Desh Ki Beti Nandini 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 4th November 2013 Written Update

Episodes starts @ PRP office, Press conference on Rajveer, Reporters ask what is the special news rajveer wants to announce.

Rajveer announces that, he called the press to talk about Colony D-Block roads.Reports shoot one by one that, why did he run from the colony when he arrived there. He remembers suryman ji’s idea that, if he cant answer any question then simply give a smile. Rajveer confidently says that you have askd a good question and says, Sarey jaha se acha, hindusthan humara .. abhay is irritated with this dialogue.. Rajveer continues to say, We use to say these lines in London. But after coming here, only lines are remained but not the original meaning of those lines. Reporters questions getting complicated to answer, Gayatri devi, abhay and akanksha are tensed about how situation is turning.

Rajveer too little confused to answer and says, he didn’t mean the people. Its not the imperfection of commonman for country,. But there is no reality in politicians promises. They use the sarey jaha se acha lines only to get votes. Gayatri devi is impressed of rajveer answer.

A reporter asks, whether rajveer wants to solve the road problem,. Rajveer says YES< Another reports questions, how can he do when he is in oppositon and will request CM?? Rajveer so confidently says, its better to work and then talk ... Gayatri devi is almost overwhelmed with rajveer's answer.. abhay too impressed and smiles smartly. Rajveer continues to say, he doesn't want to disappoint the reports and explains why he had to run from D Block.. He couldn't see their problems, he was getting tears from his eyes so he had to run from there. CLAPS CLAPS CLAPS CLAPS... All reports requests rajveer that they would like to take a photo with rajveer. Gayatri devi says that she is now more confident about rajveer. D-Block. Nandini home.. Whole family is having celebrating their day with noodles etc.. Nandini asks siddharth about hw he has done the interview. He is confident that sure he gets job. All find something fishy after eating the noodles, still they sign that its really tasty... Nandini too eats and find the taste is too salty and aks why they didn't tell her. Rajveer car stops on road.. abhay says rajveer to relax. They get down from the car Mishraji says to nandini and family to come out side and see who has come to their colony. Abhay and rajveer enters the colony. All people surround them. Nandini too reaches the place. Secretary goes to hug rajveer, but abhay comes front and receives the hug. Secretary suddenly asks rajveers that why did he run away from colony that day.Nandini is curious to hear rajveer's answer. Abhay answers that Rajveer couldn't tolerate your problems and he brought the solution for your problems. Nanindi expressions are so doubtful about abhay's answer. Secretary says, they have made temporary road, if a permament solution comes that will b very fine. All start zindabad to rajveer. All colony ppl are happy. Rajveer guides to start the work. Nandini shouts to stop. And says before the work gets start she wants to ask something. As you wanted to clear our prblems but in return what you are expecting from Dblock people. Rajveer and abhay shocked to hear Nandini's question. Abhay answers ," Nothing. We have only one request that .. Each and every vote from you should be to a deserving candidate." Nandini smartly asks, "Then look after our other problems like water, electricity, pension, security etc.. I know well that, to clear all these problems of us is not possible to you. The person who has to look after and clear all our problems, he throwed all the problems list into dustbin. When the person whom we voted and selected he himself didn't help us. Then hw could we truth and hope that opposition party will come and solve. Abhay answers, "With party fund the repair expediture can be made" Secretary says, "Nandini he is saying correct" Nanindi," Why are you spending your spending party fund for road repairing which was nt part of our incometax." Abhay, "We are Opposition party , still we have our responsibility" Nandini firmly says, "Already we have seen one ruling politician making fun of our hope, we don't want it to repeat it. All are same" Abhay "Every person have individual differences. Rajveer is not like that." Nandini, "Might be he is not like that, but... He is also from politics .. He cant understand the problem until his feet touch the mud" Rajveer "you are right, I may understand your problems as I never faced those. I never lived the life which you are living like. Same words with you all. How you assume our life without understanding. How can you say that, we cant understand problems. Lives might be different. But every one does have prblems. You have problems with road.. we have some other prblems. The emotions you people have we too have similar. Happiness, sad, love.. everywhere these emotions can b found." Nandini is speechless Abhay says, "we have come here to work and prove... But we cant understand why you people are stopping us to work" Rajveers stops abhay, "Its ok abhay, we cant force them . Their doubts are justified and lets move ." Rajveer and abhay turn to leave place.. Abhay turns back and assures people that they will try to clear the road problem. Secretary shouts on Nandini, that what she did. All colony people are silent. Gayatri Devi mansion, Rajveer asks his doubts about rulein and opposition party plans.. Abhay about to answer.. Gayatri devi says, she is happy that rajveer is showing interest in politics. " Rajveer, "I am not shwing intersting but just keeping my eye on it." Akanksha asks rajveer to take rest and she too leaves the place. GD asks abhay what was his plan for tomorrow and nandini. Abhay says, that lady (Nandini) cant stop her. The road prblem will be solved by rajveer only. Akakshna talks in phone to yash and convi9nces him that she will celebrate diwali with him. Both hangup phone so sadly saying lovu good night. Dadiji comes there and explains akanksha to look after responsibilities as a mother. Akanksha replies dadiji that, she cant leave her mother (GD) in this position and leave from there. Yash is with his father so no need to worry about him. Dadisa says GD, about that you have so loving kids, but akanksha is far from her home its not good . GD is worries Next morning, Nandini home, all are busy in cleaning home for diwali celebrations. Mishraji enters home so hurried and asks them to come out side check whats happening outside. All run outside and screen freezes on their shocked face. Precap : rajveer in press conference.
Rajveer is sweting .. He is giving his speech seeing into his phone which is hidden inside the podium, .. All are supporting Rajveer. Nandini gets doubt..

Update Credit to: amul_kn

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