Bani Ishq Da Kalma 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 2nd April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
All are tensed at guggi’s mention of a ghost. manpreet asks him not to tease parmeet like that, when he is so tensed. she asks bani to take parmeet inside and ensure that he sleeps. she complies and takes parmeet to their room, assuring him that there’s noone there.

While parmneet is asleep, he is again haunted by bani and her nightmares. He wakes himself and maya too. He says that bani’s ghost is troubling him and making him very restless. he says that he would go mad, and that she has to help him out. Parmeet again tells maya, in the night, that he again saw bani’s ghost and that he doesnt understand what does she want from him. Maya asks him to consider herself as a friend, and tell everything thats bothering

him lately, as that might lighten the burden on his tensions and asks why does he keep seeing bani’s ghost. parmeet asks for waterl. she complies and goes by the bedstand and gets water for him, which he gulps down in one go. parmeet is still scared and restless. maya tells him that he needs sharing more than water and that there’s something thats scaring him in bani’s form. Maya asks if this is anyhow related to bani’s death, as it would lessen his scare and feel better too. Parmeet iterates that he should now confess and share his problems, and that maybe she is right. Bani aka maya instantly switches on the audio recorder kept by the side, in anticipation of his confession. She coaxes him to get him to speak and share his confession. Her hopes dash high, as parmeet hesitatingly begins with his confession. But then he isnt able to continue, remembering that he cant tell maya that he killed his wife. Maya gets to him, and then asks him not to think so much and tell whats bothering him so much. he is confused and boggled, while she ardently wishes that he would say wht she wants to hear and record. He says that he just wants to say that he loves his wife very much and that his wife’s death is an unfortunate accident. she says that she knows this and asks what was she trying to say. He tells her that he spoke what he wanted to, and apologises for waking her up and then goes to lie down himself.

Scene 2:
Location: In the barn
On the road, both soham and rajji are out, on on the way out, and the other on the way back in the house, to find out where their better halves got held up. rajji reaches home and asks kuki about soham. Kuki tells rajji that he just left for machan. Rajji rushes out. Finally, they meet at the machan. Soham asks rajji where was she this late at night and asks if she is okay. rajji says that only he is concerned, and not she, and tells how could he be so late, and now reprimanding her, without even knowing the effort that she put into organising all this. He asks her why has she called him here. rajji is frustrated at his late coming, and then lashes at herself too for doing something so stupid. Soham is amused at her tension for confessing her love and asks rajji if he called her here to fight. Rajji says that she came here to talk, but now feels like fighting. He asks her to let go of her anger and speak what she wants to. She says that this wait is of a long time, of what she wants to sepak to him. Soham cups her face in his hand, and asks her to tell whats that, which he has been dying to hear. she gets shy and is about to leave, when he catches hold of her dupatta. they both are romantically inclined, while he says that he wont let her go today without saying, and she would have to say it. She turns around and holding the dupatta, she embarassedly asks to be left alone, but he mischievously doesnt allow her. Meanwhile, some of the shed rfalls down due to being loose, and he instantly goes to rescue making them both to lie down, with soham on top of her. While he expresses his concern, she eyes him romantically. He asks her to get up, but she again lies down, drawing him on her. she blurts out saying that she loves him very much, and soham too reciprocates in the same manner. He cups her face and tries to get intimate with her, kissing her on the forehead while she faces him embarassedly. He kisses and wipes the teas, that stream out of her eeys, overwhelmed with emotions. He lies in her lap and she too hugs him. They bask in the glory of their new found love. the lights douse out, while she comes closer and they hug each other. They finally consummate their new found love, after she gets rid of her shyness and hugs him in a passionate embrace. he tells her that today he is very happy, that he is here, with his wife, his love, his life and his aim. He teases her for taking so much time to finally say this, and she too lashes that he also took no lesser time. They start talking about the kid, as soham says that he wants a daughter, whereas she says that she wants a son, and thereafter a daughter. soham teases her that she has already planned the second kid, and she gets shy. He says that he wants a daughter first, beautiful like him, and then a son, who he would make an engineer. She reprimands him for again for having the conventional mentality to send the son out in the world, but keeping the girl confined to the house. she says that she would make her daughter a pilot and roam around the world with her. He gets fake hurt to know that she can be without him. She instantly says that she cant even think of leaving him for one minute. he eyes her romantically, and cups her face and hugs her, saying that he doesnt need to travel the world, as his world is here only, in his arms. he says that sometimes he wonders if she hadnt come in his life, he wouldnt have realised his luck and destiy. He says that he has not only taught her how to love and how to commit it too. He says that she never taught him how to live without her, as he would die if that happens. She asks him not to speak like this as they would always be together, in sickness and in health, in anger and happiness, and that their whole world would be within each other. They hug each other.

Scene 3:
Location: Soham’s residence
The next morning, bani expresses her frustration to anu about how she failed last night. Anu asks her not to lose hope, and continue on the scare of 13th in his life, and harbour on that. Anuradha tells bani that he started this all on the 13th and that they should finish this on the 13th too. Bani says that she is also scared of this only, that if this plan doesnt work then, then their entire hard work would go down in vain. as she turns around, while still on phone with anu, she is shocked to find parmeet starintg at her tensedly. the screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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