Ishq Subhan Allah 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara unsure about Ruksaar’s investor

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Ishq Subhan Allah 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ruksaar says to Kabir and Miraj that I will bring refreshments. Kabir thanks her for serving their guests. Kabir thinks Hamdan is so lucky to get a fiance like Ruksaar.
Ruksaar comes to Zara in kitchen and says give me some place, I have to make tea. Zara moves away. Ruksaar says investor is coming from my side so tea will be from me too, I just hope investor signs the deal, she says you said Kabir is your husband but Kabir is my obsession and will be mine. Zara says Kabir is my husband and love and he is nothing for you. Ruksaar says he might be your love but you are not his love and I can bet on it. Zara glares at him.

Ruksaar brings tea for Miraj and Kabir. Zara sees them from balcony and thinks God save Kabir and his project from Ruksaar, I want his project to complete but not with bad people, God show me a way. Miraj says to Kabir that I am impressed with your project and I want to invest in that project, we will finalize the deal in a day or two. Kabir thanks him and gives him project file. Miraj turns to leave but Kabir asks servant to take his gifts back. Kabir says I am sorry but we dont take gifts from guests coming here for first time, I hope this deal is finalized then we can exchange gifts but till then I am sorry. Zara hears it and smiles and says great my priest, thank God. Miraj says we have one ritual too, we dont take back the gifts already given, if you want, I can keep these gifts in my car and when we have our deal finalized after a day or two then you cant say no to them. Kabir says okay I agree. Ruksaar says tell Nilofar if she comes here next time then bring her here to meet us. He says sure, he says I should leave now. Kabir hugs him, he smirks at Ruksaar and looks at Zara standing on balcony and glaring at him, she leaves from there. Zara calls Reema and says meet me in half an hour and bring Imran too.

Reema and Imran meets Zara. Reema says how can you do that? Zara says Ruksaar have brought an investor and says his Miraj Ali and I didnt find him right. Imran asks why? Zara thinks I cant tell them about Kashmir. Zara says he was acting weird, he was not much interested in project. Imran searches him on internet. Reema says he is hot, Imran glares at her. Imran says he is mayor of Meerat, he seems rich and good person. Imran says I am coming to meet Kabir, they all leave.

Reema, Imran and Zara comes to house. Imran comes to meet Kabir, Kabir asks how far is Merat from here? Imran says not far away, Kabir says you are going there today, he gives him file and says search about this man, he is an investor, he wants to invest in our project, he gives him Miraj Ali’s file and says this file has his information, he is Ruksaar’s friend’s brother, I want you to find out if everything is right as written in this file, you have only two days because then we will finalize the deal. Imran recalls how Zara said Miraj seems fishy, they leave from there. Ruksaar comes there and takes her phone from there which had been recording Kabir and Miraj’s talk. She calls Miraj and sends him Kabir’s audio, he says I will handle everything, she says how? I want to meet you. Ayaan comes there and hears her. Miraj says meet me at Good luck cafe, she leaves. Zara was hiding behind her. She asks Ayaan where did Ruksaar? he says to Good luck cafe, she thanks him and leaves.

Scene 2
Ruksaar comes to meet Miraj at cafe. They sit down. Zara is sitting there in burqa. Miraj orders lemonade. Ruksaar says I am sorry that Kabir returned your gifts.. he recalls looking at Zara and says when mission is bigger than small things dont matter. Ruksaar says Kabir is like that, he has clean heart. He says I have started knowing him, Ruksaar says I want to ask if the money you are investing is yours or someone else? He says you are talking like my old lover, she used to investigate that much, dont worry about money, your work will be done. Ruksaar says Kabir will be asking all those questions, I dont care about anything, just my work should be done. Goodbye, he greets her, she leaves. Zara hears everything. Miraj calls someone and says money is arranged? okay get it transferred from Kashmir.. yes bird is near cage now. Zara is shocked to hear it and recalls Siraj’s incident, she thinks what his connection with Kashmir? Miraj leaves from there, Zara follows him.
Zara follows Miraj’s car, she sees him going to a society. He gets down from car and starts walking. Zara follows him. Some men starts following Zara and gathers around her, they ask where are you going? do you want our help? he harass her, Miraj is already gone from there. Zara looks around. Zara tries to leave but men keep stopping her. Zara runs from there and gets in car. She says its not a good place to be alone.

Kabir is calling Zara but sees her phone in room. Zara comes there. Kabir says where are you coming from at this time? you didnt even take your phone. Zara says you dont know what I saw, that investor.. Kabir says no I have told you we will not talk about it, he leaves. Zara thinks I will show him proof that Ruksaar is cheating him.

PRECAP- Zara is asking people about Miraj in the society. She sees some people following her and Reema, police arrest them.
Police comes to Shahbaz house, Zara gets down from van, Kabir and all are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Atiba, thanks for the good work. I can suppose that Zara on learning what had happened, out of pity for husband’s misfortune she dove into the river of events and found the truth. She will be stretch out her hand eagerly waiting for the encouragement. Kabeer will rebel against Zara’s behaviors.

