Udaan 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imli thinking to tell this to Vivaan or not, if I explain him that Suraj needed water, so I went to help, he will understand, but no, he stays angry and scolds me, I should not tell him, but I promised that I will say truth and not hide anything. She gets in dilemma. Vivaan comes home upset. She says I have to say something. He says I also have to say something, Pooja came to meet me and said she will take case back if we give her 25 lakhs. She says why don’t we give her money, we can take loan. He says how will we get money, who will give me loan, Raunak refused to give me salary.

She says don’t worry, if you did not do wrong, wrong will not happen, we will fight case and win. Chakor comes there and knocks. Imli asks Vivaan not to tell this to Chakor. Vivaan asks how is Suraj. Chakor says we are fine, Ragini and Bhaiya ji called me in village for Makar Sankranti, and said they will get Suraj there. Imli says yes, Ragini invited me, but why do they want to take Suraj. Vivaan says I can’t come. Chakor says you both have to come. He says I don’t want to see Bhaiya ji’s face and don’t want to celebrate Makar Sankranti. She says you said you will help Suraj, this is the chance, we are also not going to celebrate, the men will come there and machine will not be guarded. Vivaan asks what will happen then.

Chakor says I have seen the men changing machine settings to create misunderstandings between me and Suraj. He asks how can I help. She asks him to check machine and make it fine. He says fine, are you sure that machine is faulty. She says yes, when I have run, water drawn was less and it was more when Imli ran. He gets shocked and asks did Imli run. Chakor and Imli apologize to him. He sees Imli. He says I should apologize to both of you, I will trouble Bhaiya ji doing this, tomorrow he will celebrate Makar Sankranti and we will use it. They all join hands and smile. Udaan hai….plays….

Its morning, Kasturi prays for both daughters and son-in-laws. Suraj gets thirsty. He sees Bhaiya ji and Ragini, and the villagers. Bhaiya ji and Ragini smile seeing him. The villagers eat food and drink in front of Suraj. Bhaiya ji says this is done for you, I invited Chakor, did she run away leaving Suraj in this state. Tejaswini comes there and cries. Kasturi says why did Bhaiya ji come here, he always creates problems.

Bhaiya ji says everything is here, there is entertainment, where is heroine of this drama. Ragini says Chakor shows love for Suraj, I don’t think she will run away. Tejaswini holds Suraj and cries. Suraj consoles her and says I m not weak, I did not break by Bhaiya ji’s tortures, stop crying. Tejaswini cries and says I made many people bandhua, so this is their curse that my son has become bandhua. Suraj says there is nothing like that. Bhaiya ji does not know how much fire is there inside me. Bhaiya ji asks Ragini to feed them sweets. Tejaswini throws sweets and says I will not eat it, feed my son. Ragini asks her to have first, you used to feed me sweets with chilli in it, this laddoo is specially made for you. Suraj asks her to leave. Ragini asks her to calm down his anger else he will burn by it.

She asks everyone to have food. She scolds villagers and make them eat sweets. She asks goon to catch Tejaswini. Chakor, Imli and Vivaan come there. Chakor asks Ragini to let Tejaswini leave. Ragini says I was just time passing, it will be fun now, as you have come. Imli asks Kasturi to come. Kasturi refuses to Imli and says I can’t come there.

Bhaiya ji asks Chakor to have sweets. Chakor refuses. Bhaiya ji says your husband is hungry, so you won’t have food, if I permit him to have food then…. Ragini says this is desi ghee food, Suraj will like this. She shows the food plate to Suraj. Bhaiya ji says this plate is for Suraj. Chakor thinks why is Bhaiya ji doing this. Ragini teases Suraj and keeps the food down on the ground. She says there is everything in it, sweets, samosas and chilli also. She adds ghee in khichdi. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to come. Ragini pulls back the plate. Ragini and Bhaiya ji laugh by showing the food to Suraj. Chakor and everyone feel bad. Chakor asks Ragini why are you joking with Suraj, if you don’t have to give him food. Bhaiya ji says you always doubt on us, we will give food to Suraj, I swear on Ragini, tell me one thing, if I give him food, what will you give me in return. Chakor asks her what does he want. He laughs.

