DBO Reprised Once Again Chapter 2

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Gauri knocked on the door of the PG room which Naina said she can leave in. A good looking girl opened it.
For one time gauri felt she is in some wrong address. When the girl spoke
” hi you are going to stay with me in this PG. I’m soumya I was informed about it. Come in “. Gauri went in.
Soumya : what is ur name?
Gauri smiled and replied “gauri kumari sharma “.
Soumya : nice to meet you gauri. There is only one room in the PG we have to share the bed and I have left a empty place for you to keep ur things. Since today is our first day and it is night as well I have ordered our food from outside. Tomorrow onwards we should cook by ourselves.
Soumya said this in one breath.
Gauri : fine I will do that. I will cook at morning and night.
Soumya : afternoon I will take care and I will clean the house as well. U go keep ur luggage in  and unpack ur things.
Gauri went towards the room and was unpacking her things when she heard soumya’s voice calling for the dinner.
Gauri found soumya had ordered pizza which she used to see in advertisements but never tasted it.
Soumya found gauri starting at the pizza unusually.
Soumya : gauri you never had pizza before or you don’t like it. Sorry I should have asked u before ordering but you had not reached and if you was too late then getting food late was not easy so I ordered without thinking.
Gauri : it’s OK. I never tasted pizza anytime but everyone has their first. So let me taste.
Gauri took a seat next to soumya and started eating the pizza.
Soumya : how is the pizza?
Gauri : not bad but it lacks the touch of India.
Soumya : Ho tho hai nothing can match India. Gauri where are you from?  I’m from Delhi.
Gauri : I’m from barilley. I have come to work here.
Soumya : I’m till studying even I have to work I should find a part time job.
Gauri : can we work and study both.

A unknown desire came to gauri she always wanted to study but circumstances never let. Can she do that but her mother’s treatment.
Soumya : off course who said you can’t?  It would be good ur study will increase your qualifications. How much did you study gauri?
Gauri : I have studied till ninth standard. After ninth mom was not healthy I joined her business.
Gauri became sad thinking of the old times she was forced to work at such a young age.
Soumya saw the sadness in gauri’s eyes she could not take away completely but can at least lessen it.
Soumya : gauri have you completed ur ninth or left it in middle.
Gauri : I have completed my ninth completely I got first rank in my school.
Soumya : u have the certificates of it?
Gauri : yes.
Soumya : gauri I will get you registered in evening coaching center and by the end of this year u can give ur tenth exams and u can you study further till ur 12th there and join any college what say?
Gauri : but for time being I don’t have enough money to register to the coaching classes.
Soumya : you don’t pay so much and u will pay the money only end of the month. That time u may get ur job salary. By the way gauri I can help you getting job if you want?
Gauri : it’s OK your doing so much for me let me search job myself. U just help me in registering .
Soumya : as a friend can’t I help you don’t you consider me ur friend at all.
Gauri was surprised did soumya mention her as a friend she thought soumya was having sympathy for her but friendship. Gauri was happy her first friend in this stranger city.
Gauri : off course.
Soumya : it’s too late I have college tomorrow come I will help you unpack ur things and then we will sleep.

It was morning gauri woke up and found soumya sleeping.
Gauri woke up soumya. Soumya woke in sleepy eyes.
Soumya : what happened gauri why did you wake so early?
Gauri : it’s five clock it’s not early. Get u have college.
Soumya : oh god gauri in Mumbai it’s really very early. My college is at ten clock since I have to register you in ur coaching classes we will leave PG at Eight clock. So we will get up seven or six Now sleep.
Soumyaoh god gauri in Mumbai it’s really very early. My college is at ten clock since I have to register you in ur coaching classes we will leave PG at Eight clock. So we will get up seven or six Now sleep.
Soumya went to sleep. Gauri also slept off as she was tried because of yesterday’s travelling things.
Soumya and gauri woke up because of soumya’s alarm ringing.
Soumya offed the alarm and turned towards gauri.
Soumya : so it’s time to get up in Mumbai and seven clock is early in Mumbai.
Gauri and soumya Freshen up. Gauri went towards the kitchen to prepare something and did not find grocery at all.
Soumya took the newspaper and started reading it. Gauri came to soumya worried.
Gauri : soumya there is no grocery in kitchen to prepare food.
Soumya : oh I forgot to get. It’s OK anyway we are going out we will have something today while coming I will bring all kitchen needed items. Let’s leave.
Gauri and soumya left the PG. They had junk food. Soumya found a foodie in gauri.
Soumya took gauri to coaching center and admitted her there and they said her to join her from tomorrow. Soumya had to leave for college. She went leaving gauri and gave her other key of the PG room.
Gauri started searching for job but she did not know how to search a job in Mumbai. She was roaming around when she found a man telling he needs some person for job. Gauri went towards the man and said she wanted to do the job.
Man : I could have given you the job but the person required only man.
Gauri was disappointed and was walking away when the same man called her back.
Man : look you can still get the job if you pretend like a man. You don’t worry about ur look I will make it as man. U will get a handful money.
Gauri did not want to say yes but she had to study and take care of her mother’s treatment.
Gauri : fine.
Man : follow me.
Gauri followed the man and went to a building. The man took her to a makeup artist and asked him something.

Gauri was made to sit in the chair and  she was applied makeup and a wig and finally they gave her a men’s cloth. Gauri was surprised look herself like a man in the mirror.  makeup can do wonders? .
The man gave gauri address of some house and said her to meet someone called sultana.
Gauri was given some advance money from the man.
Gauri took a auto and reached the address to reach some palace. Gauri asked the auto driver to check the address but it came positive. She went to the watchman.
Gauri : bhaiya I want to meet sultana.
Watchman : sveltana ma’am you mean. Wait a second  .
The watchman called some number and gauri was let in.
Watchman : tell your name we should enter.
Gauri : GA chulbul.
Watchman : chulbul right ?.
Gauri nodded thankfully. She was stupid how could she tell her real name. She went inside the house.

Soumya was going towards the class when rudra came towards her.
Rudra : hi sumo. Ur new PG is good right?. U need any help. U are having money to pay right?
Soumya rolled her eyes angrily at rudra.
Soumya : rudra I can manage. Please stop caring. I don’t need ur money.
Soumya went inside the classroom.
Rudra was angry at soumya. He just wanted to help her out but this lady full of attitude. He left towards canteen.

Precap : omkara meets gauri as chulbul. Soumya finally gives rudra peace of mind.

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