Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 25th March 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 25th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Ashu comes to the hall and asks BB-DB-CB if they have any idea? BB says that if AshNi resume work..in the midst of busy schedule Nidhi will forget all this..! DB agrees n says idle mind is devils workshop! CB says..that they need to keep Nidhi busy in normal life to help her normalise! BB agrees! Ashu says.. idea is good n he will ask Nidhi..!

Ashu comes and sits next to Nidhi on the bed..! He says he has an idea.. if she wants to listen? Nidhi says..yes..! Ashu says.. how about shortening the leave and resuming work..! Nidhi says that he took leave to unwind..! Ashu says..yes.. but he thinks that if she gets busy with work..she will feel better..! Nidhi says.. he is right..they should resume.. ! She says..there is a condition.. that no matter how busy he is .. he wont wait for her.. and that when he will be away.. he will text I love u..! Ashu agrees.. n squeezes Nidhis hand..!

At KGH AshNi arrive..! Nidhi comes to her cabin n right then Anjie enters n greets her..! Nidhi asks why is she here? Anjie says..she came for check up..! Nidhi asks her to sit and tell her if all is ok? Anjie says..yes.. and that she feels sleepy..! Nidhi ask if she is dreamy? Anjie says.. dreams end when they become reality..! Nidhi sulks..! She asks Anjie about morning sickness and Anjie says yes..! Nidhi is sad n Anjie asks her to focus on work n excuses herself..! Nidhis cell beeps and she checks its a message from Ashu that reads.. I LOVE U! BG- Saiyan.. ! Nidhi replies back.. with I LOVE U 2..!

Ashu is busy with work and Nidhi wonders what to do.. how to stay engaged..? She rues that the whole news about false pregnancy is not letting her focus elsewhere..! Ashu asks a Doc to give him report by evening about some case n he says yes n leaves..! Nidhi comes in Ashus cabin..! Ashu asks the matter? Nidhi says that she might have agreed to come but she is not able to focus.. n is not able to work..! Ashu says fine .. n tells Nidhi that there is a lady in gynaec ward who was just operated n is not fully conscious n she has a baby she cant tend to herself.. if Nidhi would wanna help? Nidhi says..she will try..! Ashu assures her that she will do well..! Nidhi leaves from there.!

Nidhi comes to the ward n finds the baby crying n chides the sister for not focusing on it..! Sister apologises..! Nidhi rocks the babys cradle and then lifts her n cheers her up..! BG – Gudiya rani…! She feeds the baby milk from a bottle .. checks the milk temperature before feeding the baby..! Ashu comes n sees Nidhi tending to the baby n smiles..! He returns to his chamber n is busy with work.. ! Nidhi asks the baby what to do? She entertains the baby as Ashu continues with his work..! Nidhi helps the baby to sit down n rocks the cradle..! The baby cries and Nidhi again picks her up n plays with her..! Ashu comes to the ward n asks where is the nurse n Nidhi shushes him up..n says..she was trying to put the baby to sleep..n he woke her up..! She asks Ashu to help put the baby to sleep..! Ashu picks up the baby tentatively..! Nidhi teaches Ashu to tap the babys head n Ashu whispers ..she is asleep..! Ashu realises.. the baby has wet his suit n Nidhi says.. she has peed..! Nidhi asks Ashu to get diaper.. n he gets..! The sisters n patients all smile at him..! Ashu gets the diaper n Nidhi makes Ashu change the diaper..! Ashu is flabbergasted but does it…! Ashu says..done? enouf? Nidhi asks Ashu to get hot milk for the baby..! Ashu pouts n goes to get..!

Part 2

Ashu is bringing bottle of milk n people stare at him.. in the alley..! Ashu gives the bottle to Nidhi.! She feeds the baby..! Ashu smiles seeing her..! Nidhi smiles back at him..! Ashu says that he dinno that a person gets tired to raise a kid..! Nidhi says.. its not big deal..! Ashu says..it is .. ! Nidhi says.. raising kids is a heart felt desire ..not a work.! The kids mom comes n thanks Nidhi n asks Nidhi to let her handle the baby.! Nidhi sulks..! Ashu watches her..sadly..!

At night.. Nidhi is sitting on the bed lost in thoughts of day spent with the baby n smiles..! Ashu observes and asks her if she is thinking of the kid? Nidhi says no..! Ashu asks her not to lie to him. .n that he saw.. how she din wanna go from there..!

Part 3

Nidhi says that the entire time the kid was with her.. she got strength from the baby..! She says how the baby gave her energy n removed her sadness …! She says that she found purpose in everything..! She talks of the babys eyes.. smile.. soft skin .. warmth of her body.. n the life breathing.. left her stunned.. as to how she gave Nidhi a lesson ..which no guru can give..! She says..she wants to give life another chance.. that it fills her life with happiness..! Ashu smiles.. happily n holds Nidhis hand..!

Precap — Ashu tells Nidhi that he is happy that he got his old Nidhi..! Nidhi says .. old Ashu is good but the same old stern Ashu should not be back..! Ashu comes to the childrens ward n a kid collides with him..! Ashu looks up n sees Nidhi .. n glares at her.. sternly..!

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