  2. For sure, I’d never want a man like Kabir for a husband, no matter how good looking he is, how dynamic his physique is…hell no!!! I don’t want him. I’d better be with a poor man and get all the love as his wife than be with a man like Kabir who’d have the guts to tell his new wife that it’s all about his duty towards her and nothing else… Wow!! What a cocky and unattractive trait for a man!!! So Kabir just slept with Zara because he was doing his duty!! What is Zara then, a piece of machinery??? I feel like slapping Zara for going behind Kabir like a dog, let him be. I think Zara’s stock would rise if she ignores Kabir and live her life doing things her way and just don’t offer advice or anything, she has to play…hard to get as well, she’s too available for him so that’s why he has so much attitude … Then we’d see how he’d start feeling jealous. When a woman declines help from her significant other, that’s bound to make him sit up and take notice…its so pitiful the way Rukhsar is panting behind Kabir, I could actually see her salivating and fantasising about Kabir and it’s disgusting… Witch!!! ????

  3. I just hope ki Zara typical female lead na bann Jaye. I started watching this show because the female lead was potrayed differently. But ye na har show ka kissa hai. Pehle dikhate hai ki ladhki bhaut bold hai and all. But kuch din bad saas ke atyachar jhelegi. Pati har choti baat pe chhod dega usse. Duniya bhar ke dukh jhelegi.

    And yaar seriously ab Zara thoda Bhai khayr. Mai Zara jitni bold nahi Hoon magar itni bezti KE baad toh Mai bhi khane SE zyada bhaao khati.

    Matlab Kabir slept with Zara because duty this. Kal ko baccha bhi Kar liyo kyuki duty this .

    Matlab Islam me wife ko insult karna. Dusre jab insult Kar rahe ho tab side na Lena. Hurt Karna. Raste pe chhod ke Chala jana. Baat baat pe dominate karna ye sab acceptable hai ???

    Hate kabir as of now

  4. Yes hate kabir…Plz CVS change make some change for male character,they are making kabirs character indigestible…Not like a hero but more like a villain.he is not the kabir who was in kashmir…This is just so raw rube and mean.
    .Atleast zara should move on.she is loosing all her self stop making yourself so much avaialable.this is ridiculous to watch

  5. Kabir Ahmed is the real villain of this show….. i have stopped watching the show, only reading the updates these days…… why television serials are repeating same concept eveytime….kitchen politics, presence of other woman, remarriages and exploitation of lead actresses … I have never watched (in serials) dis kind of shit where husband slept wid his wife just because it was his duty…???…really… I totally agree with Naz n Vi

  6. I certain hope that sofa is comfortable cause If I was Zara that is exactly where Kabir would be sleeping from now on. Zara is also upsetting me. When man has clearly stated his feelings in no uncertain terms then why are you running around trying to help him. Leave him to fall flat on his face, remember he has insisted that you only perform the duties of a wife. There are better ways of using your time like making sure other women are not taken advantage of like you were.

  7. My friends, this is life, welcome to marriage.
    For most women, they have kabir attitudes for the rest of their life.
    This is what happens, when you try to please your husband. They get even more ego boosts.
    Zara shouldn’t save kabir from, this one.
    It a shame that telly updates, didn’t do yesterday episode.

    For kabir to say duty, I would have said really. You didn’t have your fill.
    It’s easy for women’s, they just have to lie there. For men, their brain has to go up. When means, men have to want It the most. If men don’t want it, then their brain well never go up.
    So who was kabir thinking of, when he slept with Zara. Ruksaar!
    I want Zara to stand up for herself, never to relay on kabir.
    There are things even I wish that I did differently. We women have to change our attitudes as well. We have to think independently. We have to think and be strong. Men need to catch up.

  8. Friends… The thing is, nothing is wrong with protecting your spouse from witches like Rukhsar but Kabir has not been showing any signs of him being in love with Zara so why is she bending backwards so much to accommodate him…pardon the pun friends, not offense meant….he clearly looks emotionless and like a villain. I would so enjoy seeing him get screwed over by this Rukhsar and Siraj clan…pardon the pun again…his defeat would be sweet to watch, only because of his blind acceptance of the plans of witchy poo…and his cruelty to Zara’s obvious love. We all know how he’s a staunch follower of his principle belief, so let’s see how his principles safeguard him from this convoluted Rukhsar…. You know something friends…sometimes I think, that Zara is looking for her trouble because she’s hidden Rukhsar’s devious doings when in Kashmir, if she had told Kabir and if Shabaaz had also told his son about Rukhsar’s involvement in the sordid scheme and not forgetting Zeenat passionate plea for sympathy for her sister even though Zara knows how both sisters are, well…she had this coming!!! Serves her right!!!

    1. Agree Agree!

    2. What exactly is Miraj’s plan? Does he want to take Zara to Kashmir and forcibly unite her with Siraj? Or does he plan on ruining Kabir and Zara completely?

  9. Ramadan Mubarak to all my Muslim sisters on this forum…sincere wishes for this blessed month and may you all reap the rewards of your sacrifice… ??️✨?

    1. Ameen.

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