Amita Ka Amit 3rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 3rd April 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 3rd April 2013 Written Update

Amit’s father shares the news with everyone which leave some shocked and some amused. Amit asks but how could she do this? He replies because she is more intelligent than him ( ).
Amit says he doesn’t want to marry her. His father shouts at him that this isn’t a joke. You want to marry her one day and say no the other day. Do you even know how a girl and her family will feel because of your one decision? Falguni tries to support Amit but her husband interrupts her saying that he isnt sympathizing with Amita but because she is the best life partner for Amit.
Falguni asks him not to force Amit into anything. Her husband says that yes he too has seen the differences between them. Now Falguni shares that he doesn’t know anything. That Amita had said on her face that she is “trying” to like him.
He tries to reason out that would she want a daughter-in-law who would lie just to please her or someone who has the guts to say it on her face. And Amit is also not a hero that every other girl will fall for him. He too has said no to a lot many girls including Amita so what difference does it make to him. He firmly tells her that it is his home and its his decision that he will marry her at any cost. And if he is shameful enough then he definitely will. You go and speak to Amita because the preps wont stop now. Falguni is sad to hear all this.

Amit angrily stomps off in his room. Amita calls Amit. He sees the caller and throws the phone on floor. Amita thinks that he must be angry and she must go and talk to him.
She is about to go but stops when her parents come to her. They ask her why she hasn’t changed yet and if she was going out anywhere. She makes an excuse saying she was only going to the door as she heard the car coming in. She then hugs them one by one saying she doesn’t want to marry. Both console her. Her mother tells her that she isnt going anywhere far and can come and visit them anytime they want to. She will be very happy with Amit Kumar. Amita nods blankly.

Amit’s parents are discussing about Amit’s decision of marriage. He terms it as his childishness as he keeps on changing his decisions.
Falguni again supports Amit saying he isnt listening to what their son actually wants.
He wonders if he has spoken to Amita yet. Falguni leaves from there fuming.

Ammu calls up Preeti that she needs to speak to Amit right now. What if anyone calls up at home?
Preeti tries to calm her down saying they cant see each other’s face before marriage. Amita gets impatient that when the marriage isn’t happening then why to think about traditions. She realises and apologizes to Preeti. Preeti says she will call Sanjay and then all 3 of them can go together.

Ammu hears her parent’s voice outside and pretends to sleep. Her dad tells Varsha that see, she is indeed sleeping. They both become emotional that tomorrow at this time Ammu’s vidaai too would be over. Amit Kumar will keep her happy always. All three are crying. Her dad hugs his wife in order to console her. He then shows her the pic of Ammu & Amit together which leaves both of them smiling. He leaves it near her bedside table…gives a flying kiss to a sleeping Ammu and both leave.
Ammu gets up and wipes her tears. Her phone vibrates and Preeti tells her to come out. Amita confirms, turns and spots the pic. She starts crying again and a sad music is playing in the background.

Preeti and Sanjay are hesitant about going at this hour but Amita tells them that there is no other way. They must not trouble the elders because of our decision. It is very important to speak to them as Amit has already told the truth. They all leave for Shah House.

Rohan comes asking when to call the band people….they are calling non-stop. Falguni replies tell them to be here at 12 noon time. Her husband shouts that what they will do with the band when the groom has locked himself in his room.
Falguni tries to go and check on Amit but her hubby tells her not to. She might suggest him to marry Snehal instead of Ammu. She replies yes she will because she is a mother after all. She cant see him all sad.
He replies that he too is Amit’s father and doesn’t wish his ill. She says that she has seen so many dreams for her son but they all got ruined because of that Amita.
Her husband turns and spots Ammu and calls out her name.
Falguni doesn’t understand and continues speaking ill of Ammu. Amit has said no to her but it is she who is after him.

She turns to look at her hubby and he signals her to look at the door. She notices Amita and stops.
Amita shares pleasantries with her papa ji. She tells him that she wants to speak with Amit alone. Falguni tries to protest but her hubby allows Amita. Ria and Tina are amused watching all this.


Ammu tells them that she knows she cant see him face to face after the chunari rasam but she wil take care of the fact and not see his face. Before going, she tells them that her family doesn’t know that she has come here and all that which is happening here. She requests them also not to share anything with them.
Her papa ji agrees that none of them would. Nani takes her to Amit’s room and as they reach there, she goes inside to create a chunari’s wall among both of them. She shares that she should share whatever is in her heart and leave the rest to God. Amita nods and enters Amit’s room.

Amit says from behind the chunari wall….we had decided that we wont take this relation any further. I know everyone will mock at them that they are calling off the marriage just a day before. But it is important for me…for you…because I understand that we both cant stay happy together. Still you told papa that you want to marry me and have come here to meet me. Why are you doing it?
Amita says I had to come to speak to you as your phone was unreachable.
He says that it was on silent. Just then she spots it lying broken on the floor. He notices Amita picking it up and keeps mum.


Amit asks her to speak.
Amita says…after I spoke to you, I too had understood that we both aren’t meant to stay together. You have taken the right decision. But it would have been ok with me if the relation or it would have affected only us. Now our families, parents are involved in this too. Its a matter of their respect. Our one wrong decision can ruin their respect in the society.
She recalls Atul’s words and shares it with him. If they don’t marry, then Atul would break off his marriage with Kajal. I know that even if we get married then you wont love me ever. But I wont be marrying you for my happiness but for their happiness and respect.

Amit becomes restless and asks her what she wants.
She replies that can we not marry for the people who we love. I want to marry you tomorrow. Amit is taken aback. Amita continues…for my family’s happiness. I want you to think about it maybe you can find a reason too…to marry me. Rest I will respect whatever decision you take.
Amit looks at her shocked.

Precap: Falguni knocks at Amit’s room. On getting no reply, she and Tina walks in. They don’t find him there and Tina says what if he ran away just so not to marry Ammu. Faguni drops the puja thaal in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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