Tere Sheher Mein 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amaya asks Jaz to listen to her. Jaz packs her bag. Amaya asks her to stop, they will get admission. Jaz says everyone knows about dad’s mistakes and our past. Amaya asks her not to say this. She says we will not say anything against dad, calm down. She says she will get her admission done, give some time, I promise. She hugs her and they cry. Rachita pacifies Sneha. She says we will not lessen respect for dad if anyone says anything nonsense, dad did a lot for us, just we know, people can never understand.

She asks Sneha not to get tensed and she will see about Jaz’s admission. Sneha says Rudra will help us. Rachita says Rudra comes to help us, but did he help us? Sneha says yes. Rachita says he comes before problem starts and always problems ends, he always has excuses. Sneha says he is Hari’s son, he is the one who is helping us, we can’t expect from someone else. Rachita says we need to plan, how to give fees. Sneha says we have money as of now.

Rudra talks to his friends. He says he earns less infront of the world. His friend asks about taking money from Mathurs to do Jaz’s admission. Rudra says Sneha trusts me, and I can play games with her being innocent infront of her, she will think I m helping her, she will say I m good and did her work. He says he will ruin her work. Mantu tells Chiklu to come. Chiklu says he has homework. Mantu says Jaz will teach him, Amaya said she will send Jaz, and called him sweet. Chiklu gets glad.

He says he has a secret. Mantu asks what. Chiklu says he can’t say. Mantu says he will get out of him and tickles him. Uma comes and brings kachoris. Chiklu takes it and runs. Uma scolds Mantu for staring at Amaya and says about big city girls. He says Amaya was truly apologizing. Uma says I m foolish to stop you from falling in her trap, one day you will say I was right. He asks her to give kachoris. She gives him. He says Chiklu and Uma are angry on me.

Rama worries as his dad is at the shop and Rachita is about to come. He gets an idea and cleans the shop. His dad coughs by the dust and asks Rama to stop it. Rama thinks he has to go with Rachita for job interview. He asks his dad to go in puja. His dad says is that of any use and greets Lord from there itself. Rama asks him to go, and his dad asks whats his planning, shall I leave shop, I know everything. Rama says he has to go for interview, and wants to meet friend to prepare. His dad asks him to go. Rama gets glad and leaves.

Rama comes to Rachita’s house and sets his hair. Rachita comes out and sees him. She says she was coming to his shop. He says he was free so he came. He says something fell in his eye. She says show me, else eyes will get red. She takes care of his eye. He asks how will I see you if I close both my eyes.

She says what. He says nothing. She says now its fine, we should leave. Rudra scolds his friends and asks them to do anything but not let Jaz’s admission possible, and also keep an eye on Mathurs. Rama talks to Rachita. She says I did not say anyone I m going for job interview. She says she will say when she gets job, her family is in tension. He says even I should have done this, else my dad would have not stopped me from working. He says he is impressed by her mature talk. He says she will get the job, he is sure. She says thanks, but she is tensed.

He asks her to thinks she got the job and tension will end. She smiles. Dinesh asks Dimple for the file. She gives the file and asks him to see Pushpa. She asks how can anyone be annoyed for so many years, whats the reason. He says he does not time for her nonsense and leaves. She asks him to take tiffin. He takes it and leaves.

Amaya finds out best schools of Banaras and thinks any school should give admission to Jaz. She gets Chiklu’s call. He says he is her new friend. She says she does not have friends, and did not forget cute kid. He says he is not kid, and why did she not come to meet him. She says she has problems and getting busy, she will meet soon. He asks her to come home with Jaz. Mantu massages hair oil to Chiklu. He asks Chiklu to thank her. Chiklu says thanks, I want to say congrats to Jaz for her admission.

Amaya says she is not at home, I will give your message to him, and asks about Mantu. He says yes, I called from his phone. Mantu talks to her. She asks him to go away from Chiklu and talk to her. He goes far and she says Jaz’s admission did not happen because of donation issues, Jaz can’t teach Chiklu till she gets admission, I could not tell Chiklu, you explain him to wait for few days, he is kid, his heart can break. He asks can he help, he has contacts. She says no, I will do this work myself, thanks. She cries and ends call.

Sneha talks to Sinha and says even Rudra looks worried, is there anything. Rudra asks the bank manager to take haveli documents when Sneha calls him to ask for loan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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