Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Suhani bringing food for Khush and asking him to eat. He says he is not hungry. Priya comes and tries to feed him. He says he does not want to eat and asks why is she torturing him. Priya says she will hold the spoon whole night if he does not eat. He eats food then and says he is upset. Priya says she is feeding him as she is going from there tomorrow and does not know when she will feed him like that. Khush asks why is she going then. Priya says Ram is alone in Kapoor mansion. He lived his whole life for his family and their happiness. He did not ask anyone, not even me. For the first time, he asked me to come back as a wife and asks can’t I do that for him as a wife. She says Suhani and him are both accompanying her. Khush says he is liking this life and does not like the changes. Priya says nothing will change. If he likes this life, he should continue, nobody will stop him. If he is liking the reponsibility, he should continue there. She says she will speak to Ram and he wil not stop her. Khush says what if he leaves you again. She says this time he will not leave us and asks him to start a new life there and asks him to trust her. Suhani thinks where Sammy and Pihu are there, she will not go there. Priya feeds Khush and asks how did he get the injury, he says he was just playing.

Vikram looks at his and Neha’s photo and calls on her mobile. Call goes into voice mail.

He asks where is she and says he drunk a lot today because of fatty Ram. There is a problem between him, Ram, Pihu, Sammy, business, etc.. He asks Neha to come back. Rajath comes to Ram’s house and thinks house looks lifeless now. He looks at Ram and Priya’s pic. Pihu sees Rajath and hugs him happily. She asks when did he come from Dubai and says he forgot her. He says he was busy with some work and says how will he forget her. He asks about Ram. She says he has gone out and says she is there and to speak to him. Rajath says he heard she and Sammy got married and asks if she is happy. Pihu says she is happy. He says he came to meet Ram. He believes Ram is an ideal man, but he heard he is a changed person and asks why is he doing this. Pihu thinks he got to know about Ram bringing Priya back. Pihu says we all are not understanding Ram and he is not listening to anybody. Rajath then says about Vikram and his frendship with Ram. Pihu then realises he is talking about Vikram. Rajath says Ram is alleging Vikram of making fraud in business and asks what is she thinking about. She says she was thinking about sid chachu and says Ram allegedly Sid also. Rajath says without proof, Ram won’t do that, but he is very confused. He says Priya/happiness is coming back home. Pihu says Priya is curse of this house.

Rajath says he is shocked to hear her thinking like this for her mother. She says all the problems are because of her. She is selfish and takes decisions only for herself. She says she took a decision 5 months ago and nobody accepted it, so she had to leave this house. She wanted the luxurious life back, so she manipulated and conviced Ram to take her back in his house. Ram loves him a lot, so he is bringing her back and because of that, problems are starting again in this house. Rajath remembers Kady’s words that Pihu has changed. Rajath says he cannot believe Pihu has changed and says Priya will not think of harming her or this house as she is her mother. He says there is some confusion. Pihu says everyone thinks she is wrong and Priya is right. She says Priya does magic on everybody and everyone is same.

Ram thinks tomorrow Priya wil come back and everything will be alright. He goes near Pihu’s room but thinks not to spoil her mood and goes to his room. Rajath comes out of Pihu’s room and goes out. Ram looks at the bed and remembers the moments spent with Priya. Priya is packing her clothes and remembers Ram’s words of believing him and coming back to him. She thinks Ram and her spent whole life for their family, now they will spend the rest of life for themselves.

Precap: Natasha says Pihu she is the biggest mistake of Ram and Priya and says no child in this world would like to separate their parents.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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