Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 25th March 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 25th March 2013 Written Update

The show begins withMeera reaching Asthana house,she gets the shocked of her life knowing that Nandini is the wife of Ani,she really can’t hold herself and runs away all shatterd.She says everything was only and only a lie.
She returns in the boardinghouse and cries a boy comes to meet her and they talk about lie is really a bad habbit.
At AS(Asthana House) they are all talking about Meera,Kapil inquiring about Meera with Nandini he also asks Shyama where’s Meera she says she left w/o saying or meeting anyone.
Deepika and Anuja are praising Meera nail polish which does not please Amma they are save by Shyama.
Amma inquires about Meera and says there must be something fishy that she’s here 2 months after Ani death.Nandini overhears their convo and Shyama asks her whether Anirudh ever mentioned meera name to her.Nandini says never but she can’t understand why Meera does not meet her before leaving.

Meera is searching any mode of transport available to leave the guesthouse.A waiter brings the pictures as she gave the roll to be developed.The pictures fall down while picking it she has flashbacks of Anirudh and she says he only lied to her.Agasthya is playing chess and he has flashback of Meera first meeting with him on the road and seeing her at his place he thinks that there’s something between her and Ani.
Nupur sees Agasthya and thinks why is in a silent and in a thinking mode and they both talk about Meeram,Nandini who’s passing by overhears them,and says very weird she came to meet her and left w/o a word.Agasthya expressions changes and Nandini notices him she asks him whether he’s hiding something from her as he could have stopped her while she was leaving.

Nandini is on her bed and is thinking about everyone talking about Meera she’s in deep thought.Nandini gets up she gulps some water and hears someone at the door.Nandini talks about Meera to Biji who comes to see her,she says she wants to meet her,Biji says why is it so necessary?She asks Biji if she may go?Biji says yes if she wants so…Biji says she’s feeling uneasy.
Balraj is in the garden reading the newspaper and Nandini comes reluctantly to ask the car.He says to take it and asks where’s she going. Nandini says she’s going to meet Meera but Balraj says no Meera is so mannerless and Asthana house ladies cannot meet anyone.Nandini says she’s Ani friend’s.

Balraj suggests to take someone with her.Nandini says yes.She takes deepika with her.Meera gets angry as the manager sends a train ticket for next day for her and she wants an immediate one.
Nandini arrives at the guest house Deepika wats to Meera but Nandini says to wait in the car and she goes to see Meera alone.
Nandini knocks at the hotel room and Meera says to come in and says she hopes her tickets are available as she begins to leave she sees Nandini and is shocked that her suitcase falls down from her hand.Nandini asks her if she’s Meera?Very reluctantly Meera nods yes!! Nandini says she’s the wife of Anirudh.They keep watching each other and the scene freezes.

Nandini brings Meera to asthana house,and she tells everyone who’s surprise that she brings Ani friend for a few days.
Nandini asks a teary Meera if she’s a very good friend of Ani as he never mentioned about her.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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