Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Rajeev greeting Priya and says he is Ram and Juhi’s common friend. Priya says she came here to book the wedding hall for Juhi and Sid’s marriage. She invites him. Rajeev says it is a big news and thinks what will happen to you if I tells you the truth. But thinks to reveal the truth on the wedding day. Priya calls Vikram and greets him. Vikram says they are happy that she is fine. Vikram tells her that Neha went out of town. Priya asks, whether Neha is still angry on her about the past issue. Vikram says she is angry but not with you. Priya comes to Pihu’s room and wonders where is she? Suhani asks Priya to rest. Priya asks Suhani where is Pihu? Suhani replies she must be with Sammy. Suhani tells Priya that Sammy behaves strangely and she doesn’t like him getting close to Pihu.

Pihu comes to Khush and asks his opinion about Sammy. Khush says he is cool and you should get a guy like him. Pihu says he have so many girls. Khush says he loves only you. Pihu says are you sure? Khush says he calls you whenever he is drunk, sad, excited etc. He says he loves him. Pihu didn’t eat anything as Sammy doesn’t look fat girls.

Naina offers her phone to Pari. She comes to room and keeps the divorce papers in Pari and mara expenses file. Priya says she will check. Sammy comes and asks for Pihu. Priya says she wants to talk to him and says she is happy that he is her friend. She asks, whether it is only friendship or….. something important. Sammy asks, did Suhani told you this and says she has issues with me. He says Pihu and me are best friends. He tells Pihu that he is leaving. Pihu asks Priya whether she is having problems with her friendship. Priya says she didn’t have any problem but…. Pihu says she will not break her trust. She says she didn’t know what is Suhani’s problem.

Priya reads the divorce papers and is shocked. She gets sad. Ram comes and asks for kids. Priya shows the divorce papers and asks, whether they are divorced. Ram gets tensed but holds her hand and keeps it on his heart. He says when we got married, we were strangers, later we became friends, fell in love, etc. We were husband and wife on papers before that. He says yes, legally we are divorced but you see in my eyes and asks your heart. Can’t you see my love. He left her decision to either trust him or the paper. Priya says I trust you and I know may be the reasons are genuine. Ram is about to hug her but Priya says they are divorced on papers and they need to marry again until then they have to maintain the distance. Ram says they will marry soon.

Mamaji tells Sid, why you are marrying that woman. He says did Ram gave you money etc. Sid says you are alone now because you didn’t marry. He says I don’t want to become like you. I felt I did wrong with bhai. He says he didn’t love Juhi but is doing the marriage for their kids future.

Priya offers tea to Sudhir and asks him to drink after 7 years. Sudhir says he couldn’t believe that he has happy tears in his eyes. Priya asks him to drink. Sudhir drinks it. Naina is recalling Ram’s words that he will legally adopt her. Mayra comes and gives her clothes. she says I really care for my mom. She says I know that you kept the papers knowingly in that file. Naina says because she loves her mom. Mayra says she will not tell anyone as she is her sister. But warns her not to do anything with her mom.

Dadi asks the servant to prepare food and asks the menu with Priya. Mamaji says he is tagged as a furniture two times. Dadi says it is good. Mamaji says he didn’t marry to take care of the younger lot. Mamaji asks for the diwali plans. Priya tells Juhi that they are planning a card party and is thinking for her engagement with Sid. Juhi is shocked.

Ram tells everyone not to tell Priya about his and Juhi’s marriage plans. Pihu signs yes. Naina looks angry. Ram says Suhani told him that we have to be little careful about Priya. She shouldn’t get any shock. He says I will tell her everything at the right moment, when she is totally fine.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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