Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th March 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th March 2013 Written Update

The Episode begins with Ram who was waiting for Ashwin since morning, and finally Ashwin comes and gets busy on phone call, Ram knocks on the door and enters. Ashwin asks him to come after 30 mins. He just wastes his time. Ashwin smiles.

Back to Picnic resort:

Priya informs all that she had talked with Ram, and he is still in the office. Neha calls her younger son who informs her that her tuition teacher is playing the games on the playstation rather than teaching them. Neha tells Vikram that we shall go home. Maa says Ram is not coming, so we shall go back too. they leaves.

Ram offfice:

Ashwin comes out from his cabin after wasting Ram’s time. He tells Ram that he heard that he asks the Salary in advance. Ram replies that he talked to the accountant if it is possible. Ashwin says possible or impossible is in his hands. He says how much you need? 2000? 4000? will give. but nothing comes free Mr. Kapoor and you have to work. Ram agrees. He gives so many files to Ram and asks him to check the audit reports today. He says it is good to work even on sundays and those are fools who spend time with their family. He says thanks to you, i learnt it from you. He orders Ram after finishing these files, keep it on his table. Ram says ok.

Ram home:

Soumya says Rishabh how will they get so much money. Rishabh tells that it is needed for registration and he will work hard in his business, ecommerce. Ram comes there and says my brother will work hard. He gives money 4000 Rs to Rishabh, he denies initially but when Ram insists, he takes. Priya too supports Ram.

Pihu comes there running and asks Ram about her gift. Ram explains that he dont have money right now to get her a PSP. but when he gets Salary he will get her a PSP. Pihu tells Ram that he did give money to chachu and not got PSP for her. Priya gets angry at Pihu. Pihu says bad papa. Priya shouts at Pihu and says did papa is only for bring PSP, dont you see how much he loved you. she asks her to say him sorry. Pihu say sorry and leaves.

Rishabh tells Ram to take the money back and get a PSP for Pihu. Priya says no, you keep the money. Pihu should understand that she will not get everything.
Ram asks Priya did Pihu have dinner, Priya says no, she slept before having food. Ram says first time.
Priya says she used to do like this before too. Priya says she should understand what she can get and what she cant. She says she has to deal with everything. She should ready to hear even no from her parents. Ram says you are right.

Pihu comes in the hall, Priya tells her good morning. Pihu doesn’t respond. Dadi says my Pihu will go to school. Rishabh was with dadi. Pihu replies that she dont want to go to school. Priya comes and says that she made aloo parathas and it is very yummy. Ram says she needs chocolate eclairs. Priya says I will prepare now. Pihu tells Soumya that if I draw painting, will you see. She says yes.
Shipra brings some gulab jamun and offers Pihu to take it to school. Pihu says I dont need. Shipra scolds Priya that she should not scold Pihu. Pihu immediately tells Shipra not to scold her mom. Priya asks her did you feel bad that very mamma scold me. Pihu says yes. Priya explains her that she does n’t feel bad when her mother scolded her and did n’t say that she will not have food or not go to office. She makes her understand that she should not do like this. Priya asks her to get ready for school and she will get her a new PSP on the way to school. Pihu happily agrees.

On the Road:

Ram, Priya and Pihu on the way to Pihu’s school. Pihu says when she gets PSP, she will play with khush and her friends and she will have fun.
Priya offers her icecream to say her sorry. Priya tells Pihu to see some kids who were playing. She says they were playing stubbo. Priya explains the game. Pihu asks why they are playing in hot sun. Priya says they dont have toys, but they are very happy. Priya says when she was young, she did not asked anything from her papa.
Ram brings the icecream and asks her to finish so that they will go to buy the PSP. Pihu says I dont need PSP and says I want to play this game. She goes to play the game.
Ram says you make Pihu understand easily. Priya says i was very upset since yesterday, where we are wrong in giving her upbringing. five years I raised her single handedly. she says if we give her everything, she will not value anything. If she get the values then she will be happy. Ram says I need to learn a lot about parenting. Priya says we both have to learn a lot. Pihu comes there and they leaves.

Vikram home:

Vikram asks Sam to gift wrap some gift. Sam asks money for the same. Finally Vikram says ok, i will give. Rahul comes there with a gift. and sam asked money from him too. Rahul gives the money and asks him to pack the gift good. he leaves.

Ram office:

Ashwin comes with Ayesha to the office and says attention everybody and introduces Ayesha as Mr. Ayesha Kapoor, Owner of Kapoor Industries. Ram and Priya looks on and Ayesha smiles. Ashwin continues that they have a big stake in this company. Ayesha says thank you so much. She says, in the company young people will be appointed. but you?? does it affected the company image. Ashwin says we will look at it.He asks Ram to get the budget report ready. Ram says it is ready on your table. Ashwin says ok. Ayesha comes to Priya and taunts Priya that her prince is poor and your luck is bad that you have work all your life. Priya says it is tough to support the family. Priya tells that she was the one who was needed her support. Priya says previously she used to support anybody but now she support only those who are with us, her loved ones, who gives her happiness. She asks her you know khush, happiness. Ayesha says yes. sure and leaves upset. Episode ends on Priya smiles.

Ram tells Ashwin that he keep a back up for every important document. It is every good businessman’s rules. Ashwin asks him to go and order the food for Ayesha and him. Ram says excuse me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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