Badi Devrani 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Badi Devrani 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manisha shows Kajal pictures..Manisha sees and tells what Hair dye is doing here,,Kajal tells May be Reeti is using because she has many problems..Manisha tells she feel sorry for Vibhor..Kajal tells that Vibhor is good looking golden hair..While Reeti do hair die..Prabha listens all and cries,,,Next Morning Indira asks Sitaram what is the date for Marriage??Sitaram tells two dates..
Sitaram call Vibhor’s Daadaji and tells that there are Two dates for Marriage First After Seven days and Second after Two months.. Daadijii talks to Sitaram tells that they will do marriage after seven days,,Daadiji tells to start the wedding celebrations..Daadaji tells that Marriage is in hurry ..Sitaram tells Indira to start the celebrations,,Indira gets upset,,Sitaram asks What happened??Indira tells that after Seven days Reeti will be go..Sitaram hugs Indira…Vibhor sits..Prabha sees and goes..Prabha puts hair on Vibhor’s hair..Prabha tells her son is suffering alot by agreeing for marriage..Sitaram tells Indira he is going for order of Invitation cards..Divya asks Sitaram is all Reeti’s choice??Sitaram ignores and goes..Indira sits Reeti comes and sits..Indira tells to select the Saree’s..Reeti asks what happened??As first time she is leaving alone..Indira chooses the Saree and tells all the Saree will look good..Mother tells to keep all the Saree,,Reeti tells what she will do with all Saree’s??Mother tells she want Reeti to start every day with new Saree…Servant comes and tells that guest came..Prabha comes along with MAnisha and Kajal..Reeti takes blessing of all…Indira asks she is very happy seeing but at this time??Prabha tells they came to See the girl…Indira tells after Engagment??Kajal sees Saree and tells that this Saree is very good…Kajal tells to wear and show..Reeti tells now???Kajal tells this is a tradition that girls should do all work and wear Saree,,,,Bilashi tells Kaushalaya If she dont understand that he is Dog of House and to give food in Dog’s plate!!Bilashi tells he dont have tail At least would have shown How Sad he is…Kaushalaya tells that they did
Daadiji and Daadaji comes,,Daadiji tells not to give food in this plate..Give food in plate what Bilashi wants…Daadiji tells that after Seven days wedding is fixed and the preparations are started..Vibhor gets shocked..Indira tells Prabha to Drink Tea or Coffee or Cold drink..Reeti comes wearing Saree…Kajal smiles and tells that have taken this much time and plate is not proper..

Precap::Daadaji tells Bilashi that already the wedding is fixed..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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