Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd April 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3rd April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in Vikram home. Neha asks Vikram about her outfit. Vikram says you behave very maturely. I am surprised. you didn’t even scold Rahul nor give him punishment. Neha says I realise now he is grown up and we should change the way we deal with them. Vikram asks are your changed behavior is for the children or for husband too. Neha says I am good as your old wife. Just then she gets a call from Ram and she answers it.
Neha says when, Vikram is with me. We will reach the police station.

Scene shifts to the Police Station:

Priya tells the police inspector how can he let run Sid from the police custody. you was searching for him and we got him arrested and he ran so easily.
Police man says give us 12 hours. It is red alert in the city and informed all the police stations. We will caught him soon. He says his team went to Kapoor Mansion in search of Sid.
Ram says do you think he is a fool. He will not go there. He tells about a basement under Kapoor Mansion and he will try to hide there. Inspector says ok.

Inspector comes to Kapoor Mansion and search the entire house and tells Ayesha we came to know that this house have a basement. Ayesha is shocked and Mamaji is murmuring and says there nobody goes. Police man tells them not to interfere in their work and tell them the way to the basement.
They enter the basement. Mamaji says nobody is here. Police team are unable to find him there. Ram gets a call that he is not found there. Ram says he is too smart. Natasha says he will not go to the public place. Priya says now Ayesha can tell them about sid.

Priya tells Ram that there is a possibilty that Saudamini will help Sid in hiding. Neha tells them she will go and inform about him. She leaves.

Saudamini’s home:

Ayesha calls Saudamini and asks is he reach there safely. she replies yes. he is here. Ayesha says she is getting tensed. Saudamini says she will handle. Ayesha says you are fool when you are with Mamaji. she says he pampers her a lot when she acts to be fool.

Door bell rings at Saudamini house and she is shocked. she kept the phone down. Neha, Soumya and Natasha comes there and she stops them at the door itself. Neha asks for the water. She asks her servant to bring the water. she asks do you have some work here. Natasha says yes. you have bought the dress from my shop so I need that dress to take the photo. She asks her servant to give them water here. she goes inside to bring that dress. Neha tries to enquire about Sid from the servant.

She comes with the dress and asks the servant to go inside. She asks them what they were asking from her servant. They enter her house in the pretext of taking the pictures in good light. Saudamini asks them to go and she needs to sleep. Khush comes outside and they are shocked. They asks Khush why he is here. He tells Mumma send him here for watching Tv as their Tv is not working fine. They leaves from there and Saudamini is relieved.

Scene shifts to Ram home:

Ram is in thoughts. Priya wakes up from the sleep. Ram asks aren’t you getting sleep. Priya says how can I sleep. I cant believed how we caught him and you heard what police said. Ram says he has to come out, how long he will hide. Priya says when. She cant wait for another 5 years. Till he is caught. I cant…..
Why dont you understand he can do anything. I am scared. Ram tells till he is arrested, I will not let anybody come in between, I will not give up. dont get tensed.

When everybody is fast asleep. Pihu wakes up from the sleep and packs the tiffin and leaves the house. she comes to Sid who is sitting somewhere and gives them food. He says what is this? She says open and see. He appreciates the parathas and relish it.

He calls Ayesha and tells her that Ram cant think that he is a guest in his home. Mamaji is wise to give him this idea. They are taking good care of him. Ram comes there and slaps him. He pretends to asks for forgiveness.

Ram tells that he should have slapped him long before. Priya tells that you should be shy. you crossed all limits. Ram tells shut up. Ram tells him that he will take him to the police station and will bail him out. Priya says what happened to you Mr. Kapoor. He is the guilty of so many kid’s demise. I went to jail. I was away from you, Pihu was away from you. Ram says he is my brother. I want to give him a second chance. Priya says are you feeling sick. He is a murderer. Ram says my decision is final. Priya asks have you gone mad? He leaves.

He tells Sid that he will bail him out. He surrender Sid to the police and tells the inspector that he will bail him out in 5 mins. Police takes him.

Priya is sitting tensed. Shipra tries to ask her. Ram comes there and says one thing will hear properly, I will do anything to save my brother. you dont fight with me, I am warning you. Priya says really. what you will do. Ram says I will leave you. All kapoor clan is shocked and sharma’s too. Priya says you will leave me. Ram says for my brother, I will leave you.

He tells Sudhir to take Priya back. I dont want this marriage. Sudhir says how can you do this. Ram says she is destroying my family. Ram’s mother says what you are talking about. Ram says he dont want to live with her. Priya says how dare you. you want to leave me for the person who kept us away for 5 mins. because of that person you was away from your daughter. Priya says your brother is important than me. Priya says thank you.

Shipra asks him to be calm and maa asks Priya to be relax. Priya asks krishnaji to not interfere. They quarreled a lot. Sudhir scold Priya not to speak like that. Maa tells Ram that priya is her daughter and not daughter in law. Priya says it is my fault. I should not speak like that. Pls forgive me. I will not forgive him. I am doing this for his family. she asks where I am wrong? He told my papa to take his daughter’s back. I supported you in happiness and more in sadness. she says if you want, I will be away from you. what will happen, Pihu and I will be alone again. what’s the big deal. Ram says you didn’t done any favour to me. priya says you are speaking like your brother. You too are same. She says I sacrifice so much for me. My eyes are opened now. you want to prove a point. your relation matters to you. now it is enough. I will not do it.

Ram asks Priya do you think everybody is trusting their acts. Priya smiles and says yes it looks like. Natasha asks what is going on. everybody is tensed. Priya laughs and asks for forgiveness for Krishnaji. She asks her to sit and she will explain. Ram smiles and says this is our plan. says sorry. shipra says you scared us. Ram tells Sudhir that for the third time, he is asking Priya’s hand and he promised that he will not leave her. Sudhir says now I need a drink. Ram tells him to listen to him.

Priya tells we were thinking from Sid’s point of view. anybody can create a rift or broke us when we there is a rift between us. Ram says he have to start trust me. I will do that. Once and for all. I will stop this and we will get whatever we have lost. Priya says what is my family rights, they will get. Their family is moved by their gesture. Ram says I dont have anything but I have everything, my family, my dadi, my wife…
Priya says we are all with you Mr. Kapoor.

Ram hugs sudhir and shipra and Priya hugs maa and Natasha while the music of kya kehna is playing in the BG.

Ram tells sorry to Priya that he speak about leaving her. Priya says it was joke naa. Ram says whatever but I said naa. Priya smiles and says you said it for a purpose naa. Ram says you look good even when you quarrel. Priya says so many years have passed of marriage. couples enjoys fighting. She asks him to go now and execute the plan and she will again fight with him. Ram smilingly leaves. Episode ends on Priya smile..

Priya says first caught, then get bailed. keep him in full confusion. First he need a bail. Ram is seen in the police station and bails Sid out and says I thought of your’s and Ayesha’s relation wrong but it will help you now. He says thank you and hugs Ram.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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