Uttaran 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 25th March 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 25th March 2013 Written Update

Meethi is in the aangan to check the network. She is trying hard to find network so that she can speak with her ma & anni.
Someone enters the house and his outstretched hand is shown. He puts his hand on Meethi and she turns in shock. He warns her that her life is in danger here…she should leave from here asap.
She has flashback of maiyya sharing the famous wind that roams here in this old palace. She becomes scared. She calls out for Vishnu and starts climbing the stairs to reach their room. The guy keeps following her all the way up.
She enters in a room but the guy doesn’t enter there instead he hides somewhere. She peeps out to check if he’s still there and slowly walks out of the room. But as she turns, she jumps back in shock. The guy repeats that this Aatishgarh is a cage and there is danger here for her. She must leave right away.
Meethi wants to shout but is unable to….and faints.

Kajri who was passing by from there shouts to know who is there. The guy moves from there and Kajri comes and spots Meethi. She tries to wake her up and in the back we see the guy swiftly leaving form the palace.

Jogi has flashback of what the doctor had said to him. He recalls tappu getting shot and is very much disturbed. A sad music is playing in the background as her has flashback of all the childhood memories of Tappu and him enjoying together…and how they again met after 18 years.

Vishnu tries to wake Meethi. She gets up all scared and shares that she had met a scary guy downstairs. I don’t know what that was but he kept asking me to leave from here as there is danger looming here for her. Akash is thinking about him.
He tells her that it might be the wind and asks her to relax.
She negates that he was very scary. He kept repeating to run away from here…it’s a cage and that she is in danger. I am not feeling good about this. Why would someone say this?
Akash tries to calm her down saying no one apart from the family members can be here in this haveli.
She disagrees and is very panicky. Akash assures her that he is with her and she need not be scared anymore. He tells her not to go down anymore at night as Maiyya too had asked her not to.
He then very cautiously asks her about the appearance of the man.
She shares that she couldn’t see his face but he looked like a ghost…with big red scary eyes….and was sporting an odd scarf around his neck.
He takes promise from her not to wander alone in the haveli. She does but repeats what danger was he referring to….why do I need to run away from here? Is it true in any sense?
He makes her sleep after reassuring her that he is here with her now…she needn’t be scared of anything now. She closes her eyes and he is thinking deeply. As she falls asleep, he gets up and leaves from there and closes the door after him.

Dmaini comes to a sad and lost sitting Jogi. Jogi speaks up on his own….you need not worry about Tappu. She would be perfectly fine. Nothing will happen to her…I wont let anything happen to her. She has so much to do…Mukta’s marriage….everything will be fine.
Damini wonders why he is saying all this. He asks for Divya. She tells that Thakurayin is with baby ji.
Jogi asks if she has met Tappu. What did she say? Our daughter is very intelligent…look how smart she has become now in comparison to what she was in childhood.
Thakur tells Damini that he will take Tappu to each and every place where she had been in her childhood. Damini guesses that the doctor must have told him something regarding Tappu and asks him the same. He says nothing like that. But she points out that after looking at his face, Thakurayin will understand it all.
He shares what the doctor has told about Tappu. But repeats that she will be fine. He is crying now and she becomes sad too after seeing him in such pain. She also recalls all the moments that she had spent with Tappu and Iccha in the childhood.


The doctors are rushing to Tappu’s aid and Mukta watches everything sadly. She enters once in the room but the nurse asks her to wait outside only. Mukta cries watching her mother’s condition.

Akash bangs the door of Nirbhaya’s room and takes him to talk with Maiyya & mama ji.
Mama ji asks him the reason. He shares that he had come! And tried to ruin all the efforts that we have put so far. Mama asks if he is sure. He confirms that it was him only. Today, he came home…and tomorrow he can do anything. We must talk to Maiyya.

Maiyya is shown sitting in her room, Akash tells her the same…..he came! And he was scaring Meethi too. He gave her a warning to leave from here as this is a cage. All three listen intently.

One lady is having trouble picking up the stack of sticks she drops them on ground and she too falls down. That guy’s eyes are shown.


That guy rushes to help the elder lady. She shares that she was taking them to do the holi dahan puja. He offers to take her and the stack with him and helps her in getting up. She blesses him for helping her. His eyes are again in the focus.

Maiyya thinks and points out that he only had brought meethi back from the well that day and dropped her home. Akash agrees that indeed it can be no one else but him only…SANKRANT! Maiyya closes her eyes and has a sad smile on her face.

Precap: Akash says….he came later in our home when he was almost grown up. It will be him only….who can ruin all of Maaiyya’s efforts….everything that we have done so far. And we see that guy doing pranam to the holika.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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