Mahakaali 13th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahakaali 13th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shiv says there is a relation between time and promise. You have to fulfill it.
Daruka says to parvati i am sorry my whole life is complete now. Parvati says what do you want? She says your blessings. I want to serve you with my hands. Come to my house you have to. If you dont come i will kill myself. Parvato says your wish will come true. She says i want to serve you.
Lakshmi says you cant go there. Parvati says i saw truth in her eyes. She only asked for all good things. Vishnu says i agree with her. Vishnu says you have to decide in the end.
Shiv comes there. He says belief is the true power. If calling in full of truthfulness God should do it. Whatever you decide I will stand by you. She says I will go to meet her. Lakshmi says but.. Shiv says she has learned from her experience. She should go there is she wants.

Daru says why are you so happy? Darukah says Parvati will come here to accept arti. I am so happy. He says will you do what I say? She says of course. He says because of your prayers Parvati is coming here. You have to ask him something. She says what? He says Shumbh and Nishumbh will tell you that. She is dazed. Nishumbh comes in. Shumbh says ask her to pay you for your prayers. Don’t forget you are one of us. She says I didn’t get you? He says ask her to make you devi of here. That you rule this place.

Parvati and Shiv are walking outside. She says I have been to someone’s place like this. I don’t know what to do there. He says don’t worry. Listen to your heart. Be careful when you take a decision. Don’t run from problem. She nods.

Scene 2
Parvati comes to Darukha’s place. She sits in her feet. Parvati says you are my guest. What happened? Darukah says nothing. I was planning so much now I am all blank. Parvati says is everything okay? She says meet my husband. Daru says we are blessed to meet you. Parvati sees her kalima’s face there. She sits there.
Shumbh says we are gonna be successful.
Daruka does Parvati’s arti. Parvati says ask what you want.
Daruka says this place is rotting. That is why.. Parvati says just that? She greens up the place with her power. Everything is alight.
Parvati sees shumbh and ashumbh. Shiv says face this problem Parvati. Don’t run from there.

Nandi says to shiv mata is not back. Let me go and look for her. Shiv says no not this time. She will do it herself.
Parvati stands up. She says i have to go. Daru says you can’t leave right not. Paravati says you have no right to stop me. SHe wals outside. Daru says all I am saying is that DAruka hasn’t asked for what she wants. She wish is to rule this place. Ask for it Daruka. Darukah is silent.
Darukah says I.. I want to be devi on this place. To rule this place. No one should be beat me in this place. Everything should be in my control. Parvati says thats not possible. Although I promised you hence, I make you devi of this place. And nothing can go against you here. I gave you this for your prayers but you asked for your husband, They day this marriage breaks, this privileged will be taken from you too. Parvati says I should leave now. She is walking out. Daru says why are you so hasty? You just made her devi. Whatever happens here will be with her will. Parvati says y9ou can’t rule her with your words.
Shumbh and Ashumbh are coming there. Parvati says should I go DArukha? She is silent.

Shumbh and Ashumbh come there. They say where is parvati? Daru says she let her go. Darukha says I couldn’t do this. She gave me this power.

Shiv says I told you not to go leave the situation parvati. She says I didn’t want to be MahaKali there. Her intentions were clear but her husband’s weren’t. shiv says you shouldn’t have gone from there.
Ashumbh says she left because of her. Daru says call her back here. Shumbh says she won’t come here. Now she knows the intention. Shumbh says I have another solution. We can go there. DArukh says whats in your mind? He says I want to reach Kelash once. We will take their Kelash from us.

Parvati says I felt like someone called me. Shiv says your life’s mission did. Nandi comes and says Darukhah wan is all here. Shiv says you have to protect yourself because Parvati has decided that she won’t become Mahakali. You have to protect Kelash says please think about it mata.
Shumbh and Ashumbh reach Kelash. She says we shouldn’t do this. Nandi stops them. They capture NAndi and his men.

Parvati comes there. Darukah says please stop devi. Dont come here. Parvati says I am not scared of anything. I am entering the place ruled by you. You pray to me. I hope you know whats right and whats wrong. she says I can’t go against my husband.
Shumbh and Nishumb come there. Nishumbh says you won’t ever go back to Kelash. Parvati says stop this Daruka. DAruk says don’t do that otherwise I will leave you. Darukah says please become mahakali. Only then you can stop all they. Shumbh and Ashumbh come near her.

Precap-Nishumb says today you will die Paravati.
Parvati becomes Mahakali.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. as usual the lil convo between shiv-parvati was meaningful . i liked daruka’s character a lot , she is a very great devotee of parvati even though she is a demon’s wife , so sweet . i felt sad when shumb-nishumb told her to ask their boon , she is forced to do this. again they ended the epi without showing the imp scene of parvati becoming mahakali . eagerly waiting for saturday

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