Badho Bahu 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal tries to say something to Lucky but he cuts her off. He says I thought you left from my life for forever but maybe fate dint want it. God have joined us together. I have no option to break free from this now. Now that you are here you will have to abide by few rules. One, you and I wont call out to each other. She tries to say something but he does not let her talk. Listen without cutting me off. Two, you wont use your heart or mind. You will do as mother says. Three, you wont do anything to win me. It wont do any good. It will be better if you wont use your brain. You and I will live our lives the way we want to. We wont interfere in each other’s life. There is a wall between us. Don’t try to cross it ever. If you want to see us both happy in the house then don’t use your brain. It will be good if you understand. He walks out of the room. Komal feels bad.

Teji comes to Pragya’s room. He keeps a note in her book and leaves.

Komal comes to kitchen. Pinki notices her looking sad and asks her what happened. Komal says I felt that everything would be fine when Lucky ji came to take me home from Chennai. I thought it will get better but he just told me some rules to live under the same roof. He has created a wall of rules between us. I don’t know why he did this. I cannot even talk to him. Babu ji said that. Pinki asks her why she stopped mid sentence. Komal says he feels I can wrestle too. Pinki is shocked. Komal says he thinks I am also capable of becoming a wrestler. It is because of what happened with Zalim Singh. What should I do? Lucky ji created a wall and now Babu ji is doing this. Pinki thinks what she should advice that everything goes against her. Lucky ji wont like it if she will wrestle. He might even throw her out of the house. This is right. She advises Komal to do as Babu ji says. Komal says you are my good friend out of everyone here. Thank you Pinki. Pinki smiles modestly.

Lucky asks his mother what she did. I dint think you will do this with me. She asks him about it. He says why dint you tell me about going to that house. Malti ji says you know I cannot go against your father. Lkucky says he cannot see me happy. she denies. he is your father. he always thinks well for you. Lucky says what he has done for me ever. My happiness was when Badho left the house for forever. Malti ji is shocked. When that happened? Lucky tells her about Badho deciding never to return in this house when she left for Pag Phera but Babu ji cannot see me happy. Everyone cares for that fattie. No one thinks about me. She tells him not to worry. You are my only son. I cannot see tears in your eyes. I don’t know what your father thinks. I cannot throw Badho out of the house for his sake. But I can do one thing I will keep her away from you and your life as your mother. Don’t worry. Stay happy. Lucky gets relieved.

Vardaan comes to class. he finds thank you written on the table with rose petals. Bharpayi looks at it and thinks of Teji asking for flower petals. Vardaan looks at Pragya who declines doing anything like this. Vardaan tells everyone to clean it. Set the room properly. I am not sayting anything this time but if this happens again then I promise that student wont sit in the class room again. Pragya asks Bharpayi who did this. Bharpayi shrugs her shoulder. Vardaan asks Pragya if she is speaking some important. She denies. He asks for her notebook. Teji’s note opens up when he picks her notebook. Meanwhile, Pragya receives Teji’s message and smiles. Vardaan keeps the notebook down. Bharpayi sends Teji a message. I understood what you wanted to do with flowers. Thank you. Teji wonders why she sent this message. It was for Pragya.

Pinki comes to her MIL’s room. Kamla ji says it is good that you came. I was about to call you. My legs are paining badly. Pinki says this pain will disappear in no time. I got you breaking news. Kamla ji gets excited. Pinki shares what Badho had told her.

Jamuna ji calls out for Payal. She finds the milk bucket empty. I scolded her but nothing worked. She gets call from Ahlawat ji. I will never be able to repay Komal for the way she saved Pragya. I invite you for family lunch. Please don’t say no. She says the respect you gave to our kids is enough. Why do this then? He politely insists. Jamuna ji agrees. Payal asks Jamuna ji about the call. Payal gets happy saying they called for lunch. Jamuna ji asks her about her promises yesterday. You dint do anything. Payal says Madhuri doesn’t let me touch her. Jamuna ji tells her not to do anything. I thought you could come with us if you get milk. Payal readily agrees to do it right away. Jamuna ji smiles.

Raghubir ji asks Komal what she has decided. She agrees for wrestling. He gets happy with her decision. Flashback shows Komal complaining to God about getting her stuck in a dilemma yet again. I cannot talk to Lucky ji because of his big wall. On the other hand, Babu ji wants me to wrestle. If I wrestle then I may be able to spend some time near Lucky ji and can speak to him about wrestling. Maybe this is the way to break the wall between us. It wont be easy though. I am going to tell Babu ji my decision now. Be with me. I cannot tell him the real reason. It will stay between us. Give me enough strength and courage to break that wall. Help me so I can one day turn this metal ring into gold ring. Flashback ends. Komal says she knows nothing about wrestling. He agrees to tell. She asks him they can start right away. He says one thing needs to be done. Come with me.

Malti ji asks about Badho but no one has any idea. Pragya comes to tell them about Badho’s coming family for dinner. Plus, Babu ji said he has some surprise which he will tell in evening. Ladies get wondering.

Raghubir ji brings Komal to her home. Jamuna ji says we were going to come in evening. We could talk then. He says I couldn’t wait till then which is why I came. Since the day Komal saved Pragya from Zalim Singh, I cannot stop thinking how brave she has been. Jamuna ji does not understand. He says wrestling needs one to be strong and confident. Komal has both these traits. If you will allow then I would like to train her as her Guru. Everyone is taken aback.

Precap: Jamuna ji is at Ahlawat House. She shares that she has taken decision on Raghubir ji’s proposal. Everyone waits for her decision.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Lucky cries like a girl! He needs to grow up and consider others, other than himself. Malti needs to stop pandering to him, no wonder he is still immature.

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