The goons throw water on Chakor. Suraj shouts Kamal Narayan…. and breaks the ropes, pole and chains. He sets himself free. He runs to Chakor. He beats the goons down and takes a lady’s shawl to cover up Chakor. Chakor hugs Suraj and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wowwww luv u suraj & chakor……..luv u sooo much

  2. Siyarao

    Episode was nice except the last part,I loved when vimli and chakor joined hands,hope all the four stay united till the end and teach them a deserving lesson,this Ragini is getting on my nerves..seriously ?? she even don’t have humanity…..torture ka bhi limit hota hai but kn Ragini and wafaadars are stooping very low day by day
    I loved Suraj teju convo,its good to see her repenting for her past sins …today kasturi prayed for sukor and vimli ? it was good
    I’m waiting for the precap,very excited ?

    1. Siyarao

      I must appreciate VJ’s acting today,he excelled today,I was in tears during Ragini-Suraj scene,I felt the emotions so real….i must say he is patroying the role of a person who struggles for basic needs fantastically ??. VJ your simply rocking

  3. Siyarao

    Congo angel ? your dp is nice dr
    Shall I call you parul or angel???

    1. ParulRajput

      Thankss sia call me angel?

      1. Janani9789

        nice dp angel!!!!

    2. Janani9789

      yes sia her hair makes me laugh like they way she doing things like witch!! this hair makes her witch!!!
      sia iam only waiting today episode!!!for suraj helping in kite competion!!!fighting with goons for chakor!!by breaking chains!!!i like this angry suraj always

  4. Janani9789

    today episode totally test my patience!!!!.its really hard for me to watch today episode with patience i lost my cool totally.
    i can’t control my anger towards kn and ragini…both are looking like witches in my eyes…
    kn is father witch means ragini is daughter witch!!!!
    even ragini hair style makes me clear that surely she is a witch!!!!
    i literally want to smash on ragini face when she making suraj helpless and weak for food!!!!
    now i got to know why vivaan left in middle during makar sakranti…now this trio joined hands???will they get success in all their plans is my biggest
    suraj!!!! can’t see him like this…i can’t tolerate this anymore…they will going to torture suraj more…when this bandhua track will end???chakor crying face and suraj helpless torture from kn ragini!!!and for pani and food!!!
    teju now realised that her sin!!! which suraj facing for her sins
    today episode totally makes me sad!!!only precap is interesting!!next weak also torture..

  5. ParulRajput

    Hey guys i m backkk? guess who Angel my real name is Parul but plss address me as angel finally got registered✌ today epi again painful and that ragini was looking like witch the way she was laughing i hate her? Hadh hoti hai yaar and now they will auction suraj belongings ohh god so much of torture., this week too will be full of torture scenes ? but precap was awesome i hope tomo we will going to see suraj saving chakor..

    1. Janani9789

      welcome back angel!!!!

    2. Janani9789

      yes sia!! vj portraying well as suraj!!! the anger,pain,helplessness and weak towards food makes me think its real!! his eyes show the pain of not getting food and getting torture!!!
      but sia today episode really test my patience!! and make me angry!!! ragini totally irritates me!!!
      when we going to get over from this bandhua torture track don’t know!!!
      iam seeing old epi!!! in voot makes me happy from this torture!!!

      1. Siyarao

        Agree with you Janu,yesterday was a test of my patience too..Ragini was looking like b*t*h..omg her hair ??
        I’m also watching old episode on ristey to get peace from this torture

    3. Amrutha

      Congratulations angel finally all are registered. Now you can the replies on your account.

      1. Amrutha

        Sorry you can see the replies.

    4. Which is why I keep saying stop feeding them TRPs… they will continue this torture track as long as people watch….

  6. Aqua

    Filler episode?

  7. Hey everyone i can join the team iv commented before and im a slient reader i love this drama and its the only one i watch the latest spolier is that they auction all of suraj stuff for one rupee that is so low i want ragini to suffer more than kn and i hope kamal betrays ragini and turns he bundwa i hate her she only with kamal for his money

    1. Janani9789

      hi tippu and sanya…welcome guys..

  8. Hello friends,how to become a registered member

    1. Amrutha

      Menu option appears on the top of this page. Click on it and get register. All the best dear.

    2. Janani9789

      click the menu, in tellyupdates then login,register with ur username,email id,password

  9. Guyz don’t u all think meera aka chakor should get a new look or hairstyle….I mean she looks pretty though..but still since starting of the marriage track..she has the same look..even imli got some change…I don’t mean any offence ..just a suggestion as she looked cute in the yellow white outfit ..a little change in her hairstyle…plz can I join u all??

    1. Aqua

      I want her to get some loose curls framing her face?

    2. Aqua

      I want to see her in a saree one day to wow suraj babu lolz

  10. nice epi but same precap..kal bhi nahi dikhayga.waiting for suraj’s fight back scene…loved the way kasturi prayed for her daughters and son in laws

  11. Fantastic serial udaan is ongoing and i am also very much excited to see how suraj will fight against the goons to save chakor.

