Badho Bahu 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Komal returns home

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Badho Bahu 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Badho limps and picks a stick for her support. She winces in pain as she tries to walk.

Pinki says Ma ji told me to make sure Rana ji wont tell anyone about us kidnapping Badho but I am not sure if he will agree. She gives Lassi to Rana. Rana asks her if she had a word with Lucky. Do you know about his whereabouts? She nods. Ma ji told me that Lucky has found Badho. He is thrilled. She nods. He went to bring her only. Everything will be fine once Badho is home. Titli’s Bua’s drama will also end. He nods. She says if our truth is out before everyone then things will turn sour once again. Please don’t tell this truth to anyone. He looks at her and withdraws his hand. I understand everything. She asks him what he will do now.

Sushma greets the Panch’s and asks Ahlawat Family to take a seat. Why haven’t you dressed up for the event Malti? It’s a happy occasion. Lucky and Raghubir ji come home. They greet the Panch. Sushma stands next to her brother. Raghubir ji tells his wife that the goons left with Komal before they reached the hideout. Maybe they got tip somehow. Police is searching for them. Sushma tells her brother that they did their best to find Badho but cannot find her. Ram ji is worried about police but she tells him to stay calm. I will manage everything. This engagement should happen asap. He nods. Sushma says our Son-in-law (Lucky) is finally home. Drop all this. Let’s celebrate the occasion. We wont take much time as everyone has been already waiting since long. I apologize on behalf of Raghubir ji and my SIL. Lucky is irked by her calling him her SIL repeatedly. How many times should I tell you that I am not your SIL? I wont want to do this! Sangram Singh questions him. You lied before the Panchayat? He tells Raghubir ji to make Lucky understand. If this engagement wont happen then I will pressurise the Panch to throw your entire family out of the village! Ahlawat Family is taken aback. Sangram Singh says there is no clue about Badho. Maybe she left Lucky willingly and ran away. Lucky grabs his collar angrily but Kailash ji and Raghubir ji stop him. Malti ji tells Sushma to ask Titli first. She isn’t ready for the engagement. She hasn’t come out till now. Sushma calls out to Titli and she comes out dressed for the ceremony. Lucky and his family are stunned to see her thus.

Sushma makes Titli stand next to Lucky. I hope you (Lucky) now understand till what extent I can go to make my words come true. Why do you want to put your family in risk? Say yes. Good kids don’t argue. Get engaged. She gives a ring each to Titli and Lucky. Titli takes it. Lucky mentally asks Badho if he will have to do this also to save her and their family members. Answer me please! Badho comes in just then and opposes the engagement! Everyone looks at her in shock. Komal tells Titli that Lucky is and will always remain her husband. Titli smiles while Ram ji worries that she might tell his truth to everyone.

Sushma says so this is the Badho Bahu who everyone cant stop praising. Tere Liye plays in the background as Lucky and Komal look at each other. They share an emotional hug. Lucky says I knew you will come back. She says your love only brought me back. I read the ad in newspaper and came running to you. He asks her how she got out of there. Babu ji and I reached there but we dint find anyone there. She agrees to tell him everything.

Sushma says such things happen only in movies. What are you doing SIL (Lucky)? You first kidnap Badho and then do this drama? Komal asks her who she is. Who are you to talk like this about Lucky ji? Sushma gives her introduction. Remember that Lucky is my SIL now. He is Titli’s would-be husband. It will be right for you to maintain distance from him. She holds Lucky’s hand asking him to come but Komal moves her hand away. Lucky ji is my husband and will always be mine only! Sushma again asks Lucky to come but Komal holds her hand firmly this time. It wont be right to be in the house of wrestlers and mess with them Bua ji! Raghubir ji and Malti ji look on proudly. Sushma is unable to free her hand. Kamla ji happily welcomes Badho back in the house. Raghubir ji and Malti ji asks Badho to let go of Sushma’s hand. Badho does as told.

Raghubir ji asks the Panchayat to rethink on their decision. You can see that Badho is home now. Titli and Lucky cannot marry now. I take responsibility of finding a nice guy for Titli. Sangram Singh asks him if he wants them to forget everything and move on. Shall we also forget that Lucky abducted Titli from her engagement? Should we also forget how he promised to marry her in front of the Panchayat? Lucky tells Badho he will explain everything to her later. She nods. Sangram Singh refuses to let anyone make a mockery of Panchayat. Panch second Sangram Singh. Sangram Singh says no wife will believe a guy who promises like Lucky. Will you (Badho) be able to trust Lucky from now on? Badho replies that she trusts Lucky more than herself. I agree that he sometimes makes decisions in haste but he can never cheat anyone! Lucky tells how Panchayat wanted Titli to marry a drunkard who already had 4 kids. Badho says I am sure there will be a reason behind the decisions that he took in my absence. I also know that no one else had the humanity to take a step forward and help Titli. Lucky ji took a step though. You always get in trouble whenever you try to help someone but it does not mean that you did something wrong. It isn’t wrong in my eyes! I would like to ask the Panch something. Lucky ji helped Titli while you guys gave the right to decide about Titli’s wedding to no one! You talk about women and their independence but you are only trying to destroy everyone’s lives! First it was Kusum, then Pragya and now Titli! You just want them to marry anyone! You just don’t care. Sushma goes inside.

Sangram Singh says we have the right to decide. Society chooses Panch and that’s how they get the right to make decision for everyone. Panch says it is true. It is an age old tradition. She speaks of the modern times. Another Panch says our decision wont change. Badho agrees. I will see how a guy can marry someone else even when his wife is there. Sushma returns with the divorce papers. Which wife and whose wife? She shows the papers to Panch. They have signed it on their own. Sangram Singh looks at the papers. Ram ji recalls how he took thumb impression of Badho while she was unconscious. Panch are shocked to see the papers. Badho says this is a lie. I was unconscious and was this was done forcibly. Ram ji gulps. Sushma says now you will blame us for doing that. Komal nods. The one who kidnapped me and took my thumb impression is no one else but Ram Singh ji! Titli is shocked. Lucky says I had a doubt already. You just proved me right Badho. He questions Ram ji. We did so much for you and this is how you repay us? He holds him by his collar. You kidnapped my Badho? Raghubir ji tells him to leave him. He will be punished for his misdeed! Sushma asks them how they dare doubt her innocent brother. Badho says truth is very strong. It is true that your brother planned everything. He even told me that he is doing all this to make sure that Titli and Lucky get married.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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