Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Golu asks Dev why he is looking sad. Dev says no. Golu says his eyes speak he is sad. Dev starts joking and making him laugh and asks what happened in school. Sona checks her house’s interior decoration and says assistant it is good. Assistant says she has selected office space and should come and check. Sona says she must have selected a good space and asks to consult their lawyer once. She tells Suhana that this will be official Bose house now and they have to call back Dida and Dadu back. Suhana mimics Bejoy.

In the morning, Dev helps Vicky exercise and scolds him to develop stamina with muscles. Vicky says if he closes companies, he will be left with developing stamina. Mamaji asks Dvv why did he close company. Dev says trading company. Vicky says he should have given a notice, just closed company in a day.. Ishwari hears that. Vicky goes aside and asks his aide to prepare papers and if he cannot do it, he will hire someone else.

Golu asks Elena and then Vicky to tie his school tie. They both refuse. He then takes Dev’s help and then tells about his fight with a girl/Suhana. Dev says girls are always arrogant and he should teach her a lesson. Sona gets Suhana ready for school and asks if she is excited for her first day in school. Suhana tells her about Golu’s prank. Sona also yells at boys and says she should teach Golu a lesson.

Mamaji tells Ishwari that Dev is getting into self-destruction mode, there is no hapiness in his eyes, Ishwari should try to speak to Dev. Ishwari says she will.

Sona drops Suhana at school. Another mother chats with sona and takes her number to add in Mother’s group. She asks what does her husband do. She says she is divorcee. Mother says she must be feeling incomplete then. Sona says no, she is very happy and her daughter fulfilled the devoid. Suhana then gets into class. Golu steals her tiffin and finishes it. During lunch breaks, he takes out his lunch box and with his friends taunts Suhana. Suhana complains teacher. Golu says he did not and his big chacha/Dev taught not to lie. Teacher who has crush on Dev says Golu does not lie and asks Suhana to befriend Golu. Suhana says her mother taught her not to befriend liers and runs to principal’s cabin and tells her she is 6 years old with a small stomach and if someone eats her tiffin box, she feels really hungry. Principal asks to elaborate. She tells principal how Golu bullied her and ate her lunch.

Ishwari enters Dev’s room with his clothes and suggests him to wear them. He says he knows what she wants and asks not to try as she will not get back her obedient son, she and Sona betrayed him. She tries to speak, but he continues confronting her.

Principal walks with Suhana and asks Golu why did he eat Suhana’s chowmein. Golu lies that he did not eat sandwich. Principal asks how does he know it was sandwitch and says he should not lie like this and aks him to give his lunch box to Suhana. Suhana says chowmein idea was good. Golu challenges Suhana that he will bully her again.

Vicky enters office in the morning and sees staff sitting casually. He scolds them. Staff asks if he saw news and inform that stock market has crashed severely and Dev did a right move by selling trading company beforehand and even got profit. Vicky says how did bhai know about it beforehand. Dev enters and says madness is necessary in business, which Vicky lacks.

Real estate agent congratulate Sona for getting a prime location property at a throw away price. Sona asks about possession. He says there won’t be a problem and says even he did not understand why such a big businessman sold office space. Sona asks who is it. He says Devrath Dixit. Sona is shocked.

Precap: Dev scolds Vicky for selling office space and tells family that he sold office space to Sona.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hi guys does anyone have ‘waqt ne kiya ‘ wala song from the serial ,plz do give the link.
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