Gangaa 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Gangaa 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sagar asks his brother to think of an excuse of sending Master ji back to his house for today too. It will be good if he too retreats just like Ganga is writing everything backwards. Pulkit gets an idea. Let’s reverse everything for him so he can see Ganga’s wrong handwriting right. The kids are confused so Pulkit takes them with him. He does something with the table fan. Sagar and Ganga notice Master ji reaching downstairs. A few kids (Pulkit’s friends) signal thumbs up to Sagar. Sagar informs the same to Pulkit who tells him to signal back in a similar manner. Sagar does as he is told. Master ji goes inside after parking his scooter while the kids take his scooter away when he is gone.

Master ji calls out for Madhvi or Amma ji. Ganga tells Pulkit to hurry up. Madhvi greets Master ji. She is impressed with him for being punctual. How are you now? He is feeling better today. Pulkit fixes the fan. He gives the wall clock to Sagar to put it back in its place. Madhvi and Master ji are heading upstairs. Meanwhile, the kids set everything as per their plan. Pulkit hides the scissors and the cutter behind his back when Madhvi and Master ji come there. Madhvi sends Sagar and Pulkit to their room so Ganga can study properly. Both the boys leave. Ganga is tensed.

Pulkit’s friends park the scooter back in its place.

Master ji begins today’s class. He asks Ganga for her notebook. Maid brings snacks for him today as well. He is tempted but then recalls the yesterday’s incident. He politely refuses to eat them. Boil 3-4 potatoes and mix black salt in it. She nods and leaves. Master ji checks Ganga’s notebook. The brothers are peeking from outside. They signal Ganga that it is time. Ganga acts all innocent. I have written ABCD. He says its all written opposite. She is scared that he will now shout on her and punish her. He raises his voice a little when Ganga insists that she has written it correctly. Pulkit and Sagar come there just then. They greet Tiwari ji. Master ji asks for their opinion on Ganga’s writing. Pulkit says it is ABCD. Master ji is taken aback. Don’t you see anything wrong? Its all written backwards. Master ji is boggled but the kids stay put. Pulkit hints that maybe he is seeing everything backwards. Now you would say that the clock is going backwards (which indeed is true!). Master ji looks at it amazed. Pulkit next shows him the people walking in the street downstairs. Do you see them walking backwards? Master ji looks on speechlessly as he finds it true (it is true). Master ji removes his specs to check it but everyone is going backwards. The kids enjoy watching him thus. Pulkit brings the table fan as Master ji is sweating profusely. He has already changed the on and off setting. It is already showing on so the Master ji has to press the off button. He feels that maybe the heat got in his head. Sagar is also wearing his shoes wrongly. Master ji wonders why he is seeing everything wrong. Sagar suggests him to get his eyes checked. Maybe your number has increased. Madhvi brings boiled potatoes for him. the kids get tensed. Master ji tells him to stay put at her place. You will see everything opposite / backwards if you come here. I am feeling dizzy. I am not feeling good today as well. We will continue the studies tomorrow. He runs downstairs. Madhvi is confused. He said he was alright. What happened to him now? She asks this to the kids as well.

Master ji was about to stumble down the stairs but saves himself in the nick of time. The doubt has got in his head real deep. He takes a lot of time before finally descending from the stairs. He trips down in the end nonetheless. He lands up right in front of Amma ji’s feet. She asks him about his health and is surprised to hear his vague answers. She suggests him to see her Vaid ji. He wants to go but she wants to read out Sati Anusuiya’s story to him. He politely denies and then runs out of the house. Amma ji confused. He is a weird man. He dint even show much interest yesterday. He is just giving me random excuses.

Master ji starts his scooter but it goes in reverse instead. He is all the more panic stricken. The kids enjoy the sight. Master ji finds everyone walking backwards. He too starts walking backwards under its effect and collides with Niranjan and Raghav ji. Niranjan asks him why he is walking backwards. Master ji replies that the scooter, people, everyone / everything is going backwards only, including you too! They find him weird whereas he calls the entire world weird. He leaves while walking backwards only. Niranjan is concerned for him.

Niranjan asks Madhvi about Tiwari ji. Amma ji talks against Tiwari ji. Niranjan is also in doubt as Tiwari ji made excuses on both the days. Raghav ji suggests him to say no to Tiwari ji. We cannot depend on him. Niranjan gets thinking. The kids high five! They decide to eat those boiled potatoes now.

Sagar praises his brother for his marvellous idea. Pulkit calls Ganga a genius, a printing press. He gives her a piece of potato to write her name on. He guides her and she writes it backwards. Pulkit covers it with ink and puts an impression of the same on Sagar’s hand. Sagar too writes his name on a slice and Pulkit again adds ink over it. This time he puts an impression on Ganga’s hand. The kids are surprised to see the name all perfect in the impression. Ganga says lets write our lessons on potatoes only. Sagar and Pulkit laugh uncontrollably. Ganga too joins them. Ganga and Sagar do a high five. Epi ends on their joined hands with their new name tattoos.

Precap: Niranjan clears Master ji’s dues and gives the same to Raghav ji. Tell him that he doesn’t have to come here from tomorrow. We will look for a new one now. Sagar updates the same to Ganga. She is glad that God has listened to her. Master ji looks at Ganga pointedly when he comes to CHaturvedi House.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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