rekha tells that Bakula told Munna how to open the locker. Vinay says we have to return the money to Jaam Saab and have to open the locker. Mohit says I didn’t ask you to sell me. Rekha emotionally blackmails him and says it would have been good if she had died inplace of Bakula. Rekha says where is Munna. Mohit says he is sitting in temple since yesterday and praying that she gets place in heaven.

Lawyer comes. Vinay asks him to open the will and tell if Bakula did something good after death. Yamraj asks Bakula what she is thinking? She says she is searching for the way to reach Krishna. Yamraj says Kanhaiyya asked me to give you whatever you asks for and asks if she wants purn janam. Bakula shouts and says she don’t want any relations now. Niyati Devi comes there and tells if her wish is not fulfilled then she can get it fulfilled after death. She asks her to take bhoot awastha. She says she don’t want to become bhoot.

Narad comes and tells that there is many facilities after you become ghost. Bakula says I know everything, I can go to America in one go. Yamraj asks if she wants to take birth in America. Bakula says she knows America and English also little bit, but she enjoys her city. Yamraj says you will take birth as America. Bakula gets happy and says she will have to wear bikini now and says she is gujrati and don’t want that.

Niyati Devi tells that she can get bhoot awastha and meet someone and talk and can visible too once in a day. Bakula says she is ready to become bhoot and asks Niyati who will be that person. Niyati goes. Yamraj says conditions apply, her work is to give offer. Bakula thinks she needs someone who can carry forward her legacy and says whoever have lied be careful as Bakula Bua’s bhoot is coming.

Lawyer asks why you are looking at me like this. Madhuri says we have seen lawyer for first time. Chandu is about to get up as lawyer says he don’t want kids to stay there. Vinay says you are 3 kids’ father and asks him to sit. Rekha and Vinay talks romantically. Shyam says if Bua leaves something for him then he don’t want and asks them to give to Rupal. Rupal says she don’t want. Mohit asks them to stop it. Dabbu reminds them that Bua died recently. Rekha calls her another Bua and asks her not to scold them. Bakula gets ready to go on earth as bhoot. Yamraj says she is an interesting aatma and says he will miss her. Bakula asks him to meet her if he takes to take anyone’s life. She says if she had phone now then she would have taken selfie. She says my own brother ditched me, and says you stood with me like a true brother. Yamraj gets emotional. Bakula ties Rakhi to him.

Lawyer asks for knife and cuts the ‘will’ envelope. He reads the will in which Bakula asked them to celebrate Bakula Divas n her 13th death day and asks all women of the house to wear clothes like her and all men to dressed as Kanha ji. Mohit says he will fulfill her wish.

Lawyer reads that she is giving rights on the Kanha ji idol to everyone. He reads that she has 32 lakhs jewellery in the locker which she got saved for emergency will be given to Vinay. Vinay gets happy and says his fake love is advantageous and says he will break the locker. Lawyer says it is not allowed to break and it opens with number 1 lock. Lawyer says she has 6 more necklaces, among which she wants to give 2 to Madhuri, Rupal and Rekha. Rekha gets happy. Lawyer says Rekha has to give those necklace to Mohit’s wife. He says nobody can sell that jewellery. He says the 2 lakhs Rs. which they get from Nana Bhai as royalty will be given to Rekha. Rekha gets happy and says her wish is fulfilled.

Bakula writes in her ‘will’ asking Rekha not to steal 100-200 now. Madhuri says we got set and it is enough. Bakula writes for Mohit is understanding and gives him responsibility to keep the family united. She names the house on Chandu’s name. Vinay asks lawyer to check name properly. Bakula writes that Chandu is innocent and she don’t want kids to grow up and kick him out. Chandu tells Madhuri that Bua gave house to them and nobody can kick them out. Mohit appreciates her will. Bakula writes that she gave responsibility to him as nobody is take responsibility willingly. Vinay says now he will sell the jewellery and pay Jaam Saab and will not let jaam Saab taunt Rekha.

Other yamraj brings wrong man. Man says injustice had happened to me and says my time was not came, but you killed me. Niyati Devi says your death was written after 10 years and asks him not to leave yamraj. Bakula asks yamraj to say and asks Niyati to keep quiet. Yamraj says I accept mistake of our staff and says I will send you back. Niyati Devi says his body is cremated. Man gets shocked and insists to go back. Bakula asks Yamraj to bring Vinay once. Yamraj refuses.
Vinay tells Rekha that he has two tijori in hand now. He tells that one side is locker and other side is locker of your beauty. He says he wants to surprise her and gives her keys of Bakula.
Yamraj gives offer to man which he refuses. He tells that he had two wives who used to live like a sisters. He says he was about to eat the food made by his two wives when his soul was taken away. Niyati Devi asks him to complain to Mahadev. Man says Om Namashiva.

Chandu comes and tells Vinay that he heard about the paheli from Munna. Chandu tries to solve the puzzle. Vinay asks him to go out and solve. He tells Rekha that they shall lock the room as everyone knows the puzzle. Rekha says nobody will steal. Vinay says for safety. She agrees. He praises her saying, locker and she are looking judwa. Rekha gets flattered.

Yamraj, Narad and Niyati devi wish happy birthday to Shiv ji. He asks about their clothes. Narad tells about their fancy clothes. Later Bakula meets a woman on earth and asks if she can see her. Woman says she is her Dadi. Later Bakula comes home with Dadi. Chandu asks Mohit to see and says Bua is coming. Bakula gets happy and thinks they could see her.

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