Anamika 3rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 3rd April 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 3rd April 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Rano dancing.. she surprises everyone with her dancing skills. Jeet comes out of his hiding mesmerized with Rano’s dance…

He catches her as she is about to fall…

An eyelock and an hug which is broken by Bebe..
Jeet gets li’l embarrassed . He tries to give a lame excuse of coming back to take a few things which he had forgotten…Bebe and other are not convinced.

Mrs. Gill tells Rano she never knew that she could do a classical dance…Rano gives her a quick repartee and renders her speechless. Jeet is surprised and Rano’s changed behaviour but like it. The function is a success. Mrs Gill and the ladies want to disperse to eat. Rano says she is tired and retires to her room telling Jeet to come upstairs as she would be waiting for him.

Before Jeet can go Bebe takes him to task along wiht his other friends who were hiding behind the sofa. Jeet escapes punishment but not his friends.

Upstairs Anamika is happy and tells that she had promised Rano a haq ki ladai for her rights and now she will snatch Jeet from her.

Jasleen brings food for Rano and gives her tips to keep her husband in her pallo.
Rano is not interested in her talks tells that she is tired asks Jasleen to call Jeet and switch of the lights.

Downstairs the events of the evening are recounted by Bebe, Jeet,Sapnaji for Balraj .Jasleen to joins in. Anamika gets impatient as Jeet didnot turn up. She comes down to take Jeet to his room. Jeet is happy to see Rano/Anamika and tells Bebe her assumption that Rano will come in search of him was correct.

Rano/Anamika calls Jeet and excuses herself rom joining the family conversation saying she is tired. Bebe tells Rano that she had told Jeet puttar the same thing i.e., Rano is tired.

Jasleen and Balraj share some romantic moments in their room.

Jeet comes into his room . Anamika/Rano is in her witchy romantic mood and romance is in the air for the trio… Jeet,Rano who is hosting Anamika in her body…

The episode ends on the romantic note.

Update Credit to: sunshine

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