  12. Siyarao

    Hi sanya and tippu,welcome guys ? keep commenting

  13. Siyarao

    Happy Republic day guys?

  14. Amrutha

    I am eagerly waiting for bounce back of suraj. I am expecting, after happening so many things, suraj will be back. And see he will become Malkin of haveli , kn as servent, ragini as cook, and our chakor is princess of suraj. Eagerly waiting for these scenes.

  15. Janani9789

    happy republic day to all of you

  16. Hi I am a silent reader and I started watching udaan regularly after the marriage track from that I literally fall in love with sukor like all of you can l too join you??

    1. Amrutha

      Hearty welcome

    2. Janani9789

      hi welcome desire!!!

  17. ParulRajput

    Thanks guys., and yeah HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY✨

    I tried many time bt I’m nt able to register tat robot part is eating my brain or should I use my PC coz I’m trying from my phone I think dats y I’m not able to registered

    1. Janani9789

      tapa u try that in chrome!!!
      just click that robort part..and then register it!!!

    2. Aqua

      Use ur pc?

    3. ParulRajput

      Tapa when u clicked that robot option pls wait until a tick appear on that column than click the register option ok..

  19. Love thejaswani-suraj convo n ragini -suraj convo. Vj is a great actor n he nailed it through his performance, meera was mindblowing .raginis hair perfectly matches the witchy type. Love the precap cz old suraj is back at least fr a moment.

  20. Love the way kasturi praying fr her daughters n son in law

  21. I love the episode but hate pooja n poor tejsvini.I I feel very sad to see sukor.In short lovely bt sad episode.waiting for what next.
    I can’t hold my self.I I feel a lovely bonding with you gys.N Welcome new members I hope u all enjoying with my lovely btrflys sia,janu, angel,tapa.

  22. Can you guys please help me out I m nt able to register im getting stuck on the robot thing….

    1. Siyarao

      Ammu they will ask are u robot na u press on it then u will get a question for example they will ask to tick the squares which have mountains so you have to choose the pic pics containing mountains and tick and submit it gets verified dr

  23. Aree guys ab mere pictur ka color Royal blue hai. Can u bleve that m not fake aanya.mai unke jese coments nahi kror skti mai apki wali Santa hun tapa.is liye mai comments bnd krna cahti thi bt I couldn’t.

    1. Siyarao

      Aanya we believe you as you have blue colour dp and fake commenter has violet dp,u go and get registered yaar

  24. Angel I like ur name angel can I call you angel please.
    N aqua apke ff ka title name kya hair.vha bhut se ffs hote hair so m confused I just wona read ur ff.bcz I don’t have time to read all. Isse phele muje sirf ‘I will always love u …….’psand thee bt i don’tknow bo kiske the or Maine kabhi comment bhi nahi kya that sory 4 that.

    1. Aqua

      I didn’t write udaan ff recently. .. I wrote ishqbaaz ff.

      When I will write udaan ff I will let you know ?. Thanks for reading them❤❤

      And please do on commenting, don’t stop for some crazy trolls?

      I love reading udaan fans’ comments. ?

  25. I don’t like ragini s hair style.

  26. Gys an to mere cements bhi nahi ho rage.parul can I call you angel please.

    1. ParulRajput

      Aanya i already said in my above comment to call me angel i love angel name its my pet name and parul is my real name.,plss call me angel..

  27. Hey Guy. M enjoing the lovstry by ng the track……. CN any 1 tll me where r the arjun bhagya aditya ???

  28. An guyz u all rokzz. An vj meets VI rokzz

  29. What is going on? Where is Chakor’s reporter friends? Where is the media now? I know that media was little upset with Chakor because of her decision on not to run. But Chakor also has good friends in media. Why cant they take help of them? I feel what is shown is only a total disappointment. Why can Chakor, Imli and Vivan make plans to trap Ragini & Kamal. Its a bad thing to think about negative on somebody but Ragini and Kamal deserve this lesson. Just like how it is shown in other series they should put oil in a place where kamal is about to walk so that he trips and find difficult to walk. Its never end of possibilities, provided the story writer has to think effectively

  30. hello all of u
    The epi is painful but loving the track as sukor are coming closer to each other and the way chakor is helping suraj .
    Can I talk with aanya ?
    aanya plz reply.

  31. Hello friends,just read dat Kamal narayan is now going to keep a auction for chakor.

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