Amita Ka Amit 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 4th November 2013 Written Update

The kids make a promise to come see Amu when her baby will be born. Everyone gets serious. Amu lightens the situation. They all get their stuff and leave from Shah House. AA are standing a little away from everyone else. Amit notices that she is sad. He says you will have to promise me that come what may you wont get sad ever. My happiness is because of you. I will try my best to keep you happy. And till we are together then no sadness or trouble will come in between us. She too smiles back at him.

The date changes from 3rd November to 15th December now. All the elders are having tea. Amit comes and wishes them good morning. He suggests that they all should go out today to eat their favorite thaali. It’s been so long that we haven’t gone there. Everyone smiles at this idea. Just then Tina comes running there. Riya is having labor pains. We will have to take her to the hospital asap. Fallu tells her to pack all the necessary stuff and her medical reports. She sends off Amit to get the car out. Baa and Nani stay back at the home. Amit comes in his room and tells about Riya’s condition to Amu. We have to go to the hospital now. She recalls her own incident where she had lost her baby. She tells him to go ahead as she has some work to do. I will come later. He is surprised but she stays put. He finally agrees to go alone.

Kirath runs out to get the car ready. Riya is having labor pains and everyone else is escorting her outside. Fallu asks about Amu. Amit tells her the same thing. She too cannot believe it. What’s more important than helping Riya? He assures her she will join them in the hospital. Baa wonders about Amu. Nani says I know she is still scared that’s why she decided to stay back. Baa says it was a while ago. Nani replies time has passed for sure but every injury leaves its marks behind. Amu overhears their convo from her room. She doesn’t want that Riya should go through the same fate. Baa stops her. Nothing like that will happen. Riya and her kid will be safe. Trust God.

Amit calls up Amu’s cell but she isn’t picking up. She finally picks up the landline. He asks her why is she not picking up his phone. She tries to make an excuse saying she was busy. He says there is still time for her delivery. If your work is over then you can come here. She denies. I don’t want to come. He is confused. Instead of answering him she disconnects the call. He doesn’t understand it and is miffed.

Next morning, everyone comes back home with Riya and her baby girl. They all get excited thinking about the features of the baby and who she looks like. Kirath says lets leave this on Amu. She is great at matching faces. Fallu realizes that Amu was missing from the hospital. She and Riya ask about Amu from Amit. Why was she not there? Tina explains the point. It wouldn’t be easy for her after what all she has been through. Amit denies. She was in fact very happy…all the while making plans as to what to do when Riya’s baby will come. I will go and call her. Fallu gets thinking as Amit leaves to go find Amu.

Amu is keeping some stuff in her purse. As soon as Amit comes in the room she hides it behind her back. He tells her how everyone is waiting for her. She says I was going out to do something important. I will come back and see Riya didi’s baby. He says you can go later. She counters it cannot happen later. I will have to go now. She leaves from there. Amit is confused. Whether you tell me or not but there is something going on in your mind for sure. I will find it out anyhow.

Amu leaves from Shah House with Amit following her. She hails an auto. Amit follows suit. He thinks she is going home only….then what did she come out for? Amu comes back home. She was about to enter from the main door but then takes the other way to go in. He watches her in confusion.


Amu enters from the back door. Amit follows her and calls out for her. She is surprised / taken aback to see him there. You were following me? He says you dint leave any other chance. You have been a lot busier since Riya went to the hospital. I followed you to know that only. Please tell me what the issue is. She fumbles all the while declining that that isn’t the case. He asks her if this isn’t the case that she is happy with the baby at home. If that is the case then I can understand it but your behavior is troubling me and the whole family. Please tell me what it is. She accepts it. Maybe you are right….I am not ready for the new baby. Come I want to show you something. She takes him to a new room which is full of baby pictures, all in pink with loads of toys all around. He is surprised and happy too. She says you wanted to know what I was busy into. This is a gift for Riya didi and her baby from us. Tell me how it is. He compliments her. I dint knew you were so good. Taking her hand in his, he apologizes to her. I thought that you weren’t happy about Riya’s baby that’s why you dint come to the hospital. He makes her face him. Then I came to know that it isn’t like that. She is sad. He looks at her closely. What happened? Why do you look worried? She says you weren’t wrong completely. I am scared because of the baby. He tells her to share it with her. Riya and her baby are fine. She says I am not talking about their baby but our baby. He gets confused. I am pregnant. He gets blank too. She hugs him scared.


She repeats the words for him. I am going to be a mother. He recalls what the doc had told earlier about Amu’s previous pregnancy. Her life will be in danger if she decides to keep the baby. She can even lose her life. He also recalls the time when Amu had gone into labor and her reaction afterwards. He stands still without even hugging her back. She realizes this and pulls away from him to look at him. I know what you are thinking. He fumbles but she catches him. You can try as much as you want to but you cant hide anything from me. I am thinking the same. I am very scared and worried. I am scared what if it happens again. Will this time it will be all fine? If not, then? We will have to go through the same then. We have just come back home. He denies. We are together. Nothing will happen to our baby. He shushes her. We will discuss all this later. Let us go and tell everyone else now. They both hug.

Nani tells Amu not to worry over anything. We only want your happiness so we will support you in anything you decide upon. Kirath too agrees to support them if they have decided to go for the baby. Amit clears it that they haven’t decided anything yet. Amu nods. She is saying something when Riya’s baby holds onto her hand. Everyone looks at them and smiles. Riya says maybe the baby wants to explain you something. Baa too says maybe she wants to tell you that at times in life we often across situations where we don’t feel like looking back in our past. A ray of hope is more than enough to cross over at such times. Life will find its way. Fallu doesn’t want Amu to take the risk right now.

Precap: Guess another leap has happened. Amu is preggers and brings in tea for everyone. Everyone is gathered in the living room. Fallu says you could have told us we would have made it. This is the time when you are supposed to take rest. amu gets into labor pains and everyone rushes to her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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