Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil convinced to live in Agarwal house

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sahil comes inside to take Nidhi downstairs. Nidhi was relieved he didn’t hear her conversation, he must never know who the father to this child is. Vaidika arrive at Agarwal house. Sahil hands the reports to Vaidika to read and asks Nidhi to tell him the name of her child’s correct father. Vaidika was shocked to read the report and says chances of Sahil being the father of this child is 98.7%. Sahil was shocked to hear this, showing he is the father to Nidhi’s child. Everyone at Agarwal house was happy. Nidhi nods at Puneesh. Sahil snatches the report and calls the report as a lie. Vaidika says the report is positive and can’t be wrong. She now agreed to Nani’s fear and he is young and could have slept with Nidhi. Nidhi’s mother says they knew all this and came with preparation. She calls ladies from an NGO of human rights. They deter to file a court case against Sahil if he doesn’t own his wife and child now. He himself is living with a second woman and blames his wife. They also accuse Vaidika for ruining another girl’s house. Vaidika doesn’t let the activist touch her and says Sahil must own Nidhi’s child. He got the tests from the doctor of his choice. If he raises a finger on character of a girl without any proof is a crime. Sahil says he doesn’t care what others think, but if Vaidika also thinks the same then he has nothing to say. Anjana requests Vaidika to speak to Sahil. Vaidika promises Anjana that Sahil would return home, but until she speaks to him and convinces him no one would interfere in her matter.
Deepak comes to his room furiously throwing away a vase at the wall. He curses his wife who couldn’t bear a son for him in years, and this Sahil got everything he wanted. He won’t let it happen. Nidhi and Sahil’s child wont come into the world.
Nidhi lay in her mother’s lap and says she is tired of all the drama. Her mother asks how the reports were changed. She offered the family doctor a one lac per month price money; and Puneesh helped her in this. She will now have to take the money from Bari Amma’s locker and hand it to Puneesh.
It was night. Sahil walks towards Vaidika’s house, trying to recall the night Nidhi put him drunk. Mama meets him in the street, she was annoyed with Sahil for not being able to control himself. She ever thanked God that he came into Vaidika’s life, he is a different man. She could never think Sahil could go to anyone else leaving Vaidika. She tells Sahil to go and spend his happy wedding life and at least be just with Nidhi.
Aarya comes to meet Mohid. A spotlight fell over her. Mohid comes from behind to dance with Aarya and propose her. He wish she says a yes, but Aarya says she will have to ask Vaidika and Sahil. Mohid was curt over Aarya.
Sahil and Vaidika stood in front of each other. Sahil says he never wanted to break her trust. Vaidika convince Sahil that he must own his mistake and go to live at Agarwal house, his child’s future would depend on his present. Sahil says he only wants to know what Vaidika thinks about him. Sahil asks if she also thinks he is the father to Nidhi’s child. He is going home, he will unveil the lie off Nidhi’s truth. She must believe there is no one between him and Vaidika, even death can’t part Sahil from Vaidika. He will find out who is behind this all, He has to prove to Vaidika, to the world and specially Maya that no one can love Vaidika better than Sahil.
Sahil assures Aarya he will always be a call away from her. He tells Vaidika he realized love only because of her. She was, and would always be his life partner. He walks away from Vaidika’s house, leaving her shattered.

PRECAP: Sahil shouts at his worker. His behavior at home gets odd day by day. Nidhi was mixing a drug in his food.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Guys, vedhika is shattered.. tears in her eyes.. despair in her look.. what does that mean..???

  2. The way Sahil sounds when he’s serious is so yummm… But what this b*t*h Nidhi is gonna do now, making Sahil loose his senses.. how will he find out about her?? It was nice to see that vedhika is his support system atleast then..
    But then, if this situation had been the reverse, Sahil would have believed vedhika no matter what.. even if the reports are positive.. but why dint vedhika do that????? If only she had believed just on Sahil, he would have done anything to keep up her faith..(which he would do any case)..

  3. Oh Sahil ?? His deep voice just melts my heart?. Feel like the whole world is against. Vedika not believing him was the last straw. Precap is very disturbing. Can someone shoot Nudhi and Puneesh pleaseeeeee……

  4. Oh dear ??☹️☹️ I wish and hope that this bad phase Sahil is going through, just go away quickly. I can’t bear to see him so lost and confused and scared about what this wretch is doing to him???…Pooja, yes indeed, Nidhi should be facing a firing squad, I have to tolerate this sickening manipulator and I feel like slapping my TV when I see her face. In yesterday’s episode, Nidhi had a conversation with an anonymous on the phone and I listened carefully to her line of dialogue and like I’ve said way back, without doubt, Karan is the child’s father. When the crap hits the fan, all hell will break loose with Sahil and we know how straight he says things so that’s what I’m waiting for, when Nidhi and her cunning mother gets their asses thrown out on the streets, let me see if they will call the whole of Kanpur, they’d have to hide their disgusting faces…and Nidhi will have to go clean Karan’s house and take care of his child…

  5. Ladies, would you believe that this is the first serial I look forward to reading on a daily basis. All others pale in comparison. I don’t know why, but I just adore this couple. When Sahil and Vedika danced the other day, she looked at million bucks and she wasn’t even dressed to kill, just normal, so you all can imagine how she’ll really look when Sahil buys her beautiful clothes.. Wow!! Lucky woman…

  6. Yes I do believe you Naz. I addicted too. Can’t wait for 9.00pm for it to broadcast and then I read the updates. ?

  7. Muniya

    It was really hard to tolerate this epi…
    Why doesn’t this Nidhi and Puneesh just simply die??????….and the most disgusting part i felt to see the smiling faces of Agarwal family to know the report????
    I don’t really know why is every one against Sahil…..even Vedika??…and may be his frnd…Karan also.
    And Vedika and Maya….don’t they know Nidhi, how cunning she is or they are too simple hearted that can’t think Nidhi may make the fake reports?…..always blaming Sahil.
    And precap….that’s disgusting…false winning over the truth….and Sahil has to suffer?
    Really wanted Vedika to stand with Sahila nd support him…but that never happened.
    Can’t she just see his real tears…he is true lover…and most importantly…he knows well about himself …what he can do and what not…and what’s his limits.
    I really love the show and the couple…and mostly KJ…otherwise…I’d have quit the show long ago…but now i won’t….cz…want to see Sahil struggling for truth and winning…and also win over his love.
    Now Vedika may realiz her feelings for him to see him in a vulnerable state…really hope that.

  8. Muniya, The only person who believe him is Gauri. She understand Sahil and the expression on her face said it all. I just wish she would speak up. Then again, she is being bullied by Deepak and overlook by the rest of the family. She does not stand a chance.

    1. Muniya

      Yea…u r right Pooja…Gauri is only one who showed some concern for Sahil.

  9. Donno y this Deepak idiot is adjusting with that donkey Nidhi.. He can very well bring the truth out and throw that b*t*h outta the house.. then as usual bring together Sahil and vedhika to fulfill his purpose.. He’s happy and we will also be happy.. atleast we’ll have more of Sadhika moments..
    Even in this sad phase, Sahil shows his support to aarya and says he’s just a call away. How can he be called immature and a child?? ??
    Mebbe vedhika will find out that Sahil is being drugged by someone, the intelligent that she is.. mebbe she will have Sahil stay in her house and take care of him..

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